Jonah Mowry — The Battle Against Bullying Gay Youth

bullying-gay-youthThe Internet is far from a perfect place. Good grief — from haters to criminals, the Internet serves up a heaping helping of hurt every day.

But the Internet is also the most incredible medium humans have ever had to tell stories and to be heard.

Storytelling is how we learn, how we understand, and how we connect.

For all the evils the online world may harbor (it is just an amplification of life), the Internet can rip away facades and loneliness and allow people to find each other, to heal each other, and to teach each other.

More than five million people have already met thirteen-year-old Jonah Mowry, have heard his story and seen his tears. Hundreds of thousands of people have cried with him, have been reminded (or learned) how horrific bullying and loneliness can be, and have become more empathetic, evolved human beings…


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