Please Pray for Emma Grace

Emma*** UPDATED ***
There is a precious little girl named Emma Grace who desperately needs your prayers!

I’m not sure if you’ve met Emma — she’s the miracle 5 year old daughter of Heather from My Midlife Moments.

“Emma Grace was born in 2001. In utero she was diagnosed with Heart Failure, and at 5 months of age received a heart transplant. In 2003 she was diagnosed with a rare disorder known as Mitochondrial Myopathy, which impacts her daily life in many ways. In 2006 she was diagnosed with Autism. She loves Barney and Carebears, but most of all she loves life!”

Heather called me tonight to tell me that her dear little Emma is very sick and is again in the hospital. She is currently being flown from their local hospital to a children’s transplant hospital and will be placed in their ICU.

Although her lab results look normal, her heart rate and respiratory rates are high. She has a fever of 102.5 and all afternoon she’s been crying and holding her chest.

Heather is of course very worried and asks everyone to please pray.

Emma’s life radiates the power of prayer. She continually pushes through each health crisis and lives a life of joy.

She is a miracle that blesses every life she touches.

Please pray for this precious little child. And also please pray for her exhausted and very worried mother and family.

*** UPDATE ***

Heather was able to post an update about Emma’s condition on her blog. Thankfully, Emma has perked up a bit, but is still in the ICU.


  1. says

    Dear God, please be near this precious little one of yours today. We know that You love her so much more than we could ever imagine. Please give peace and rest to this family as only You can do. And we ask that You would touch and heal her little body.

  2. says

    I just prayed for her. I’m in tears thinking about her. This poor little girl. I pray for comfort in Emma physically, and comfort in her family emotionally. This must be soo hard for them.

  3. says

    I read Heather’s post a few hours ago. The thing that struck me immediately is how calm she sounds. Her faith is an inspiration to us all. And she’d be shocked if she knew how many of us are praying for Emma.

  4. Evang. Mário F. Silva (from Brazil) says

    Hallo Emma Grace,

    I pray for God do all of good for you.
    Someone of far from your country but who loved this little little girl of only 5 years old
    God bless you!


    Evang. Mário F. Silva

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