Wordless Wednesday — Panorama Shot of the Lake

Our View from the Dock — click to see full size

The last couple weeks, for Wordless Wednesdays I have posted photos from the Sony Cyber-shot TX20 that Sony gave me at the recent Sony Mom Blogger event. It is SO handy to have a camera in my purse for when I don’t have my DSLR with me.

I am a die hard DSLR user and generally avoid point and shoots, but I have been impressed with this Sony Cyber-shot TX20 — especially with the fact that it is waterproof and so durable. I can let my four year old use it — even on the dock — without worrying about her breaking it or getting it wet.

But perhaps my FAVORITE feature of the Sony Cyber-shot TX20 is the iSweep Panorama.

Capturing a panoramic is as fast and easy as holding down the shutter button and slowly sweeping the camera to the right. There are even arrows guiding you to show you the direction and how long to sweep.

I have never had the patience to stitch together a panorama shot in post, so these panorama shots from my Sony are the first I have ever had.

I think I will need to frame this shot for my Mom to thank her for all the great summer visits to her cabin!

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    So jealous! That is a beautiful panoramic. I used to have a camera with that feature years ago and it died. I tried to download an app but it didn’t work well. I keep a point and shoot in my purse for those occasions that I happen to forget the other camera, but lately I’ve taken to using my iphone more. Of course nothing compares to the quality of the DSLR but the convenience and fun can’t be beat!

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