5 Ways That You Can Create the Perfect Fall Day with Your Child (and Giveaway)

Every since my children were little, they have looked forward to fall. There is something about falling leaves, long walks, and skipping rocks that just speak to a child — regardless of age.

My kids are now 14 and almost 18, and they still love those fall days where we spend enjoying the outdoors. When the weather cools, we pack up our picnic basket, fishing poles, and hiking boots and set out to find the perfect spot.

1.  Don’t plan out the day — just go with the flow: One of my worst habits ever is over planning things — even fun days out. I try to break away from that bad habit and just go with the flow. Whatever the kids want to do on our fun fall day out, we do it. We have been known to walk all the way to the park, or hop in the car with fishing poles for a secret fishing trip, or just surprise daddy with a picnic lunch. One thing I am learning is this — just live in the moment. Go with the flow and don’t over plan.

2.  Invite friends along: My kids love their friends. Since everyone is on fall break this week from school, we have spent an enormous amount of time just hanging out together watching movies, visiting the local high school football games, and laughing together. Friends are an important part of your child’s laugh, so find a way to incorporate them into the fun.

3.  Find a leaf pile and have fun jumping in: If your kids are like mine, when there is a leaf pile around, they are going to jump right in. You know what my little secret is to making this one of the funnest moments of their life? I jump right in with them, and we laugh hysterically together falling down while burying each other.

4.  Ask them what it is they want to do: Don’t just assume you know exactly what they want to do. For my daughter, one of her favorite things to do is visit the lakes when the water is low and look for geodes. Anytime I ask her what she wants to do, that is top priority on her list. So be sure and ask them what they would like to do, and then find a way to do it.

5.  Pack the best picnic lunch ever: One of my new favorite recipes that I have been making for our hikes and fall picnics are Sun Chips Walking Tacos. You basically grab a bag of Garden Salsa Sun Chips and put in your taco meat concoction and you have a walking taco. It is one of my kids favorite ways to eat a taco now.

Did you know?

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We received a pack and compensation for writing this post. All opinions listed are my own.


  1. says

    I love going to nature walks through woods in all of the different parks around us. The boys love exploring, collecting colorful leaves, walking on tree trunks, etc.

  2. Chelsea says

    I love driving in the car with my kids… they are hilarious and we have a great time singing songs and making up silly stories :)

  3. kemberley crosswhite says

    my son is turning 1 this november so i am excited to watch him enjoy the cooler weather and play in the leaves :)

  4. says

    Now that mine are in college, we like to go see a play or musical so we can kill 2 birds with one stone since a review for school will be required as a critique!

  5. says

    Nice Blog, and great suggestions a quality day with your kid will not only make your bonding strong but also keep you fresh and healthy. Adventures holidays with your kid will be more better if you have that much of time, an hiking, ski, or walking exercise is also a good option.

  6. Eloise Carlson says

    We love Halloween so we can get dressed up and go trick or treating. We also love playing outside in the leaves and going for walks to see the pretty fall colors on the trees. Thanks so much for hosting this great giveaway!


  7. Carolyn Barnett says

    It has to be raking the leaves and then jumping in the middle and also catching the leaves as they fall.

  8. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says

    Me & my best friend took my grandchildren to Dollywood last weekend. We had lots of fun.

  9. Shari says

    We attract a lot of birds to our yard, so we love to go sit on the deck in the swing, all bundled up if it’s getting chilly, and swing quietly while watching the birds and squirrels gather around us.

  10. Melissa Belle says

    Our favorite is going to the Apple orchard and picking apples, getting pumpkin donuts and drinking apple cider.

    sweetmelbelle31 at yahoo dot com

  11. David says

    My wife and daughter enjoy taking pictures of the changing colors. Me and my son don’t usually care for that. We just build a fort out of the leaves.

  12. 1955nurse says

    Love picking out Pumpkins & walking in the falling leaves w/our grandkids!!! (and cheering @ Razorback football games!) Thanks for the chance….

  13. Heather S says

    I love doing everything with them during fall. Picking apples and pumpkins, decorating, raking leaves, trick or treating, and so on!

  14. Sue H. says

    Going to the marina and park.I love fall when all the leaves are changing color. It’s fun for kids to collect leaves and make pictures with them to hang up for Thanksgiving. Thank you for the great giveaway! :)

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