Finding Mommy Bliss

Life is busy. Add motherhood to the mix, and life just gets that much busier. It can be easy to function on auto-pilot, missing the moments that make parenting rich. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed and isolated too. Parenting can be chaotic, stressful, and complicated. There are temper tantrums and sibling squabbles. There is self-doubt and frustration, even fear and uncertainty. But there is also laughter and love. . .  and, yes, even bliss.

We are excited to share that Genny Heikka’s virtual book Finding Mommy Bliss is now available. This book is  filled with stories and 20 practical tips that will encourage and inspire moms to find happiness in being a mom (even when it’s hiding under mountains of laundry!).

To get Finding Mommy Bliss, simply download the free Snippet App and you’ll find her book there for just $1.99! (Snippet provides an exciting, new reading experience for iPhones and iPads that allows books to have audio and video clips, photos, and other fun, interactive features, along with the chapters.) And a fun note about the book: if you have twitter and tweet something with the hashtag #mommybliss, YOU might appear in Genny’s book! (It has a cool social feature that pulls from twitter so moms can join in the conversation!)

When Genny started her parenting blog, MyCup2Yours, she was inspired by the sense of community among moms, and the desire for each of us to connect with each other. Though motherhood is unique to each mom, there is a universal desire to experience the journey—the good, the bad, the pretty and the ugly—together. Finding Mommy Bliss brings moms together and helps them realize that, whatever they are going through, they aren’t alone.

And just like the fact that motherhood isn’t meant to be walked alone, Genny’s book isn’t meant to be read alone either. It’s meant to be shared, like those stories we tell each other over play dates or coffee. So head on over to the app store and grab yourself a copy of Finding Mommy Bliss, then pull up a chair, make yourself comfortable, and settle in for a while. Let’s get together and look for those moments of bliss in being a mom, because they really are there. Sometimes we just need a little help finding them. :)

Visit Author and Speaker Genny Heikka at or connect with her on twitter.

What others are saying about Finding Mommy Bliss:

“Motherhood is one of the toughest and most important jobs, yet there’s no training, no support, no pay and little respect. It can be hard to stay positive during the repetitive chores and exhausting routines. Finding Mommy Bliss is a much needed coach and cheerleader to remind mothers how to find their passion in parenting and joy in their children’s love.” –Susan Carraretto, Co-Founder of

Finding Mommy Bliss reminded me to stop for those moments – the ‘little pieces of bliss’ that Genny so eloquently refers to. Today, instead of rushing through our morning, we square danced, all of us together for a bit; it was wonderful. Thanks for this great reminder, Genny.” Geralyn Broder Murray, Author of From Pea to Pumpkin—A Pregnancy Journal, and A Light at the End of the Diaper Pail.

“Whether you’re changing diapers or experiencing the teen years, all of us moms need a daily dose of encouragement. Author, Genny Heikka, reminds us that parenting at your best and most blessed needs a good helping of bliss along the way. We’re given permission to laugh, to cry, to be silly, to have fun, and to enjoy the crazy ups and downs of this magical journey called motherhood. “ – Joanne Kraft, Author of Just Too Busy – Taking Your Family on a Radical Sabbatical

“In her book, Finding Mommy Bliss, Genny Heikka offers fresh insight for weary, worn out and overwhelmed moms. With a strong message of faith and hope, Genny helps moms discover unexpected joy somewhere between the dirty diapers, the overflowing mounds of laundry and the everyday pressures of parenting. I am honored to recommend this book as a great resource for moms and for small groups.” –Stephanie Shott, Author, Speaker, Founder of

“In a world where we are all overworked, often struggling and feeling alienated in our parenting, Finding Mommy Bliss genuinely supports and fills a need for moms everywhere. Genny Heikka provides valuable ideas to find balance while continuing to nurture our children and relationships. She nudges you in a direction to discover that true parenting comes when we surrender and remember God’s grace. A beautiful reminder that even in the most difficult times, we are not alone.”– Jessica Kristie, Author of Barbed-Wire Butterflies


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