5 Minutes for Books — The Harry Potter Collection

Are you wild about Harry?

It seems like everyone has an opinion. Some have avoided the series due to the themes of magic and sorcery. I posted yesterday on 5 Minutes for Books about why I decided to give it a try, and how that led to my daughter and I both being wild about Harry. This week, I also posted our impressions of the first movie, which we just watched this month.

Even though I just recently read the series, it’s been ten years since the first book was released. That means that a whole new generation of kids (like my daughter) is enjoying this series. I have no doubt that these stories will endure and become favorites for children as they grow old enough to read them.

In honor of the tenth anniversary, Scholastic books has released a tenth anniversary special edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Like most new products in the Harry Potter franchise, it’s currently under lock and key until its release date of September 23, so I can’t offer any thoughts or opinions on this edition. However, I’m sure that it will appeal to Harry fans and those new to the franchise as well. However, once I receive my copy, I will give my thoughts of the special features on our sister site 5 Minutes for Books.

In the meantime, you can enter to win your own copy (U.S. shipping addresses only please).

One grand prize winner will receive

Four runners up will receive

If you’d like to win, leave a comment below. Let me know if you are a longtime fan or if this will be your first experience with the Harry Potter books.

We generally announce the winners for this column the following week, but this contest is so fabulous that we are going to leave it open until October 6.

The winners of Enchanted Thyme are
#105 Kathy Conley
#53 Christopher H.
#4 Michele


  1. says

    I am a long time fan of Harry, and was one of those that anxiously awaited the 7th book and had it read in one day. I would love to donate this set to our local school. Harry Potter is always in demand.

  2. says

    I am a HUGE fan of this series and I have read them all multiple times. I can’t wait to read them to my daughters and this set is sooo cute with the little trunk box thing!

  3. says

    We are long time fans, we only have the paperbacks though, and although we take very good care of books, they are quite literally falling apart at this point! I would love to win this so our kids can enjoy the books too!


  4. says

    We are longtime fans of Potter! I am so happy to have read the books, normally not my style, but they were amazing. My oldest has read 3 of them and my 2nd grader has the desire now! Thanks so much for the chance!

  5. says

    I am a huge fan from the begining, I bought all the books too but my SIL lost most of them and ruined the rest so I could the set to share with my girls

  6. Gaye McGill says

    We’re long time fans and it’s hard to believe the series has been around for 10 years! It would be wonderful to have a brand new set of books since ours show the effects of being read multiple times.

  7. Pamela D. says

    My husband is a long-time fan and I am a new fan to the books. So this prize would be just wonderful. Can it really be 10 years since the first one was published? Wow.

  8. says

    Harry Potter is something that I’ve just experienced in the past month…in fact, I’ve blogged about my daughter and I watching the movies recently. I’m trying to catch on reading the series now….I hate that I missed it the ‘first’ time around :)

  9. says

    My husband and I are both longtime fans! When the new books would come out, we’d argue over who got to read them first! Maybe we should have just bought two copies!! :)

  10. Sandra says

    I have not had the patience to read/watch yet, but my daughter is a huge fan. I can’t count how many times she has reread the books or watched the movies.

  11. Ali says

    Loooooong time fan! I checked them all out of the library though, so when it’s time to read them again with my daughter, it would be nice to have our own set!

  12. says

    Heck ya I want to win this! I got a hold of the first book about a year after it came out and have been a loyal reader ever since. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  13. Becky says

    Long time reader! Long time reader! My daughter started reading them them three years ago, and has re-read them many times. Now our son is old enough, and has just started on Sorcerer. Great giveaway! Thank you for the chance!

  14. kathy Weber says

    I have read all the Harry Potter books and love them as have both my 19 Year old daughter, and yes even my 10 year old son! This would be an awesome prize for the whole family, we have LOVED Harry Potter from the start!

  15. Tracey Byram says

    Long time Harry Potter fan here. I’ve read the first 3 books and seen the first 3 movies. I would love to win such a fabulous prize. To an avid reader such as myself, there is no better gift than the gift of books. Books open up the mind to learning and imagination. I’d rather read than watch tv any day. I’m trying to instill the same love of books in my grandchildren.

  16. says

    My 10 year old daughter is just becoming a fan – though we’ve told her she needs to be a little older before getting past book 3….we’d love the collection!!

  17. says

    I must say that I’ve never read Harry Potter. When Harry Potter came out I had three small babies and had no time to read. Now they are older and in school it would be nice to read them to my kids, especially my son who just loves the movies.

  18. Kimberly B says

    It is my three children that are huge fans of Harry Potter. They have read the books several times each and still enjoy them as much as the first time. HArry Potter is great for the imagination! This is a great contest. Thanks

  19. says

    I tried Harry when I was teaching and he was all the rage. I just had to know what the big deal was– my oh my I love them! I’ve read them all (except 7) multiple times. I want to read them again, but my sister has borrowed mine! I’d love to win these for her, so I can get my copies back!!!

  20. says

    I may be the only person on the planet who has never opened a Harry Potter book. I would love to read the series! Now that I am home and my kids an I am finding chunks of free time to read, I’d love to start with this new edition!

  21. Grammy says

    I have always loved the Harry Potter series. I started “reading” them on CD when I took a cross country trip to visit my daughter, and I’ve been hooked ever since. If I win, I will donate this boxed set to our local middle school library in memory of my Daddy.

  22. says

    I would love to win this. I have read, and given away, all seven books. I need to have a set to share with my daughter when she gets older, so this would be perfect.

  23. Jill L says

    My son started reading these last year in 3rd grade but as they got a little harder, he liked me to read them at bedtime. Of course, now I am hooked. He read the first 4 by himself so I only got started in the 5th. NOw I need to go back and read from the beginning.

