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Lately my diet hasn’t been as healthy as I’d like it to be. I’m so ridiculously busy and overtired that I seem to be filling up on ‘treats’ that aren’t really treating my body to much good.

So, when I saw this site Eat Better America, I immediately bookmarked it.

I’ve spent a few minutes browsing around and checking out all the great information, but it’s one of those sites that I’ll keep coming back to time and again.

I love that they explain different nutrients, list what foods to find them in and then link to specific recipes.

It’s even got a feature to “Healthify My Recipe” where you can submit a calorie-laden recipe to have a “recipe makeover.”

As we get deeper into the Christmas season, I worry that my treat-intake is going to reach all-time highs. So I’m trying to look around for inspiration to turn it around before it gets worse.

Do you have any health tips or suggestions of websites or recipe books that have helped you eat better?


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    I’m a huge fan of the Southbeach Diet. It has helped me, not only lose weight and keep it off, but curb my cravings. Which are extensive! I’ve never met a piece of chocolate that I didn’t like. It’s a healthy lifestyle change and I’ve been following it for several years. Also, I love Dana Carpenter’s low carb cookbooks.

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    I’m gearing up for the “No S diet”, common sense type of diet. No sugar, no snacks, no seconds on days except those beginning with the letter “S” (Saturdays and Sundays–love those cheat days!). Still bending my will to accomplish this ;).

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    Honestly, I totally feel ya. I have been feeling so tired and drained lately working and taking care of my son. So I decided to stop eating sugar and White foods. I haven’t had a sweet since Thanksgiving. And you know what, I have more energy and less heartburn!

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