It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Or at least Jackson thinks so!

Last night the snow started falling and it still hasn’t stopped. With the white stuff piling up, Jackson is convinced that Santa is readying up his sled. As far as he is concerned, it won’t be long until Rudolph and his crew land on his roof and unload his bounty. I mean snow = Santa, right?

Well, not only will Santa not be arriving soon, but we may soon be enjoying the snowy scene by the glow of a candle. Our power keeps surging and the news says that transformers are blowing out everywhere. By some twist of fate we didn’t lose power in the last storm, while the majority of our cities and even our neighborhoods were stuck in the dark for hours and days.

I can’t imagine we could get so lucky twice!

So before I am trapped in a powerless house, longing to get online, here are a few pictures.

Last night when the snow started falling, I thought we better get out and enjoy it while it lasted. So often it is raining by morning around here. So Jackson changed from his pajamas to his snow gear and out we went. We played till 10pm!

Lots of Snow Lots of Snow

But to our surprise, we got even more snow today. So out we went again! Jackson and Phil shoveled the driveway, but of course they had to break for a little fun.

Lots of Snow

Tonight while Julia was over to play, Jackson wanted to go out again. So we bundled up and headed out for some more winter fun.

Julia however, was completely unimpressed with the snow. After a few minutes, she began to whimper and we had to bring her in.

Lots of Snow


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    Hehe – love that Phil is still wearing his shorts. Julia looks not very impressed about it :) – more like “What in the world is going on here?”

    Blessings on your day and always…

    PS: I will actually have a post for Tackle Tuesday ready tonight. Just have to write it — pictures are taken…

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    So cute! I hope that you keep power. We have managed to escape any extended power losses over the last couple of years, too, although neighboring streets are sometimes down for several hours/days.

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    Great photos! I have to ask…what kind of camera do you have? It must be a high-speed shot… we can see the actual snow falling! Cool!


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    Oh my word that snow looks wonderful!!! I would love just one Christmas with snow!!! It seems like another world looking at your pictures of the snow. When your not used to it, it looks so unreal.
    Thanks for coming by to visit and your kind words. The Adobe is the full work shop and I tell you it is amazing. I worked with it on my friends computer this week and if you like dabbling with photos it is amazing!! It totally can enhance pitures to look professional right at your finger tips. It is expensive but well worth the money for sure.

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    We haven’t gotten very much snow yet…they look like they are having fun with what snow you all have! LOL

    Oh…and btw…my blog is hosted back at blogger so be sure to stop by and say hello! :)

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    Janice, we started getting snow last night too and still have it this morning. I had to laugh because the first thing my kids said this morning was “Hey Santa is on his way” LOL

    I’m actually enjoying the snow, though I have to say, I HATE driving in it.

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    Oh my that looks like a lot of snow! The kids look like they are loving it. I love a white Christmas, but I don’t think I’m ready for snow yet. It’s 63 degrees here now, but by the end of the week, we may look like you guys.

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    I miss snow… kinda. At least I miss winter temperatures below… oh I dunno… 70 or so! I mean it’s 80 degrees out and it’s nearly December! Stupid Florida!

    Tell you what though… if I DID have snow, you can bet I wouldn’t go shoveling it while wearing shorts! YIKES. That is one brave man you have there.

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    Oh my gosh! We’re ready for some snow here, but have definitely been enjoying some unseasonably warm weather here! I did just get Noah a new warm winter coat because I just know the cold is going to hit us before we know it!

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    HOW did I miss these???? Bloglines must not have updated for me correctly. I hate that. :) I sooo miss snow. We may have a wintery mix on Thursday, but I”m not sure that counts. 😀

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    I’ve never liked winter, or probably more correctly, I always preferred summer.

    As a kid I spent every summer vacation, every summer weekend and summer’s day after school in the pool.

    I’d even spend a whole day in the pool by myself if no one else was available to play.

    As an adult nothing has changed.

    I’ve been globe trotting, following the warm weather for 2 years now.. so far I’ve spent the summer in Japan, winter in Brazil, summer in Japan again and now I’m in Mexico for this year’s winter… each day its beach, pool or both.

    But my son, 4, has forgotten what winter is like so maybe next time round we will visit the ‘slopes’ somewhere and spend a winter skiing instead.

    Those snow pics look like fun!

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    Wonderful pictures, Janice. I don’t know of any kids that don’t love the snow. We’ve had snow for two days too, but we’ve also got the deep freeze temperatures. -22 C.
    -35 with the wind chill. Brrrr!

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    Awesome pictures. I used to love it when we had a huge snowstorm. I do miss snow. It is kind of fun being snowed in and all you can do is relax, read with the kids, play games, take out candles. All these things are what I miss most about winter. Also a huge crockpot full of stew, soup or chili.

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    How fun! Rachel is just longing for enough snow to play in! We had a small bit fall today . . . hopefully more will come! I’m not sure how Emily will like the snow . . . we’ll see! She can barely stand up in Rachel’s old snowsuit! LOL!

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