  24. says

    I’m a fan of two years. Seen all of the movies, read all of the books. I started reading the series while I was pregnant with my daughter and I couldn’t put them down! It was fabulous to be able to devour books 1-6 one right after another. I couldn’t wait for book 7 to come out. I would be thrilled to win this…we only own books 1 and 7…I’d love to have the others to read to my daughter.

  25. says

    My hubby and I have seen all the movies so far, but haven’t enjoyed the books yet. My little one is just starting to read, so these would be great for him.

  26. says

    i loved the books when i had time to read. i never made it through the entire series (life…interrupted). but would love to introduce my daughters to them and this would be the perfect opportunity!

  27. Jenn S. says

    Our whole family loves Harry Potter. We have read and re-read all the books. Can’t wait until the next movie finally makes it out!

  28. Kris says

    I’ve enjoyed the movies, but haven’t read the books yet. But the interesting thing is that every male in my family has read all the books, and they really aren’t known to be readers. Curious eh?

  29. Dianne F. says

    My Grandson will turn 7 next month. He is just starting to read, but loves the whole “Harry Potter” experience already. This would be a wonderful birthday gift for him to start his “library”.

  30. says

    I’ve read all the books and seen all the movies and I love them! I started out kind of cynical about them, and wasn’t too thrilled with the first movie when I watched it (thought it was too young), but after reading the first book I was hooked! Thanks for this giveaway, I would be beyond thrilled if I won!


  31. says

    I have been a long time fan, but my grandparents house burnt down in May and my brother had stored his copies at their house. They didn’t burn, but were ruined by the water from the fire hoses so I would give these to him instead of adding them to my library if I won.

  32. says

    My husband and I love Harry Potter!! Since I just have a 20 month old daughter, I haven’t gotten to the stage about deciding when to let the kids read them, but I am sure that will take careful thought, as there are a few themes in the books that I’m not wild about, such as Harry regularly disobeying but getting rewarded for it, his bad attitude at times, and the dark/death in the last 3 books. But they are awesome literary works, and for that we love them!

  33. says

    I’ve never read any of the Harry Potter books. I can’t believe they’ve been around for 10 years already! Maybe it’s time I see what all of the talk is about. :-)

  34. says

    I really enjoyed Harry Potter, but I think my husband enjoyed the series even more than me! We were reading book #7 together, and one night I went to bed at midnight because I was too tired to read anymore. He stayed up until 3:00 AM and finished the book! Then the next day he taunted me about how it ended, so of course I had to sit down and finish it right away.

  35. says

    I didn’t start reading Harry Potter until the 3rd book. I thought they looked silly. When I had my son 3 mths early I was at NICU for hours and someone left the 1st Harry Potter so I read it. I was hooked! I guess I was the silly one afterall. I now read it to my 5 year old every night!

  36. Jean says

    I’ve read all the Harry Potter books…twice! And I’m a grandma to three. Sadly, I own none of the books. I’ve either borrowed or checked them out from the library. Great contest idea!

  37. Lisa in ME says

    My hubby & I have read them all. I sat down & did absolutely nothing for two days when book 7 came out. My poor kids. lol My oldest son just turned 12 & we’ve started letting him read them too. He’s blowing through them & loving them as well.

  38. Rosemary Correia says

    I’ve read a few of the Harry Potter books – and would love to have my own set and read them over and over again!

  39. Carole Graves says

    WONDERFUL I hae been a life time fan but got them from the library..would love tohve my own set to share with grandchildren too :-)

  40. Michele says

    My family has been long times fans of the Harry Potter series. I had bought the books back when there were only 4 and the 5th was due out any day. My sons quickly were wild about them. We couldn’t wait until the rest came out. Book 6 arrived while my youngest son was serving in Iraq. It was a package he looked forward to receiving from me. My daughter has since read all the series and I have read them thru many times. I would love to win!

  41. Brittany W. says

    I am a long time fan! I started reading the books when I was in 5th grade when the first one came out and the 7th book came out when I was a sophomore in college! I grew up with Harry Potter :)

  42. says

    I’m a long time fan and love the books! I made sure I made time to read them between house work and taking care of the kids. I would love to have the set for my daughter when she shows interest in it.

  43. Heather says

    I enjoyed the Harry Potter books. My 6 (soon to be 7) year daughter has just started to take an interest in them too. We are on a limited budget and this set would make a great Christmas present for her. (It is never to early to plan for Christmas is it?)

    please enter me and THANK YOU for another great contest!

  44. Margaret Smith says

    My son is a long time fan and has borrowed most of the books from the Libary. Myself, have never read them, but would love too if we were to win. My son would be so thrilled to win a set of these of his own. He’s such a bookworm and would really cherrish these.
    Thanks so much for this wonderful and generous giveaway.

  45. Cathy Wilcox says

    This would be my first Harry Potter experience. My grandson has convinced me that this is the best thing since catsup. That is a very powerful statement because he really does not like to read, but has read every book in the series.

  46. Joanne Schultz says

    my friend made me read the first book. after that, I would race my sister to see who could finish each book first! So, I’m a longtime fan

  47. Karin says

    What a great looking set! I guess I am a long time reader. I got into the series when the 3rd book came out, and I had to find out if the books were as good as the hype indicated (they were).

  48. Theresa Shafer says

    I, the nearly 50, is a fan. I started with the first book in hardcover after hearing so much about it and Loved it. Have reread the books before the next one came out so I was up to speed. Then I watched the movies to compare and enjoyed them. Looking forward to the next movie.

  49. Karin C. says

    I am a Harry Potter fan, thanks to my grandchildren! I have seen all the movies, and would love to have the whole book collection to read. Thanks for the chance.

  50. says

    I am a longtime fan of Harry. I discovered the books while nursing my baby daughter (who is now six years old). One of my favorite reading memories is of rocking with her while reading Chamber of Secrets! I’m definitely looking forward to introducing the books to her in a few years. Thanks for the opportunity to enter for such terrific prizes!

