Twin Work at Home Moms x2 — Video Interview with

How did the twin work at home moms, Kim and Kris, from create such a successful online business?

Two Sets of Twin Work at Home Moms Talk Business at the Mom 2.0 Summit from 5 Minutes for Mom on Vimeo.

Janice and I had a blast talking twin business with Kris and Kim at the Mom 2.0 Summit.

Kim and Kris have created a fantastic community and ecommerce business with their sites and and SWAK Embroidery.

Find out how Kris, Kim and their fabulous team make working at home work!

Feel free to embed this video on your own site — especially if you are one of the 200 team members of

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  1. says

    By the way Ladies, if you’re looking closely at me in the video (Susan, in the pink shirt) wondering if I look pregnant…

    NO! I am not pregnant.

    My shirt is sticking out and then with that logo in front of me, it looks like I am pregnant.

    Nope. Just my shirt sticking out in a funny way.

    Sorry, no exciting baby news coming from these twins. Janice and I both have NO plans on getting pg again in the near or far future.

    I just thought I’d clear that up right from the get go… we don’t want any false rumors floating around the blogosphere.

  2. says

    How neat about you both are identical twins! That is so cool… makes me want a twin sister. Great video and I am definitely going to check out their site.

    Sue, I’m glad I read your comment because I thought OMG she is hiding something from us. It totally is the shirt though because you are very little. You are Janice look super fab to just have babies a little over a year ago.

    Keep the videos coming. Love them!

  3. says

    How funny. Twin sis’s are great. I have a twin also, but we are fratnernal, not identical and are polar opposites in every way. (except we share the same warped sense of humor) but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    I’m glad all of you have found ways to work together – very cool.

  4. says

    aaww Kim is amazing. I have worked with her many times on my blog.

    Bu I originally met her when YCMT was FIRST started, being a crafty mom it was the one site I Loved to go to to get e-books and make my girls fun stuff!


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