As a Mom, I Know Nothing About Tires

Jennifer, our assistant here at 5 Minutes for Mom, shares her insight into why it’s important for moms to know about tires. Jennifer was sent on an all expenses paid trip by Cooper Tires to help get the word out about the importance of tire maintenance.

I will be the first to admit that I know almost nothing about tires. My hubby takes care of all of that for me, so I don’t concern myself with it. However, not too long ago, I found out real quick how important it is to know just a wee bit about tires.

The dreaded blowout happened when we were scouting out where we live now. It happened on a Sunday no less — in a town of about 3,000 people — on a road where not many people were traveling.

My husband realized that the nearest tire place was at least ten miles away. As I groaned and moaned about being stuck on a secluded road with no spare tire to change our flat tire out with, my husband asked me to call around and just hopefully find someone who was open. Thankfully, one man had his shop phone calls routed to his home on Sundays and he was able to come and rescue us.

The call that I made to him though went a little something like this —

Me: ” We have had a blowout and need you to come and bring us a tire for our van.”

Attendant: “What size tire is it?”

Me: “I don’t know. They have sizes on them? Uhm — kind of medium sized?”

As you can see from this conversation, I did not really know much about tires. So my husband made it his mission to teach me enough about them that if I have to make another call like that again, I don’t sound like an idiot. Once my hubby got on the phone and explained to him what kind we needed, he brought us one out and changed it out for us free of charge!

Cooper Tires #SuperMom Ride-N-Drive

Tomorrow, I will be spending all day learning all kinds of things about tires. I am pumped and so excited. As a mom, it is so vitally important for me to know all of this stuff. I mean, what happens if me and the kids are by ourselves and something happens and my husband can’t get there? It would be up to me to take care of that, so it’s important that I learn all I can.

I will be talking to experts from Cooper Tires and hearing the back story on this amazing brand. I will also be checking out their products, I’m going to get to ride shotgun with Indy legend, Johnny Unser, test my #supermom skills on a distracted obstacle course, and learn some DIY tire maintenance tips and tricks.

I consider myself a great driver when it comes to distractions so we will see how I do on the obstacle course. Hopefully I will not have an epic fail!

If you are on Twitter or Facebook, you can follow along with all of us moms that are here as we tweet about our experiences. Just follow #SuperMom hashtag for all the updates and cool photos we will be sharing. I will even have a video for you later on about my experience to share with you.

So — how much do you know about tires?


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    I’m no expert on tires either.. I have thought of upgrading my knowledge about them (which is limited to knowing the spelling of tires) but I never prioritize it.. But you are right.. one must know it in case of emergencies.

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