Servin’ Fun with Servin’ Surprises Cook ‘n Serve

There is the ongoing joke among parenthood that once you have a third child, you’re lucky if that child has shoes on their feet, clothing that matches, or a single picture in the family photo album. While I’m happy to report that I’m pretty good about all of those things (on most days), there is one area that this sweet little third daughter of mine gets the short end of the stick on. Toys.

My oldest is five, so at some point between a migraine and a moment of weakness much earlier this year, I rid the house of everything but art supplies, craft kits and Polly Pocket. Without thinking that my youngest, who is nearly 2, would now have to entertain herself with markers that she can’t maneuver and choking hazards. In fact, right now, the child is playing with a roll of tape.

Needless to say, I’ve craved some sort of age-appropriate toy that would engage her imagination and stimulate her senses. I was beyond excited when the opportunity to serve some fun with Fisher Price’s Servin’ Surprises Cook ‘n Serve Kitchen & Table came my way!

The Servin’ Surprises Cook ‘n Serve Kitchen & Table is an interactive play center that brings kitchen role play to life in a magical way. It recognizes what children are cooking such as pizza or cookies, and responds with related sound effects and songs and different phrases like “Who wants pizza?” or “Mmmm, cookies!” There are also songs to teach kids about manners and clean up. How cool is that? Speaking of cleanup, all the place settings and food pieces store right inside the table when they’re done! (This toy was obviously created by a mom.) Mess-free fun is my kinda fun.

The Servin’ Surprises Cook ‘n Serve has adjustable table height and comes with so many food pieces, utensils, “baking” pans and trays and cups, plus, there are additional food kits you can purchase to accompany it, like kabobs, birthday cake or ice cream. We also received the ice cream kit, which consists of three cones, various “flavors” of ice cream, toppings and a stand to hold the cones. I’ve had more ice cream in the last week than I did all summer!

I already knew that my two older girls would love Servin’ Surprises, because they are eager to play with anything related to cooking or kitchens, but I was most excited to invite my niece and nephew over to play along with my youngest daughter, for a fun Fisher Price kitchen play-date.

Fisher Price sent us a party-pack, with tee shirts and chef hats, so the kids could physically morph into little chefs. Naturally, the older girls immediately began to play “restaurant,” taking orders and serving the adults around the room, while the younger ones pieced all the food items together, baked pizza in the oven, lined cookies up on the cookie sheet, pushed buttons to hear phrases or songs, and fed each other the food. I loved that no matter the age, each child gave their own interpretation of cookin’ fun.

Look! Even a pirate likes to cook. 

The kids showed off their culinary skills with the Servin’ Surprises for hours. In fact, since it has arrived, it’s the first thing all of my girls gravitate to in the morning when they wake up. The kids can’t wait to hear what songs or phrases will be played when the serving trays are placed in the middle or to see the red light turn on when something is “cooking” in the oven. The interactive play keeps them entertained on their own and eager to return to it each day.

Another feature I love about Servin’ Surprises is that the oven easily slides off and the stovetop flips over to convert into an activity table that is perfect for arts & crafts, snack time or other fun activities. My girls pulled up each of their chairs to the table and they now enjoy afternoon snacks there. They’ve also converted the table into “tea time” for their dolls.

The Servin’ Surprises Cook ‘n Serve has brought so many new play adventures into our home, and I no longer have to worry about “the third child” lacking in imaginative play. I think it’s safe to put the tape away.

I was provided with a Fisher Price Servin’ Surprises Cook ‘n Serve Kitchen & Table to review.



  1. says

    Love the great pictures, the kids look like they LOVE the kitchen set! I’ve seen that one & it does look like a great set for all ages! I think my girls would LOVE it too! Play kitchens are good imagination builders & just seem to keep kids busy for awhile & over a few years!

  2. Anne Lehnick says

    I have this sitting in the box in my garage waiting for Santa to come in a few weeks. My daughter’s 2nd birthday is December 22nd (and my older son’s is December 30th) so I’m used to be overwhelmed with gifts every December. This year, with the Servin Surprises set, I bought the table and have told family members to purchase some of the other accessory kits. I wanted a kitchen for my daughter, but the nice ones are sooooo expensive. This was a wonderful way to get that cooking experience for her, plus one of the accessory kits is a hook on high chair for her baby doll. So perfect for her!!! I’m glad to see another positive review of this.

  3. says

    My daughter would love this!!! I haven’t seen this toy yet but perhaps we should ask Santa to bring it to Mimi’s house. Mimi is my mom. :) Anytime my daughter cooks now in her kitchen she boils rocks and says it soup! haha

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