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    Wow, I’m not sure what to say, I really really want to say I love this picture…but you see theres this part of me that just won’t let me, I’m fighting it. I do love the picture…there I said it…that from a die hard Leafs fan!! :)…that, that was tough…Go Leafs Go…oops I didn’t mean to add that…so hard to keep these things in!

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    My goodness! :O Can my heart ever be at peace now that my 5yo has taken up skatebording? These sorts of sports help our kids to gain more agility and balance with their bodies right? 😉

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    My family has people in hockey. The fun-est thing about small children playing hockey – is that it is like a constant bloopers reel . . .get up, skate, fall over, get up skate fall over. Yeah, it’s not real “action packed” but it’s a blast all the same. And yeah, those boys sure do look all grown up in the gear!

  4. Janice says

    oh – I just had to add after Laura’s hilarious comment – that we are not from Montreal. My husband is though and so my son is a die hard Habs fan just like his Daddy!

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    He does look older than four! I wanna try ice hockey! Thats something available up here – so we get to try it now! (ps – the podle skirt was handcrafted by my mom! she makes most the kids holiday clothes!)

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    You are right, they grow up so fast! But boys often take up that competitive edge quickly and it stays with them. He looks like he is ready to take on anybody-too cute.

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    Four???? In dog years perhaps. Sigh. My 19 month old boy is the size of a large 3 year old. Maybe hockey will be the sport for him. As long as no one touches him!

    Your boy is a handsome lad!


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