Happy Canada Day 2011 — and LINK UP!



It is true…

Susan and I are Canadian!!!

And, if you have met me in person, I do love to talk about our most awesome country! LOL

While, we do spend a ton of time in America and run American businesses, we are PROUD Canucks! Cause seriously people — Canada is one rocking country!

So — Happy July 1st to all our Canadian readers and friends!

And please, when you are finished your celebrating, and have posted all about your holiday, come back and link up!

Let’s help Canadians find other partying Canadians!

Here is a fun thumbnail linky:

And here is a basic linky if you prefer your linkies the good old fashioned way!

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  1. says

    Happy Canada Day! I have only visited once (Niagara Falls) but the people I met there were very friendly. I wasn’t so good at the money conversion, I’ll admit. I’d love to visit Prince Edward Island and see all the places described in Anne of Green Gables. Have you ladies been there? If you haven’t, that would make a great vlog adventure!

  2. tennille says

    having the best long weekend! Lots of family and food and even a parade! So proud to be Canadian! Thanks you all you guys do!


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