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by Janice

Our Father - My Very First Bible StoriesI bought my son this book the other day after my friend recommended it to me. Although it is a “board book” and my son is well beyond those, it had a great message. So I thought I would use it with him for a bit and then pass it on to Julia.

I have to admit – it wasn’t an instant hit. I bought it imagining his enthusiasm as he crawled into my lap and we got deep into the message of the Lord’s Prayer. (Some of his favorite books have been “God books” as he calls them.)

Not this time. He gave it one quick look and passed it over for Clifford or something more marketable like that.

But I was not giving up. First of all, passing on a strong faith to my son is my biggest priority and second – I just bought it – NEW! That means – full price. Ok – it was not expensive at all – it is a board book for goodness sakes, but still.

So I did not give up. We read it at prayer time for the next few nights. Then one night we came home late from Susan’s house. I told him it was too late for stories and he needed to go right to sleep.

Well my brilliant little man looked up at me and said in his most innocent sounding voice, I swear his eyelashes did a few flutters too, “But we need to read my prayer book…”

I paused. I knew I should say, “Not tonight honey – we will just do your prayers now and then read it in the morning.” But instead I gave in. “Ok – just your prayer book.” And we snuggled up to read the story.

Not distracted by his other books, Jackson settled in and really concentrated on the story. He was thoroughly engaged, asking me questions and dialoguing about God.

It was a wonderful devotion time.

Then, he delivered his review – in the frame of reference of a child – “This should be a TV show.”

“Yes Jackson,” I replied, “It really should.”


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