Wordless Wednesday — Comfort

Janice comforting Olivia.

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Thanks to Uisce for creating Wordless Wednesday.

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    Thought I’d get a jump on this WW issue. I look forward to this all week. I’d to invite you over to view my wordless Wednesday entry at The IE Mommy

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    What a sweet photo! Makes me want to go give my baby a cuddle…but that would involve waking her up so I’ll be patient. 😉

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    This photo made my heart warm and brought a tear to my eye.
    But even though our teen is now 6′ 5″ I still have opportunity to get those comforting hugs.

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    Argh! I am absolutely terrible with the whole Mr. Linky thing. I accidently paisted in the post for last weeks frugal friday and not todays Wordless Wednesday! Worse, it’s about swagbucks so now I just look like I’m shamelessly trying to get people over to my blog.

    On another note though, I love the picture for this Wednesday- so cute!


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