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The Great Tackle Continues…

That I have anything new to show you for this tackle is amazing in itself. Things are so crazy busy with the stores that my mom has pretty much given up on sleeping – seriously! She just went to bed now at midnight – she has been working straight since Sunday morning. She completely skipped going to bed last night – she just worked at her computer all night long, only getting up to go to the bathroom! She did the same thing last Thursday. And the other nights, she has been getting maybe three to five hours. It is not good, but when children are counting on Santa’s sleigh to deliver their gifts in time, the elves have to work triple overtime!

Things have been made worse because Julia got sick last Thursday. She has been so ill and has kept Susan away from her desk. So mom is trying to do all of her work, plus what Susan would be doing. I try to help, but since I haven’t been processing orders, doing customer service, etc, all year (I have been so busy with 5 Minutes and Faith Lifts) I am not nearly as effective as they are. But I have been trying to do what I can and help with Julia.

So, that is why I didn’t have much time to tackle. (Nor to blog visit! – If I haven’t made it to your Tour yet, I am so sorry – I promise I will get there soon.) But tonight I put in a few hours tackling, so I do have something to report.

First I will show you the pictures that I never got to post last week. I mentioned that I was going crazy going from room to room, cleaning out closets and under our bed. So here are a few of those areas.

Here is a before picture of Jackson’s closet. I had intended on tackling this, so I had taken a picture a few weeks ago.


And here it is now. I sorted all his old clothes into containers and stored them in a closet in the basement. I will show you that area in my completed basement series (one day soon!)


Next is the under my bed picture after tackling last week. The majority of the contents that had been in these containers I am giving to goodwill or I added to the containers of Jackson’s old clothes I am storing in the basement. Now I have room for new stuff to accumulate!


Now to what I did tonight.

Well, from the looks of this picture, it doesn’t appear I did much. (This is stuff that either will go back into the storage room, or still needs to be sorted and recycled.)


But here is the storage room as it looks tonight. It is taking many hours sorting through everything and deciding what to get rid of. I still have hours more to go.


And here is the grand finale! I bagged up all the stuff I have sorted for goodwill. (We have a Christian mission that works in the downtown area that we always give our stuff to.) I gave away all my Dad’s suits that we had been holding on to in case my husband ever needed something besides shorts to wear. (We decided others could get more use out of them.) I also gave away all Susan’s old business wear, a bunch of clothes, etc of mine, old coats and sweaters, and some other misc. items from the storage room.


It feels so great to give away so much stuff. Some of it is really nice – I hope it finds its way to bless someone.

So that is where I am so far. I had hoped to have completed this tackle by Christmas, but I don’t think that will be possible. It has a long way to go still. But it feels great to be making progress and I will not give up until it is done! :)


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  1. says

    Wow Janice, to be that busy and still get to your tackle. You’re amazing. I hope Julia is feeling better and your mom can get some sleep (or take a nap:D). Good luck getting everything done with the store, tackle, Christmas etc. Try not to wear yourself out. Have a blessed day!!!

  2. says

    You have accompished so much. I love the storage area you have, how awesome that must be to have a place to put all the extras. It sure is a wonderful feeling to be able to help others, we also donate our stuff when we are done with it to our church, the distribute it to member in the church and the community who needs it. Keep up the good work.

  3. says

    Wow you have been busy. My tackle pales in comparison to yours! My but it must feel good to rid yourself of all that stuff! Too much baggage does slow us down. When we moved last year I purged a lot. Keep up the great work and you will have it finished before you know it!

  4. says

    Oh momma (((HUGS))) I hear you with the working hard – the last 3 nights I have been up till 2 AM! It’s never ending sometimes! :)

    You did a great job for your tackle and got way more done than I would have – WOOT!!!

    As for mine, well it’s all about Christmas too, though no pictures yet – come by later tonight to see all the fun crafts I put together this season – I love doing that kinda thing just takes SOO long and time’s getting SOOO short!

    I have yet to even *START* wrapping – ACK….

  5. says

    It all looks great, Janice. I find once you get one area done it sorta motivates to keep going and get others done too! Way to go! Now you made me want to hit up my storage room. AGAIN! But that will abe for after Christmas now. :v)

  6. says

    Hey! I almost screamed like a girl when i saw that photo of your under-bed storage! 😀 [teehee] Jackson’s closet sure looks like a cathartic tackle. Your challenge reminds me of the major one i did like this a little over a year ago. I know how it impacted me to sort things this deeply and i pray that it’s going to bless you just as much!

    I hope your mother finds rest soon, running on 4-5hrs of sleep takes a toll on the body and I hope your families find good health as the Christmas approaches.

    Despite not meeting your deadline, i think you know you’ve done something major. We can only take things a step at a time. Take care of yourself amidst it all the “giant leaps of mankind” jumps that you take on amidst all of that!

    Like, you rock!

  7. says

    WOW, you’ve been BUSY! It does feel good to pull out all that stuff, doesn’t it? Both for getting it out of your house, and also for sharing it with others.
    I’m trying to do the same thing with my house. Dig through al the closets and storage spaces, go through all the clothes. It is time-consuming, that’s for sure!

    Have a great week and a merry Christmas!!

  8. says

    Wow, that looks like it was a huge project. I love de-cluttering, especially when it goes to a good cause, especially at this time of year! Almost inspires me to finish tidying the garage!

  9. says

    Wow, Janice! Thats a whole lot of tackling! Great job! I cheated and spent a couple days tackling the whole house, and I too ended up with lots to donate. It is nice to know that it’ll go to someone in need! Merry Christmas to you, I hope your mom gets some rest soon!

  10. says

    Yeah I am so excited – I got most of what I wanted to get done done! :) Come visit if you want to see all the fun crafts! Now it’s time to go visit the others – :)


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