  51. Amber says

    This are our favorite books! I loan all my copies out and we’re still missing a few. My husband and I would love a hard copy set for our kids! Thanks!

  52. says

    Great giveaway! We have seen a couple of the movies but have yet to read the books. I think my son is just about at a point where he would enjoy having them read to him.

  53. says

    it’s been 10 years? HOLY COW! i’ve read these books and I love them. I’m a long long time fan. and i always hated waiting for the next one. it was so sad when they came to an end. this would be an excellent prize!

  54. Shawn T says

    I’ve been a fan for awhile(and so is my girlfriend). Seen 1-5 of movies and only read like 3 of the books. I only have two. This would be awesome.

  55. says

    LOVE Harry Potter (even though I didn’t think I would — started reading at first because of the hype and then couldn’t put the books down)!!!!

  56. says

    I’m a fan of the Harry Potter series but I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t read the books. Imagine that? I figured I’d at least read them when it’s time to buy them for my daughter…

  57. Cheryl English says

    I never had the chance to read any of them. Boy would I love to win them, and start reading each and everyone of them. Thanks for a chance.

  58. Casey H says

    We havent read the books yet, we’ve only watched the movies, but my daughter is getting more and more into reading and I’d love to win this for her!

  59. Bethany Fernandes says

    I am a longtime fan of Harry Potter and I just cannot wait to have the opportunity to share the adventure with my own child.

  60. Lisa Carr says

    I absolutely LOVE Harry Potter! I work overnight in an office. I have listened to all of the Harry Potter books on cd at work. They have SAVED me! I was torn about listening to the last book, given the rumors swirling around before its release. But, of course, I received one of the first copies the library received and finished it right away! My oldest son is almost as big a fan as I am. I would love to win this set to share with my 3 sons. What a fantastic series – I can’t say enough about it.

  61. says

    we are also running this contest on our blog! And sadly, I cannot enter for obvious reasons, so i am thrilled I have a chance here! We are lifelong fans of harry potter and oddly, daniel radcliff looks like the teenage version of my husband (the cute daniel, not the 8 year old one)
    go random.org for me!

  62. says

    We’re long time fans here. My husband started out on the movies, and after hearing me complain about all that was left out, started reading the books. We’ve both read the series many times!

  63. Cathie says

    I’m a huge fan but someone keeps stealng my books. So I never have a complete set! If I win this one, I can finally round out everyone elses sets and they can leave mine alone LOL

  64. says

    Everyone in the family loves these books. We’ve been fans since the 2nd book arrived. We would buy 3 copies on their release so none of us would have to wait to read them and then give the extra copies to friends. Winning this set would allow us to introduce more friends to the magic of Harry!

  65. says

    Ummm, do you think I’m a fan if MY BLOG is named after a Potter relic??? That would be a “Yes, Ma’am!!!”.

    What a marvelous prize for a lucky reader :). Thanks for the offer, as always!

  66. teresa says

    My son is a long time fan. I caught some of the movies on TV, but would love the chance to read the series from start to finish…thanks for the chance.

  67. says

    I’ve seen and enjoyed the movies, but somehow never found the time to dabble in the books. Now that my little guy is three I’m carving out more reading time… would love to give these a try!

  68. Roxanne says

    Bought the first Potter book the second it hit my area. Read half an hour the first night to my little girls and spent the rest of the night up at the kitchen table finishing the book.

  69. says

    I love Harry Potter! Ok, now that the truth is out, I’ll add to it. I have read all of the books at least 3 times, and some of them more than that. I have a copy of all of the books, but I still would love to win, because my sister needs a set, and at the moment I just can’t scrape the money together to get if for her. Hope I win!

  70. tawnda says

    my kids feel in love with this series with book 1… My youngest is the major fan though.. she has read each book at least 5 times!

  71. says

    I have two teenagers who love the Harry Potter series, but I’ve never read the books myself. So, this prize is for ME! My sister, a teacher, keeps telling me that I have to read them, so this will be the motivation that I need.

  72. Kathy Scott says

    Please pick me. I read these two my boys, and now they are reading them to themselves. I would love to have a set to save for their kids.

  73. Karla E. says

    Believe it or not we’ve never read any of the books. My boys are more non-fiction readers…maybe this will inspire us to read more fiction. Or I’ll donate them to the kid’s school…either way is okay with me.

  74. Ellen Cunningham says

    We haven’t read he books but we’ve seen all of the movies. Great prize. I’d really like to win this. Thanks for the chance.

  75. says

    I haven’t read the books but I have seen all the movies. They’re really good and I know the books are ALWAYS better than the movie so I would love to read them!

  76. Monique Rizzo says

    I am one of those crazy ones, that stands in line at midnight for the next book and reads it within 2 days! I LOVE Harry Potter.

  77. joseph fischer says

    I would love to give this set to my niece and 2 nephews. One of the many things we share in common and it would make a great Christmas gift to them!!

  78. Heather says

    I haven’t paid much attention to Harry Potter the past few years but my oldest child is almost old enough to read and enjoy them so I would love to win these for the family library.

  79. Katharine says

    I am a long time fan. Waited patiently for each new book and read it in a day or two when it came out. I read them like an old friend now. Thanks for the chance.

  80. Donna F says

    I am a longtime fan. I remember over 9 yrs ago, I was looking online to find a birthday present for my nephew. I never read the book and I sent it to my nephew based strictly on the great reviews it received. Three months later, my sister emails me and asked me how I found out about this book. She loved the book and so did my nephew. Also, his friends would listen when my sister would read from the book and soon asked their own mothers to buy them a copy. My sister said I started a craze back then because no one heard of the book before and now there was a waiting list at the library to read it. I finally bought my own copy to read and instantly became a fan. It didn’t take me long before I got my three other sisters hooked on Harry Potter too.

