Wordless Wednesday — Border Crossing

Happy Canada Day!

Crossing the border.

As much as we love Canada, we admit we cross the border to get to Target (and a whole lotta Outlet stores).

Canada is a wonderful country and we are very blessed to live here. But c’mon… no Target?

Sorry for the poor photo quality… Janice took this photo on her iPhone as she crossed the border to go shopping. And sorry Canada for our shopping betrayals.

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Written by Susan.
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    Happy Canada Day! It’s been far too long since we crossed the border for a visit. I don’t blame you for heading south now and then, I couldn’t live without Target!

  2. says

    Being in the south that’s a funny story for me :) I have all sorts of jokes on border crossings that would be coming from my husband :p Then again, we live less than 2 miles from Target- dunno what I would do without it!

  3. says

    It’s not fair, the best shops are all South of the border (like Fuddruckers, mmmm). Before, we could have said “Yes, but you guys don’t have Tim Hortons”, but that’s not the case anymore… :-)

    My WW post…

    Happy Canada Day!

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    I’m doing much the same thing – border crossing to get to Target and such, too! lol Except, I live in Louisiana, a good hour-and-a-half away from Target, so we either trek to the nearest, or go visit the in-laws in Dallas. So this weekend, we’re doing the latter. YAY TARGET!

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    Happy WW and Happy Canada Day :) Omg, I could not live without Target! We live in a smaller city, we don’t even have a Kmart or a CVS, so I feel very lucky to have a Target.

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    Happy Canada’s Day. I’ve never been to Target so I guess I should cross the border for that. I have been to the outlet stores and loved it.

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    Happy Canada Day to you too! You don’t have a Target? I had no idea that you don’t have very good stores up there. Have a wonderful day!

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    happy canada day to you to. Our recent youth camp was focused on Canada it was rather cool since I know several bloggers from Canada

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    Belated Happy Canada Day (I’m catching up from yesterday)! :-)
    I haven’t been to Canada since I was a kid… it’s just too darned COLD up there. I live in Florida now, and when they say “border crossing” down here it has a WHOLE different meaning, and it ain’t for Target!! LOL

    Love the pics, and all your posts — keep them and your visits to the states coming, you are always welcome!!

  10. says

    I’m confused. You guys are Canadian but pretty much all your contests, content, and giveaways are US…?
    Anyways, happy Canada day too! I’ve been down to the states and went to a Target (just ’cause apparently that’s THE store to go to,) and I found that it was pretty much the same as Zellers, except with way better customer service!

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    Happy Canada Day (a little late). I’ve only been to Canada once, but it was a wonderful experience. It’s so beautiful there – lots of great places to visit, good food to eat, and friendly people to meet. How far do you live from the border?


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