Mother’s Day Giveaway- Kohl’s $100 Gift Card

Jennifer here to share with you about an amazing way to celebrate your mom and help her find just the right gift this holiday season. Kohl’s is THE place to shop! I was provided with a giftcard to use and one to give away, but all opinions listed are my own.

I love Kohl’s. My non shopping husband loves Kohl’s. My daughter and son loves Kohl’s, and NOW my mother-in-love is going to love Kohl’s as well. The reason? Because this store is all about family and is THE best place to shop for the perfect gift.

My mother-in-love is the most deserving woman I know to get the perfect gift. She is always giving to everyone else and never asks for anything in return. She is an absolute sweetheart. In fact, I went shopping with that in mind and was able to get a few things for her to surprise her with on Mother’s Day.

Finding the perfect gift for the mother figure in your life this year shouldn’t be hard at all! Kohl’s has made it easy for you. All you need to do is click this link to go to the special Mother’s Day section on their site to pick out the perfect gift that you think would best suit the lady in your life.

To make it easier and more fun, we are giving away a $100 Kohl’s gift card just for your shopping pleasure!

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What gift would you buy for Mom this year?


  1. Joy says

    My mom deserves a week off from everything she does: laundry, cooking, dishes, etc. She dedicated many, many years to give me an exclusive homeschool education!!!

  2. megan h says

    new pjs i wear baggy tshirts and sweatpants and i’m so tired of them and i’m sure my husband is to.

  3. Michelle S. says

    I wish I could give my mom the gift of time. Still as a grandmother she works her tail off everyday to run her business and have family time. She deserves much more than I could buy for her.

  4. Tabathia B says

    My mother loves to read so I would say a gift card to Barnes and Nobles or to or a netflix subscription

  5. Laura Jacobson says

    My mom volunteers 5 days a week at our hospital, she was just saying her feet were hurting after her day…so I would love to get her a really nice pair of comfy shoes for her!

  6. says

    (sigh) I went to Kohl’s yesterday and tried out the sparkling new perfume from Vera Wang. It smelled beautiful AND…it didn’t make me sneeze! Alas, it was $52 and not in my budget. When I splurge, it’s usually on my boys. I’d LOVE to be able to buy this fragrance. Happy Mother’s Day to all you lovely moms out there!

  7. says

    The prefect mother’s day gift for my wife would be a cruise. Pretty sure you can’t get those at Kohl’s, though. Maybe some new outfits for a cruise.

  8. says

    I LOVE Kohls! So does my mom. I am taking my mom out to a special lunch this year. This will be the first year in 4 years I get to see her on mothers day :) I’m pretty excited about that.

  9. Wanda McHenry says

    My mom always declines dinner out so I always cook her a nice dinner and dessert of her choice! :)

  10. Melissa says

    I am a mom of 3. Not to sound selfish, but this past Saturday a drunk driver drove his car into our house. We are living with relatives and have been told we are not allowed to enter our own house because it is unsafe. If I won I would use the giftcard to buy clothes for the kids and I !

  11. Chantelle says

    This would be a perfect gift for my mom. She has done so much for me raising me as a single parent, this giveaway would be a great opportunity to give a little something back to her.

  12. Christine Jensen says

    For my mom-scrapbook supplies or photos of the kids
    for me-books or amazon gift card for ebooks

  13. Liz says

    My mom loved gardening, so today a friend and I went looking for plants. If only she had passed along her green thumb to me.

  14. David says

    Because of the kids, we never get the opportunity to eat out and have a good time like when we were dating. That is what we do on mothers day.

  15. says

    See, my mom is a hard person to shop for, but she absolutely loves Kohl’s! She shops there all the time. She’s always got some coupon or Kohl’s cash as her excuse to go there! So, I’d have to say a Kohl’s gift card would be what I’d get her.

  16. Sandra K321 says

    I think my mom would like lunch out. She has to take care of my dad and never has a chance to get out.

  17. hannah millican says

    I wish I knew what to get for my mother. She deserves the best, but the best I can afford is a hug. I want to buy her an inversion table.

  18. Janet W. says

    My mom has passed away, and so has my mother-in-law, so the perfect gift for me is a dinner out with my family enjoying a delicious steak!

  19. christina says

    The perfect gift would be buying and planting all the vegetable and flower beds. And maybe some take out lunch or dinner to do with all of the yardwork.

  20. ginette4 says

    To me the perfect Mother’s day gift would be a hot stone massage, a manicure and pedicure

  21. Elena Vo says

    Time well spent with us, kids :) That’s what she always asks for. I think this year we’ll take her out to the small French cafe she really likes and just sit and talk.

  22. Angela Yeremenko says

    My mom has been wanting a slow cooker for a while, so I will be getting her one this year.

