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Mini Me Baby Gear - Minkee Blanket

Top Picks for Christmas ShoppingWe love it! And why wouldn’t we? Luxuriously soft, this beautiful minkee blanket is a treasure.

If you have a baby on your list, you don’t want to miss this mom-made blanket by Mini Me Baby Gear.

As you know, we feature work at home moms like the hard working mom behind Mini Me Baby Gear, because we believe moms need to stick together!

Mini Me Baby Gear - Minkee BlanketIf you are looking for a special gift this Christmas, skip the big malls and support a fellow mom. The quality of all the items we feature, like this minkee blanket, is incredible.

In addition to their amazing assortment of blankets, Mini Me Baby Gear also offers other beautiful handmade items like diaper bags, onesies, baby clothes and more.

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    the blanket is absolutely beautiful… You are really lucky to have optionslike that. Here in India, it’s difficult to get to know who does personalised things like that. And if it desigenrs and stuff they are just to expensive… What I did when I was expecting was go to wholesalers and get plain stuff and do embroidery and whatever myself, or got it done by my sister or mother in law…

  2. says

    I’ve never seen this line before – but as an internet marketer too, I can verify for your readers that the reason celebrity moms go for blankets made of this material is b/c it’s the softest stuff on the planet! pics don’t do it justice.

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