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This is a sponsored post for alternaVites Kids® written by 5M4M Contributor Geri Chase.  While Geri was compensated for this promotional post, her opinions and views are her own.

Back to school time can be a stressful time for moms and kids alike.  There are lots of new things to adjust to as kids try to get back into the routine of going to class each day.  So what can we do as moms to help kids relax so they can focus on learning?

Our family decided to work on becoming more healthy.  Along with changing our eating habits we will be adding vitamins to our diet. We have had problems with vitamins in the past because my kids can’t always swallow pills.

I know there are chewable alternatives, but frankly, my boys don’t think they taste all that great and the gummy vitamins we’ve used seemed to contain a high amount of sugar.  alternaVites Kids® has an answer to these issues and their answer is much easier to swallow than typical vitamins!

Produced by Rich Vitamins, alternaVites Kids® is an easy to ingest crystal powder that contains 17 vitamins and minerals that are important for kids overall health and well being.  Did you know that without enough B12, a child’s body may not produce enough blood cells for the brain, which may leave kids feeling tired and weak?

Also, a lack of Vitamin A can lead to blurred vision.  No one wants their child to struggle in school because they are fatigued and struggling to see the board.  alternaVites Kids® is loaded with these vitamins and other nutrients children need to stay healthy and strong and focused in class.

Here are some of the other great features of alternaVites Kids®:

  • Comes in 2 awesome flavors – strawberry bubblegum & raspberry cotton candy
  • Melts in your mouth
  • One packet per day
  • Has 0 grams of sugar
  • Free of aspartame and high fructose corn syrup
  • Contains no artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Has no animal products or by-products
  • Does not contain egg, milk, peanut, tree nuts, wheat, soy, fish or shellfish*
  • Certified kosher pareve

One of the best features about alternaVites Kids® is it’s versatility, because it can be taken a number of ways.  The powder can be slowly sprinkled on the tongue, where it will dissolve instantly or it can be mixed into pudding, yogurt, smoothies or even sprinkled on fruit.  How easy is that?  No more fights with the kids about taking their vitamins!  Just mix it into something yummy and BOOM!  It’s like a vitamin powered pixie stick!

And just in case you were wondering, they make an adult version of alternaVites too, which is great for people like me and the rest of the 40% of Americans who have difficulty swallowing pills.  So as long as I remember to take them, I have no more excuses for leaving vitamins out of my daily routine! I think that the easy to carry packets will help a lot with my forgetfulness, because I can keep a few packets in my purse to take even when I’m away from home.  Very convenient!

You can learn more about alternaVites Kids at their website or follow them on Facebook.  You can purchase a 30 pack box of alternaVites Kids through the site for around $16 and if you purchase 2 or more boxes they will ship it to you for free!

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Geri Chase is mom to 2 hilarious boys and wife to an insanely funny husband, all of whom like to remind her that the fact that she is a girl does not give her immunity from their testosterone induced humor. While she pretends not to be amused, she secretly laughs herself silly over their antics and frequently blogs about life and family friendly products over at I Am Boymom.


  1. ACMommy3 says

    Even with a healthy diet, I think vitamins are important due to the quality of today’s food and due to the ups and downs of a child’s appetite!

  2. says

    Kids aren’t always able to fight off infections and the sickies by themselves. Vitamins help give our kids that extra dose of assurance that they will be able to fight most things, especially right when school starts back up, it’s like a shock to the immune system.

  3. Tabathia B says

    To make sure kids are getting all the daily vitamin requirements that they may miss out on during a meal

  4. Tammy S says

    I think they are important because I don’t think they get enough of the daily recommended amounts of vitamins through the foods they eat. Picky eaters!

  5. June S. says

    It helps to make sure they are getting their daily amount in case they have not eaten the right types of food.

  6. Melissa P. says

    I think they are an added benefit to eating healthy. They can help replace any vitamins that your body might be lacking.

  7. says

    Unfortunately, the foods we eat do not provide nearly the amount of vitamins we need. Especially today’s processed foods. I just recently started taking Krill Oil since I’m not a seafood eater and don’t get nearly enough Omega 3’s.

  8. says

    No matter how healthily we eat, it really is never good enough with the way food is prepared nowadays. I am a long-time believer in vitamins, and my daughter is learning that as well.

  9. Brandy W. says

    A vitamin supplement makes sure we get enough of the good stuff just in case we don’t have quite enough in our regular diet.

  10. Danielle Papsis says

    Vitamins are important to supplement your child with nutrients you might not even know they’re missing.

  11. Brittany says

    I think vitamins fill in the gaps. We eat pretty healthy but sometimes kids are more interested in playing then eating.

  12. says

    If I wasn’t motivated by low energy, eyesight strain, & healthy hair and skin, I’d probably be really lazy about taking them for all the most important reasons…like heart health, etc…

  13. Stephanie says

    My little one is a picky eater so I feel it’s important to give her vitamins so she can get enough nutrients

  14. Saver Sara says

    I think they are important because no many how hard I try, my son still needs to get extra vitamins and minerals.

  15. 1955nurse says

    They are important to insure the kiddos are getting enough essentials that are important for Brain development, as well as the other vitamins & minerals that may be lacking in theyr daily diet. Thanks for the chance!!!!

  16. 1955nurse says

    They are important to insure the kiddos are getting enough essentials that are important for Brain development, as well as the other needed vitamins & minerals that may be lacking in what they get in their daily diet. Thanks for the chance!!!!

  17. T.h.Ransom says

    My daughter is very picky right now and she may be lacking some important nutrients for development. Vitamins help to ensure she gets those nutrients

  18. Richard Hicks says

    They are important to make sure kids get those particular vitamins that they might miss in their reg. meals

  19. Diane Cooper says

    I feel that vitamins are crucial, especially for children, who will never eat all the healthy things you want them to. Plus, our food supply is questionable, at best.

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