  81. Mike says

    We usually borrow from friends, but have a few of our own. My kids would love to have a set. We’ve all enjoyed the stories.

  82. says

    We have never read Harry Potter books. My boys are about to turn 8 and 4, and we read with them every single night before bed (and have since birth). We keep saying we should add the Harry Potter series to our “to read” list soon. I’m sure my boys, especially the older one, would love them!

  83. Karen B says

    A first timer, although I have seen bits and pieces of the movies on TV. My greatgrands are just about old enough to enjoy HP with me.

  84. Ruth Utterback says

    I read the first Harry Potter to mygrandsons,now they are big enough to read for themselves,I would love to win this for them
    Thanks for the contest

  85. Toby says

    I read the first two books and then stopped. But my 11 year old granddaughter has read every one of them at least once, and mostly twice!

  86. Sue says

    I read one of my nieces Harry Potter books, but I would like to start from the beginning and finish them all. Thanks for the contest!

  87. judy brittle says

    My grandson just got me interested in Harry Potter
    Its something we can do together so that’s nice. Thank you so much!

  88. Melissa N says

    I love the movies, but haven’t read the books yet. My kids are 4 & 2, and I want to read them to them when they get older.

  89. Janice Wright says

    I have read the first book, but none of the others. Now I know if I win this, I will be reading them all.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  90. Anne L. says

    I have been a Potter fan since the beginning, but my kids are still pretty young. They haven’t discovered Harry yet, but someday soon they’ll love him too!

  91. Barbara Leatham says

    We love Harry Potter! I’d love to win this set to replace the books someone…um…borrowed from my daughter(without asking) and never returned!

    Thanks for the contest!

  92. Cathy Kent says

    I love Harry and only had the first book. Now that my kids are older (3&5), I can catch up with the rest of the books. It will be so wonderful if I’m lucky to win this fantastic collection!

  93. says

    I am a longtime reader of Harry Potter. I first met him in 1999 and have avidly devoured the books (and movies) as they have been released. In subsequent readings of the series I have fallen in love with the Weasley twins. I would so love to have full set in hardback. Ten years – really?

  94. Jennifer Short says

    I’m in book 3 at the moment. This would save me a LOT of trips to the library. I’d gone to a church that taught Harry was a sin, so now I’m starting to enjoy them since I no longer believe that!

  95. says

    We are longtime fans in our house. We’ve actually got a special leather-bound edition with gold-leafed pages of the Sorcerer’s Stone around here somewhere, we’ve played the games, we love to trick friends with the Bertie Bott’s Every Flavored Beans made by Jelly Belly, and we’re even considering hosting a Harry Potter themed halloween party every year. We own all of the movies so far and can’t wait for the next one to come out.

  96. Jessica Pastell says

    I am a huge fan of harry potter ! Last year i dressed my brother up as harry. The books are great for really anyone to read. Hope to win ! Thanks

  97. israel y says

    ok i now the whole world has read the books but if i won this, it would be my 1st time reading them, i am so excited!!

  98. BreeAnn Kaczmarczyk says

    I have read all of these books, and I LOVE them! I have read most of them quite a few times and I own all the movies! I would love to win this!!

  99. Sharon H says

    A friend in the UK sent me a copy before Harry hit the US shores and my daughter and I have been hooked on Harry ever since!

  100. theresa N says

    I love the Harry Potter movies, but haven’t read the books..yet. It’s on my to do list. It’s amazing all the work the author has put into these books.

  101. says

    What a great contest! I finally got on board last February when I started reading H.P. while the kids had the flu. I devoured the entire six book set in less than six weeks, and then immediately started freaking out that I had to wait months for the last book! (What a baby I am. Other people waited years!)

    Should I be chosen a winner, I promise not to be too selfish and to share the winnings with my family. Eventually.

  102. Adrienne Holton says

    I probably shouldn’t be entering this contest, but I am anyways. I bought the first book when I was like 11 years old and tried to read it but couldn’t get past the first 10 pages. 5 years later I picked the book up and read it, buying more, until I get to the one where Dumbledore dies. I cried, and told myself I wouldn’t read another one. And I haven’t, but this contest is a great deal, and you’d have to be foolish to pass it up. Plus my younger cousin is starting 7th grade and my grandma’s been looking for books for him to read, it’d probably be nice to share or give to him as well.

  103. barbara wright says

    I am a longtime fan. I read the first book so that I could decide whether or not I agreed with banning it from the school library. I fell in love right away and have read all the rest of them the first day they came out. I remember seeing the preview for the first movie. It was totally amazing to me that I knew who every character was without needing anyone to call their name – even Snape! I was disappointed with the ending of the last book. I wanted to see them graduate from Hogwarts. I wanted to see the weddings. I feel kind of cheated, so I actually went back and read all the books again so I could recapture the “magic”.

  104. says


    Heh, I’ve been a potterphile since about the 3rd book. As soon as I started hearing ‘concerns’ about the series I had to see for myself what the hubbub was about. I’m hooked! I’ve read them all numerous times. I have them all in hardcover (except the 5th which accidentally moved to CA with a girlfriend). Would love to get my hands and eyes on this set!

  105. Rebecca says

    We (because everyone would claim this) have been devoted Potter fans since the first release in the US. Me, my kids, my grandkids and my friends. Imagine 3 grannies on the phone talking about the book! Well, we do.

  106. Martha C says

    We are long time readers! Our copies are worn out and we would love to have a new set to open, love and share. We need to win!!!

  107. Steve C says

    Love the series, could use a copy to cover those borrowed by my daughter… We’ve done 3 of the midnight releases and been on local tv coverage of them!

  108. karen says

    I avoided Harry Potter at first, because it was so popular, but became addicted after the first movie. Last year, I waited in line to buy the seventh book when it came out at midnight.

