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sampler-main-180-pix.jpg5 Minutes for Mom brings you exclusive samplings from the best mom blogs in our weekly column, The Sampler, hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom contributing editor Shera, from A Frog In My Soup.

Today I’d like all of you to meet Lisa from Stop and Smell the Chocolates. Lisa is a thirty-something, stay-at-home mom blessed with one son. She has been happily married to her wonderful husband for almost 16 years! Lisa enjoys blogging and likes to bring a smile to her reader’s day. She loves the community of mom bloggers who are ready to help out with advice or laughter or a shoulder to cry on at a moment’s notice. “And I like chocolate.”

Mom Blogger Variety Show

I’ve been blessed to be blogging for a few months now and am still amazed by the sheer number of blogs and how much variety there is among mom bloggers. When you say “Mom Bloggers”, you can’t lump them all into one general category. Each has a different vision and voice for her blog. Every mom’s blog is unique. You might have the same template and theme as another mom, but your content, pictures, style, and “feel” will be different.

I have been happy to discover that there are mom blogs to cover every topic that I could possibly want to know about: chocolate, decorating, food, frugality, Christianity, chocolate, daily family life, lovely pictures, tips, homemaking, chocolate, kid-raising, humor, blog help, more chocolate and the list goes on. I stop by many different mom blogs to get my daily dose of a variety of topics. I appreciate the fact that so many of these mom blogs have a theme. That way, I know just where to go to find daily inspiration on a specific topic.

And then there’s my mom blog. It doesn’t cover one particular kind of topic. It covers so many different kinds of things, that I have decided to consider it a Mom Blogger Variety Show. I don’t seem to have enough information, expertise or random helpful thoughts to share on any one topic that would fill up a blog (unless I tell you about what kinds of chocolate I like). So I have to bring together all the different parts that make up my life, and put them on my blog. And then I try to make it entertaining.

If you stop by for my Blogger Variety Show, you’ll definitely meet “Must Have Chocolate” Me who loves to talk about chocolate and share recipes. You’ll hear from “Tea Princess Me” – she likes lovely tea settings and enjoys drinking tea. You’ll occasionally run into “Imperfect Mom” Me who might talk about something that happens with her son. You’ll see photos from “Scenic Daydreams” Me who enjoys taking trips. You’ll laugh {hopefully} when “Comic Wannabe” Me tries to share humorous thoughts, and you might be surprised by “Slightly Serious” Me who throws in an occasional personal story from her life.

All of these characters have their very own acts in my Blogger Variety Show. The show couldn’t go on without them! The acts could change a bit as time goes on. You never know when a new character might show up or another character runs out of things to perform. Although the show may change, there will always be variety…and chocolate.

I was worried at one point that my blog was too scattered and that I should find one focused theme. I asked my readers (the few – the brave) what they prefer. Apparently they like the variety and that’s why they come back. A delightful surprise! So, that is the “theme” of my mom blog – variety…with some chocolate drizzled on top!

I know I’m not the only variety show mom blog out there, but no two are alike. God made each of us to be unique and our blogs are a reflection of that. I hope you enjoy the variety of mom blogs out in the blogosphere. Variety is the spice of life, right? Or is it chocolate? :)

~Written by Lisa Watson of Stop and Smell the Chocolates.

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  1. says

    Go Lisa! Go Lisa! Woot! Woot! You already know I love you my friend. I’m not sure what my blog would be considered. Maybe mind numbing fun with a splash of an occasional touching moment? I love your blog sister. Keep up the good work.
    Blessings to you.

  2. says

    Tough questions, variety or chocolate? :) Great article Lisa – I’m so glad they spotlighted you, you deserve it! You are one of the sweetest bloggers out there!

  3. says

    I love it! I feel quite the same way about my blog – I like mixing it up and being surprising, and I certainly couldn’t stay on one topic if I tried!!
    Great Sampler!

  4. says

    Yup…I have to agree..Lisa has one AMAZING blog! Everyone needs to stop what they are doing right now and stop by her place.

    I promise, you will love Lisa as much as you love chocolate!

  5. says

    I love Lisa’s blog. What’s not to love about chocolate? Then, when you add in all the other good stuff, any possible objections are dashed!

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