Have you seen this agenda?

I love Houston & The Mom 2.0 Summit

The Mom 2.0 Summit agenda sends chills of excitement up my spine!

There are so many fabulous speakers lined up… Take a look.

We are going to be there and we’ll be shooting some video interviews similar to the party footage we shot at BlogHer 08.

If you are coming, email us now and we’ll reserve a time spot for your interview.

And if you haven’t heard yet about the Mom 2.0 Summit, it is a Web 2.0 Conference for Moms and Marketers in Houston, Texas on Feb 19 – 21 st, 2009. I think there is still room… so if you’re not yet registered, quickly hop over and save your spot.


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    This is the one that I really, really want to go to but I haven’t got the money right now, sadly. (Thank you, both cars, for needing repairs this month.) If anyone wants to sponsor me, give me a holler…

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    I wish I could be there with you all. We will meet up soon…I do plan on being at BlogHer this year. Also maybe if you make it to Atlanta before then at the StomperNet.. maybe I can meet you there :).

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    Have a wonderful time! I’m 36 weeks pregnant so I won’t be at the Summit, but it looks like there will be a great line-up of speakers and attendees. I’d especially love to hear Maria Bailey…

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