  109. says

    Fun! I’ve just been seriously thinking about re-reading the whole series, too. This would be perfect timing, since I only own the last couple books!

  110. Marilyn Paris says

    I was a big fan of the movies and just recently read all of thebooks (my grandaugther is a fan). I love the series and want a set for myself.

  111. Heather says

    I have a feeling this is just the type of book my daughter will enjoy in a few years. What a great keepsake. I myself have only enjoyed the movies.

  112. Sue says

    My grown son is a long time fan of Harry Potter Books. I must say I have never read one, but am looking forward to it. Should I win the collection, I will pass it on to my grandchildren once I am finished!

  113. Mickey says

    I’ve loved the Harry Potter series since they first started coming out. I was one of those guys who would couldn’t wait to get the next book and would wait outside stores to get them…now I’m reading the genre with my son. Good times…

  114. ANGELA SWINSON says

    I read the first Harry Potter book very soon after it came out – and I was immediately hooked. I waited impatiently for each book to come out in its turn and then devoured it immediately. Since then, I have read each of them again many times. I even bought and read the versions from England so I could compare and contrast them with the American ones. (There are some interesting differences – especially with vocabulary!) As a middle school English teacher, I have long encouraged my students who were fantasy fans to read the books, even lending out my personal copies to them on occasion. I found the movies to be okay, but they do not really do the books the justice that they deserve. However, this is very typical in movies-derived-from-books. All in all, I am definitely a huge HP fan. I would love to win this anniversary to share with my own daughter. At 5 years old, she is an up and coming HP fan, as well!

  115. says

    Call me crazy but I didn’t ge tinto harry potter untilt he mvoies came out which to my surprize i became addicted too. I can only the imagine the books are even better!

  116. Michelle says

    I regret to say, we haven’t read one yet but my daughter and I are both interested in starting the whole series..beginning to end!

  117. Farrah says

    I have been a fan of harry potter since i started reading chapter books! It would be such an honor to finally be able to get the entire Harry Potter collection!

    These books really did change my life. I would love to have them.

    No book, [NOT EVEN THE TWILIGHT SERIES!!] can stand up to something as phenomenal as Harry Potter

  118. Jill Miller says

    I’ve never read one of the books and I haven’t seen any of the movies. Guess it’s about time for me to “catch up” now.

  119. says

    My girls and I are all avid Harry fans. I resisted for quite a while, but when I did finally give in I read the first five books in just under three weeks…that’s with being a single mom working two jobs!

  120. flared0ne says

    LONG-term fans here… Haven’t ~bought~ any of the books, but have checked every one of them out from the library, and have read each of them several times (it helps to be able to read reeeally fast, I must say). AND we have several of the various PC game versions, AND the xBox versions. AND we’ve all pretty much memorized the several movies that are out on cable, and can hardly wait for the remaining movies — and the theme-park here in Orlando is on schedule (last I heard) too!!

    We would LOVE to win this!! Thanks for a great contest!

  121. says

    We LOVE Harry Potter in our house! And I can’t help but give our copies of the earlier books to younger members of the family when they visit so I need to replenish our set!

    Thanks for a great contest and a great site!!!

  122. says

    I am a long-time reader. I love the story and enjoy her descriptions and plots. I have not read the latest, but once I finish this EMBA in Dec. and stop having homework all the time it’s on my list to catch up with.

  123. Emily says

    I am a long-time reader and a very devoted Harry Potter fan. My daughter started reading them this summer, and she DESTROYED my copies of The Sorcerer’s Stone and The Chamber of Secrets. It would be wonderful to win new ones!

  124. says

    I love the Harry Potter books and read each one as soon as it came out. My husband just started reading and had to start with the 4th book because that’s the first one in the series that I own. I know he would love to read the first three.

  125. Angela H. says

    I know a few Harry Potter fans who would really like to have and share these. In fact, my youngest wants to start a community lending library and these would be the perfect addition to it. Thanks for the contest.

  126. says

    It was not until after the third book was published that I read the first book. My two older sisters had read and loved them, but I just was not interested. Once I read it I was hooked an have been a huge fan ever since. Please please pick me!

  127. Teresa Hoyt says

    I have never read the books, but I would love to, because I know you can always get more from a book than a movie! Thanks!

  128. Elizabeth G says

    This would be my first experience. I’ve had MANY friends who have read all the books, but have not joined them yet. Maybe this will be my chance?

  129. Peggy Doty says

    I consider myself a long time fan. Read the first book to see if it was appropriate for my grandson to read. Became a fan and have read every one since and have seen all the movies. Also reading the Harry Potter first book inspired my grandson to love to read. I would just love to give him this set for Christmas.

  130. Sandy M says

    I’ve seen the movies but never read the books which is strange because I’m an avid reader. I’d love to read the books.

  131. David L. says

    I’ve never read the books. I did, however, work for a bookstore during the times when all seven were coming out. I watched as the books went from unknown to publishing phenomenon. It would be great to finaly own a set.

  132. Susan French says

    This would be my first experience with young Potter. I wanted to read them with my daughter and she’s about the right age to start.

  133. Molly Capel says

    Looongtime fan here! The last 3 books, I was in line at midnite, just so I could get a jump on reading it. lol I’m really sad that the series is over, but it will be fun to revisit the stories as my kids get older.

  134. Aniela R. says

    I’ve only seen the first couple movies, not read the books. I’d love to read them from the beginning, my son is on the 2nd one.

  135. says

    We were always big fans of the movies and my oldest just recently started reading the books. He’s on book 5 and we would love to have a treasured complete set as we only have 1-3 in paperback.

  136. Becky Grayson says

    I am a huge fan of the movies but I have not read any of the books. I know I know lame of me especially since I am an avid reader. I would love to win this so I could read the entire set.

    Thanks for such an fantastic contest.