  23. says

    This year I’m looking forward to getting a Daryl tee shirt from The Walking Dead! Silly, I know, but I want to show my love for the show! I’ve got my fingers crossed that my hubs has been listening to my not-so-subtle hints! Point is, you don’t have to spend a ton, but moms expect some thought put into the gift!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  24. Christine W says

    My mom always loves getting a picture of my son in a nice frame….and Kohl’s has awesome frames. Thanks for the chance

  25. says

    Not to be selfish but I would totally use this for new clothes for myself. I am the mother that does everything for everyone else and not myself. I have been saving for months for a me day. Unfortuantely we need tires, so now that is where the money is going.

  26. ellen beck says

    My own Mother is gone but Aunt Mary needs a new printer (she wears them out printing recipes!)

  27. Daiva says

    I think the perfect gift for my mom would be to be able to spend the day with me and my kids. Unfortunately, we live so far away that it is not possible. :(

  28. Jeanna says

    I think the perfect mother’s day gift is spending time with your mother on her special day! We start our mom’s day by bringing her out to breakfast & the rest of the day is her call!

  29. amy rouse says

    sadly my mother and I are estranged. I guess the perfect gift for her would be for her to take responsibility for raising her children in an abusive household. Oh wait, I guess that would be a gift for ME if she did that.

    Sorry, I guess I’m stumped for an answer.

  30. CherylS22 says

    The perfect gift for my Mom is a basket of flowers for her patio.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. says

    Hmmm. a nice massage would be wonderful. It’s also my kiddos birthday this year so we will be celebrating all day

  32. meredith says

    my mom is so hard to buy for but she loves kohls and i think would like a new spring outfit

  33. Amanda Titus says

    My mom just painted her room so a new bedding set would completely refreshen her room for spring!

  34. Katie B says

    I would love a whole day to relax, eat, and laugh with my husband, our little boy, and all the important mamas in our life.

  35. Della Dabner says

    I always win with jewelry or perfume. That diamond & amethyst frame ring would be a perfect gift

  36. Candace Butler says

    I would buy my mom some new clothes. She is great to help me but won’t spend any money on herself. She would also love flowers my husband and I had flowers delivered to her a couple of years ago and she cried she had never had flowers delivered to her before.

  37. says

    My mother is extremely hard to buy for. She’s a very generous giver, and not a good receiver. We have found that a large box of Godiva gets a “you know you shouldn’t spend money on me” response, and the box is demolished by the end of the week 😀 We ALWAYS buy Godiva for her holidays. For me..chocolate, Coach, a new rifle, some cammo, or a camping trip is fine! I’m countrylicious!

  38. Cassie says

    My mother wouldn’t want much, just a little time off of work and (fingers crossed) a shopping spree lol

  39. Addison Kat says

    the perfect mother’s day gift for my mom would for my kids and I to surprise her at home since we live in MN and she lives in HI.

  40. San D says

    I would love to buy her a new watch! She doesn’t have a nice one and it would be a perfect gift for her as she’s a stickler for time :)

    San (twitter follower @SS_Dal)

  41. says

    Don’t know how to answer the question. I don’t have a lady in my life (mother, daughter, etc.).

    So I’ll say the best thing would be my daughter…..a girl can dream, right? It was however Mother’s Day of 1996 that she woke from a coma so that was a great Mother’s Day!

  42. Krystal says

    My mom loves pictures of her grandbabies for Mother’s Day. That’s what I would give to her.

  43. Margot C says

    My mother-in-law likes a plant in a pot that she can admire then plant in her garden. She’s the thrifty type and this appeals to her.

  44. Heather Boehmer says

    This is an especially rough Mother’s Day for me as I lost both of my parents in April. My father unexpectedly died at 62 years old on 4/14/2013 and my 63 year old mother died from cancer soon after on 4/28/2013. I am not sure that the best Mothers Day gift is something that you can buy. It is simply the gift of being together. For those of you that get to spend the day with your Mothers, please enjoy every moment of it.

  45. Jennifer Dysart says

    I know it sounds lame or cheap, but it’s true…mom just wants me to see her, I have lived far from home for 10 years and she misses me tons

  46. AndreaH says

    A couple of new shirts. She lost everything in a fire in February and is slowing building back up. She is in definite need of some spring/summer clothing at the moment.

  47. Deborah says

    My Mom would probably love a gift certificate to her favorite quilting store…or a gift certificate to Kohl’s!

  48. Karla Sceviour says

    A perfect mothers day gift for me would be a nice dinner out with the family,,flowers and chocolates,,lots and lots of chocolate 😉

  49. Dawn Monroe says

    My mom is no longer with me but I would buy my daughter who is due soon some baby items.

  50. G says

    The perfect mothers day present for my mom is this kohls gc. I love shopping at kohls and have bought many gifts for her from there. This would be the perfect present to get her something very lovely, maybe a new handbag and wallet or a new outfit. Thank you so much for the chance to win.

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