Supporting Friends During Divorce

by Janice

Marriage can be hard — really, really hard. But I bet most people would agree that divorce can be even harder!

Lately, a couple of Susan and my friends have had to face going through the nightmare of divorce. It has made us stop and think a lot about divorce and the effect it has on families — and especially on stay at home parents.

As if the divorce itself isn’t hard enough on them and their children, stay at home or work at home moms (or dads) often also have the added complication of having to return to the work force!

All of a sudden a mom or dad has to find (and afford!) childcare, look for work, and begin a completely new routine for her family. I can’t even imagine!

And what do those changes do to the children? Kids that are used to having a parent home full time – maybe even being homeschooled by their parent – now have to deal with a completely different schedule.

My heart breaks for everyone involved!

So I was wondering, for those of you who may have been through a divorce, how can friends best help and support someone going through a divorce? What advice do you have for parents who are going through a divorce?

And if you are facing having to rebuild your life after divorce, what support do you wish you had from the people around you?

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