  137. BEVERLY YOUNT says

    I have not read the Harry Potter series, but my 22 yr. old daughter is a hugh fan. Would love to win this contest for her.

  138. Kellie says

    I love the harry potter series!!! I have read most of them but missed 1 or 2. This would be awesome to win!! It is a great set!

  139. Debra F says

    I read the first book many years ago, and I’d love to catch up with the rest of the series. I really enjoyed the first one.

  140. joanmurraycefalu says

    I am a long time fan who would love to win this incredible collection. I hope I win! Thanks for the terrific contest :).

  141. Rachel Robinson says

    My boys love these books. and i enjoy them myself. I have read them all to my children and this would make a great gift for christmas.

  142. says

    I am a huge Harry Potter fan…have been for the past ten years actually. I would love to win this, b/c Harry Potter has been a huge part of my life growing up…reading the books, seeing the films, going to midnight parties, etc. It’ all good fun! :)


    lauren51990 at aol dot com

  143. Dee says

    i have NEVER read the books…BUT have watch the movies! ITs funny you’re doing this b/c i LOVE to read and a friend of mine cant believe that i havent read any yet! So i’m going to!

  144. Cat H says

    I’ve been wanting to catch up with the rest of the world & read all the Harry Potter books for some time now. I would LOVE the opportunity.

  145. Belinda P says

    I loved the first book in the Potter series. My kids love all the movies. I would love to win a set of the series. Thanks for the great contest!

  146. Christine says

    I read the first 2 and would love to continue. they would also be great for my son to have someday!!! Thanks for the chance!

  147. Barbara McCrea says

    I am the ultimate Harry Potter fan, My kids Loved reading the series too, I can tell you almost any fact from the books as I have read them all at least 4 times, I try to get all the collectibles I can from the series, I love the figurines and the Jewelry. Thanks for the chance to win, these would be great additions to my collection!

  148. Jill Myrick says

    My son has been a long time fan of Harry Potter.
    We own all of the movies and he has watched them repetitively. But we have yet to purchase the books. His birthday is this month. And I would so love to be able to give him this set for his birthday.
    He would be so thrilled!
    Thank you so much for offering this wonderful giveaway.
    I would LOVE to win !!

  149. Anita Yancey says

    I would love to win these books for my daughter. This would be our first experience with Harry Potter. Thanks for this contest.

  150. crystal says

    I am a fan of the movies and have been meaning to pick up the books from the library and see how great those are too:)

  151. Betsy Pauzauskie says

    I’m a longtime fan! I borrowed most of the books from the library. Winning this would make my October MAGICAL ! ! !

  152. ELE says

    I have never read nor seen the Harry Potter books or movies. I have heard so many raves about him that I would love to win the series of books and get started on reading them

  153. Kasey P says

    I have seen the movies, but as of yet have not read a Potter book. I have seriously been thinking about it because I’ve had a few friends and have told me it would be great and I’d love to be able to read them all one right after the other.

  154. Janice J says

    I’m the oddball, I have never read any of the books or seen the movies. I have heard great things about both though.

  155. MARILOUISE says

    I have never read the books. I love the movies. My nieces who is a big fan of the books wont lend me hers to read

  156. says

    I’ve read the first three books. And then I went back to school. No extra time to read anything else. I’m almost dne and so will have the time to devote to reading this series.

    I ejoyed the first three books so think I will become a fan. :-)

  157. says

    I have never read the Harry Potter books but have been told so much about them by my young niece Sarah, who’s been entranced by them from the very first book! I do believe they must be great books of childrens literature and would love to own a set and read them!

  158. susan s says

    I’ve read them all! We even bought two copies of the last two books — so both kids could read as soon as possible. Disappointed in the final book but overall it’s a great, great series.

  159. Brandy Stokes says

    I am a long time fan of the movies, but I have not read any of the books…yet, its hard with 4 boys to have any time to yourself to actually sit down and read!!

  160. Bruce says

    I’ve enjoyed the movies a lot, but have held off reading the books until all titles were available; I *hate* starting a series and having to wait for the next title, even when each book is nominally “stand alone.” Looking forward to taking a vacation [so I’ll have adequate reading time] and all seven titles for some serious relaxation & enjoyment soon!

  161. Nikolaus says

    Ever since I picked up the first book I’ve been a fan. It did take me a while to pick up the first book though. I’ve read them twice now but still don’t have a set. (crossing fingers)

  162. says

    My four girls LOVE Harry Potter (as do Mom and Dad.) We’ve read them so many times that several books have been damaged to the point that we can’t read them anymore.

    Thanks for the contest.

  163. Nicole says

    We are defiantly long time fans. I was even talked into attending a Harry Potter party for the release of the last book.

  164. Zoey Smith says

    I have enjoyed the Harry Potter movies. However, I have not had the pleasure of reading the books.

    Thanks for this great opportunity.

  165. Abby C says

    I am a huge fan of both the books and the movies and have been for a long time! Can’t wait for the new movie next year!

  166. Alecia Gibson says

    This will be my first experience with the Harry Potter books. I’ve heard a lot of good things about them.

    agsweeps [@] hotmail [.] com


  167. Kathy says

    The test of a true classic is one that has stood the test of time. 10 years of Harry Potter is in my opinion a good start on the “test of time!” Of course, its not as old as Peter Rabbit, but give it time!

    Its hard to believe that time has flown so fast. I remember standing in line and standing, and standing, and seeming not to get through the checkout!

    I enjoy them and can’t wait until December when the Tales of the Bard is released!

  168. Donna Vance says

    We are longtime fans of Harry Potter. Have always waited in anticipation of the books and movie releases each time.

  169. Brenda S. says

    I am a long time fan of Harry, and was one of those that anxiously awaited the 7th book and had it read in one day. Thanks!!!

  170. Rozie H. says

    If I win, I would be reading them all for the first time. My son is a huge fan, and he thinks I would really like them too. He’s probably right, since I am truly an avid reader :)

  171. Candie L says

    We started reading the series to our 8 year old. He is now getting old enough where he can read it on his own. He is starting to enjoy the book series very much

  172. Monalisa C. says

    My daughter has read all the books and I have enjoyed the movies with her. I would say she is a fan of Harry Potter. Thank you for this chance to win something she loves.

  173. Carol says

    My daughter and her two teen daughters are rabid Harry Potter fans. I promised them that if I win this I will read the whole series. Besides, they would love it too.

  174. Kara Helen says

    I’m a new fan. I’ve avoided the series because there were others I was reading, but now I’m ready to give in and see for myself what everyone’s talking about.

  175. Allison Allen says

    My friends are crazy for these books. I decided to wait till all the books were released and then begin my HP Journey. Thanks for the opportunity!

  176. Tracie says

    I am a long time fan. I started reading them with my oldest daughter when she was 9 and fell in love. Well she is a Sophomore in college now and I am still head over heels for Harry.

  177. Jayme Isaacs says

    I’m Not A Long Time Fan Of The Harry Potter Books,I Never Heard Of The Harry Potter Books Until I Saw The Harry Potter Movies,I’m A Fan Of The Harry Potter Movies And This Will Be My First Experience With The Harry Potter Books.

  178. James Mascia says

    I started reading them when Book 5 came out, and I have been hooked ever since. I have probably read all the books about 10 times now. They are wonerful.

  179. Heather says

    I’ve been a huge fan of the Harry Potter movies, but have not yet read any of the books…hope to eventually though. I would love to win the book collection! Thanks! :)

  180. Sarah Le Blanc says

    We are a “Harry Potter” family! I read the books to my kids and now I’m eager to share them with my grandchildren.

  181. cathleen n. says

    I have read the series as each book was released. I liked the first three the most. I’d love to see the new artwork of the 10th anniversary set.

  182. Amy says

    I haven’t yet read any of the Harry Potter books, but I would certainly like to! Everyone I know enjoys reading them, so I would love to read them as well! Thank you for the great giveaway!!!

  183. Auriette says

    I kept hearing wonderful things about the Harry Potter books (I worked in a bookstore when the first couple came out), but I dismissed them as children’s books and fantasies, and I’m more of a science fiction and romance reader. Then my favorite actor, Kenneth Branagh, signed on to appear in film 2. So, I figured I needed to see film 1, so I’d know what was going on when film 2 came out. I really enjoyed the movie. Chris Columbus absolutely captured the sense of wonder and excitement as Harry entered the world of witchcraft and wizardry. I immediately read the first book, but I held off reading the second book until after the movie came out, since I didn’t want to have any preconceived notions about Ken’s character. Well, as soon as film 2 came out, I read books 2 and 3 and 4, and I began waiting anxiously for each new release. I would love to own this keepsake collection of the novels and the gold pin.

  184. Kelsey says

    Huge fan, and haven’t read the 7th book yet, do to being busy with school!

    I let a friend borrow my first 3 books, and have yet to get them back :(

    Would love this!

  185. Glennyce Lynn says

    Ten years already? Goodness… my own mother bought me the first book on a whim, back before Harry Potter became “Harry Potter!!!” At the time, I thought I was too old and too cool for something as silly as baby boy wizards. What a surprise when I finally did crack that thing open! I couldn’t wait to share it with my mother, and we’ve been die hard fans ever since…I can’t wait for my own daughter to be old enough to appreciate these books with me, even if I have to pass my own, well-worn copies on to her!

  186. Christine says

    I am a longtime fan of the Harry Potter series! I’m looking forward to reading them over again with my children!!

  187. Jessica Russell says

    I have been a fan of Harry Potter since it first came out. I have read, and reread all the books so many times that I have wore out my copies! I’d love to win this set and 10th anniversary edition.

  188. Betty C says

    I am just now reading book #7 but I have loved every book in the series. I would love to have my own copy of the entire set as I am borrowing books from a friend now.

  189. Bonnie says

    My grandaughter has convinced me I should read these Potter Books, you could save me alot of trips to the Library if I win that trunk.

  190. Jennelle Henderson says

    I have been a fan for many years now. Harry Potter was the first chapter book I ever got my little sister to read and ever since then she’s been reading more and more.

  191. Marc says

    This will be my first experience with the Harry Potter books…of course, I’ve been hearing about them for years.

  192. Heather Luden says

    My sons Dad can not be here for another 2 years. :( He asked me to start collecting the series for him and our son to read together when he comes home. I have so far gotten him number 1 from goodwil :) (yeah I’m cheap) lol. any ways it would be so wonderful to give them this.

  193. Marie N says

    This would be an amazing surprise for my family…all Harry Potter fans. We could all use a little magic in our lives. :)

  194. Paula Harmon says

    My hubby and kids have all read the books (except for my 3 yr. old) in fact to get them up for school, I have to pretend we are getting ready to board the Hogwart’s Express…so I guess we would be long time fans!

  195. Jason Lawless says

    2 of 5 in our family (my oldest son and myself) have read them all – this would be perfect for the youngest 2 since we don’t own them all yet!

  196. Ruthann Rhodes says

    All three of my girls and I have read the series. The boxed set would be an awesome way to replace a few of those that were ‘loaned’ out to friends but never made it home. Thanks

  197. Bobby says

    Long time Harry Potter fan. The movies that is. However my grandson has read all of the books and his birthday is in November…

  198. bridget says

    I have not read these books but I would love to have the set to read to my daughter when she is a little older.

  199. Sherry Campbell says

    From the beginning. Originally wanted to read before giving to my nephew for his birthday. Read the next two and gave to him. With Goblet of Fire I had to just start buying two copies. Pre-ordered from then on and raced to see who finished first. We have both read the whole series.

  200. Pablo says

    I’ve read all 7 books multiple times, this set would be a joy to have and read to my 5 and 3 year old and let them enjoy the magic of Harry Potter as they get older.

  201. Denise Chini says

    We are long time fans of the books. They are books that children can really enjoy reading and get totally wrapped up with the books.

    My youngest daughter that did not even like reading could not put her stores down when i got her a new book.

    My other daughter now is a sixth grade reading teacher and I would donate the books to her school. This is a newer school and still are building their library.

    Thanks for the contest

  202. Carla Ramos says

    This will be my first time reading this series, I’ve never gotten into it but think I would enjoy it, I am impartial.

  203. Pamela White says

    I am a longtime fan and my son got me started. He would get a Harry Potter book and would not sleep til it was finished. I would be next then my younger son would be next.

    I would love to win a new set to replace out WELL USED volumes.

  204. Kathy Emerick says

    I have loved the Harry Potters movies and would love to get the books for my stepson for Christmas. We are a big fan and can not wait for the next movie/book. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  205. Patti D says

    Longtime fan here! The whole family loves Harry Potter- I read the first book, then got hooked on the movies. Would love to win this!

  206. Tiffany Lane says

    My hubby has read all the books, but our 8 yr old wants to read them now. We have lost our books by either loaning them out or they were damaged in the move.

  207. Melissa Zimmerman says

    We have been huge fans from the get go and even have gone out for the parties and borders on the eve when they come out! we has started out 8 year old daughter on the ,were on book 3 on audio books and she loves them and then she watches the movies with us and knows whats comming so she’s not too afraid! they are th ebest book and they have enev gottent my husband to read them too!! that and feet into itself!!
    thanks for the fun and exciting book and love passing it on to our daughter.

  208. Nicole Price says

    I love the Harry Potter series. I’ve read all the books but I would love to have them in hardback. I love the movies too but the books are SOOOO much better. My oldest son loves Harry Potter too. In a few years we’ll introduce it to my youngest because I’m sure he’ll love it too. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  209. Geoff K says

    I’m a complete newbie to the Potter series — in fact, I haven’t even seen any of the films! Would love to finally take a plunge into the world of Harry Potter and share it with my nieces and nephews. Thanks!

  210. Donna Wilde says

    I am a long time Harry Potter fan. I have to admit to not reading all of the books. I have seen the movies though.

  211. Brenda Park says

    I’m a longtime fan, ever since I bought the first one for my daughter. I always pre-read any book before letting her read it. To my surprise, I couldn’t put it down. Great giveaway, thanks so much for the chance to win.

  212. Sharon Seneker says

    I LOVE the Harry Potter series! This would be the win of a lifetime. I have only borrowed other peoples books in the past! Thanks!

  213. Tammy Greer says

    To be honest, I have never read any of the Harry Potter books nor have I seen any of the movies all the way through. My children are fans of the series, and have seen all the movies, but I’ve only watched a little while they were tuned in. Would love to read these books from the beginning and see all the movies afterwards. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  214. Jennifer Schroeder says

    I have never read any of the Harry Potter books or seen any of the movies. Of course I have heard wonderful things about Harry Potter, and my oldest son is finally at an age where he would enjoy it. I would love to share it with him. Thank you so much for the great contest!

  215. Bernice Bacon says

    I have been a fan of the Harry Potter books since before they were available in the USA. I had heard about it, and as soon as the first one was available, I devoured it in a matter of a few hours, and then reread it to relish the wonderful, clever writing of J.K. Rowling.

  216. Tiffany Hulbert says

    I am a long-time Harry Potter fan! My little sister got me started on them when they first came out! I would love to have this collection to share with my daughter! Thank you for this opportunity!

  217. Sarah Mitchell says

    I have not read the books but have seen a couple of the movies. My grandson loves to read and this set would be perfect for him.

  218. Sue says

    I’m not a longtime fan since I’ve never read any of the books, but I have seen most of the movies and would love to have the books on hand to read this winter.

  219. Sue Farrell says

    I’m a fairly new fan–we have watched the movies as they started to be shown on TV and found them much more interesting than we thought they would be. Now I sure would like to own the books because they are usually much better than the movies.

  220. Pauline M says

    My family hasn’t read the books (well we do have some early reading versions, my kids are in elementary school), but we are definately getting to the point where they are reading, learning to spell longer words, and could get through a Harry Potter book. This would make a great intro to great reading!

  221. Joanna Smith says

    My 11 year old son is a long time fan! He has watched the movies and has waiting in line at our local Barnes and Noble in hopes of getting his hands on the books! Now my daughter who is 7 is becoming a fan and her brother will not share his Harry Potter books, etc. with her so I would love to win this so she can have her own!

  222. Mindy Anderson says

    I have been a Harry Potter fanatic since I was in the fifth grade and the assistant librarian at my elementary school handed me the first book. I will forever be in the debt on Mrs. Jeanne Summerfield for changing my life forever. I have the second ticket sold at my movie theater for the first movie. I was able to go to the first showing because my friends brother decided not to go and I was invited. Thank you Brandon Luke. I do not think that he will ever know grateful I am that he feels that his friends are more important than Harry. Waiting for the fifth book to come out I discovered mugglenet.com, MuggleCast, the-leaky-cauldron.org and the fandom. I wish I could thank Melissa Anelli for introducing my to Wizard Rock…and for her new book, Harry, a History The True Story of a Boy Wizard, His Fans, and Life Inside the Harry Potter Phenomenon which comes out November 4! (I pre-ordered it from Amazon March 26) Matt Maggiacomo, Justin, and Jace gave me my first wizard rock concert. And Jo. Wonderful Jo. I can never thank her enough for the extraordinary gift that she has given us all; Harry and his world. I will continue saying THANK YOU! my entire life and it still will not be enough :o)