Ponchos from Skipping Hippos

From their adorable name to the angelic photos on their website, Skipping Hippos had me enchanted from my first visit. So I was more than happy to see one of their adorable ponchos in person.

My only problem was trying to choose which colorful combinations of fleece and trim I liked best. They are all so fun.

I settled on the Adeline design, because as you might know, I am all about pink. (I loathed pink as a child. Susan and I were tomboys. So I am making up for it now!)

Olivia looks adorable in it, don’t you think? It is soft, warm and cozy too. It will be great for the fall evenings that will be sneaking up on us soon.

Skipping Hippos is owned and run by entrepreneur mom Jolie Fay, who was inspired to start her business when stranger after stranger stopped her in the streets, inquiring about the poncho she had made for her daughter.

Skipping Hippos also carries summer ponchos and pool ponchos.

The lightweight summer ponchos are a great option to keep little ones comfortable and covered in warmer weather. And the terrycloth pool ponchos are perfect for getting warm and dry at the pool or the beach.

Olivia tends to pull off her sun hats, so having a poncho is a wonderful way to keep her hidden from the sun. Here is Olivia keeping cool at camp this past July. I love how wearing blue brings out the blue in her eyes.

If you want to cover up your little one in a Skipping Hippos Poncho, leave a comment here.
Jolie is providing two ponchos. The winners will have their choice in color and style.

We will announce the winners August 30th. This contest is open to both US and Canadian shipping addresses.


  1. says

    Y’all are awesome. You have such great giveaways. These are adorable.

    (Hope this doesn’t go through twice. I submitted it once, but it didn’t go through.)

  2. Aisling says

    These ponchos are darling. I decided that Gladys was so lovely hanging on a branch that it would be outstanding on a little girl. But then I saw Sabine and fell in love.

  3. says

    Those pictures are adorable! I’m guessing my 2 year old boy might be a bit big for them though. :) I’m seriously with you on the pink btw. I hope to have a girl next so I can get out some of pink cravings :)

  4. says

    Simply Adorable. My little one would look just precious in either of those – I love the blue on your little cutie.

    The name of the company reminds me of my former favorite children’s clothing label: Painting Red Rhinos. Out of business now, they had the CUTEST clothes for boys and girls when mine were little. I’m so glad I saved them all for this baby when she comes home.

  5. Anne says

    “Apple” is my favourite poncho! “Edna” is my favourite picture, omgosh, that photo warmed my heart!!


  6. Tia B. says

    Wow! What a tough choice it would be I am torn between Evelyn & Juniper. I would love to see my daughter in one of these gorgeous ponchos! Thanks for the opportunity.

  7. Jenn Johnson says

    How adorable is this? I can’t see all the images, but from what I can see these are awesome! My little girl would LOVE one of these!

  8. Bonnie Capuano says

    How adorable are they? I would love to have one for my granddaughter! Thanks so much for the chance to get one! Great Sweep

  9. says

    Ok those are the cutest little ponchos! i pulled out the crocheted one I wore in the 70s and my girls loved wearing it, I am sure they’d love wearing one of these more. I think I am gonna have to order one, love to win one too.

  10. Pamela Wheeler says

    My girlfriend’s daughter is having her 4th child on September 25, 2008, by c-section. I would love to win a poncho to give to her!

  11. Marlena says

    My daughter REFUSES to keep sun hats on her little head, too! This would be great and the pictures are so adorable!! m_huston(at)hotmail(dot)com

  12. says

    These are so cute. If I won I’d love the Jane version with the chocolate brown fleece with delft blue ric rac and blue pom poms. I’d like either size small or medium. Thanks for the chance!

  13. beth shepherd says

    Thank you for having this! I love these they are adorable! I would choose the Charley in an xlarge/4T. Thank you!

  14. Denise says

    Love the bright colors, also the heather gray. And the jackets are nifty, too. I’d love one of these for my daughter!

  15. Cindi says

    I think children look adorable in her ponchos! How fun it would be to win one. Please enter me in your delightful drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

  16. Amy Duncan says

    these are sooo adorable. i know all 3 of my girls would love to have one. they look very easy for the girls to put them on themselves (which is always a plus!).

  17. Dianna says

    Okay, first of all – the babies in those pictures are ADORABLE!!! They are so cute!

    I love the ponchos, but then I saw the “Daisy” coats…any of them would be fabulous!!

  18. Aura says

    I love the Juniper and Edna. I am so happy they are having a giveaway now. Last time I saw one I didn’t have a girl yet. Now I have an adorable little girl and would love to win a poncho for her.
    aahaft at gmail dot com

  19. Heather Beckstrom says

    Lots of the picture are not pulling up for me but by the descriptions I think the Charley Poncho sounds so adorable!

  20. Heather R. says

    The Edna and the Gladys are my favorite. These are really cute, and stylish! I love things that you know nobody else will have!

  21. Erin H. says

    I love that Adeline poncho—so sweet!—and I’d like to see a photo of the Gladys, which sounds pretty, too. Thanks for the drawing!

  22. Becca says

    I discovered and immediately fell in love with Skipping Hippos ponchos soon after my daughter was born, but I just couldn’t justify buying one because we live in a nearly year-round warm climate. If I’d only known about the summer and pool ponchos! Now we’re moving north, so I’d love to win one of the fleece ponchos for my now-toddler.

  23. Brooke says

    I’ve been waiting for the chill of winter so I can buy one for my lil girl… Would be nice to win one!!! Thanks for the chance

  24. April K. says

    I have a grand-daughter that will be 1 year old in two weeks…this would be an adorable gift to give to her!!! thank you

  25. Paula Harmon says

    My little one is obsessed with getting naked, but I think she would wear a poncho, especially because she could put it on herself.

  26. Ann Marie Walker says

    These are adorable. Thanks for the contest. Please enter me. I have alittle girl and any of these would be so cute on her. :)

  27. Jennifer Mirow says

    OMG.. Sooooo cute! My little Bumble Bee just hit 7 months and would be sooo adorable in one of these. Ty for the contest.

  28. Jana says

    The little pink one is so cute!!! My niece would look fabulous in it. Quite useful too, since it rains nearly every day here.

  29. Suanne Giddings says

    What adorable ponchos! The little pink Evelyn one is so cute!!! I wonder if they could make a little boy style in a camo pattern? Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!
    Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

  30. Audrey b says

    Well as everyone has said before me they really are adorable ponchos. My nieces are little fashion plates and they would look adorable in these styles. My son would pass on the girly ponchos, didn’t see anything for boys yet.

  31. Stephanie Grant says

    Oh my gosh!!! My so would look soooo cute in one of these. These are really a neat idea. Thanks for the giveaway.

  32. Bee says

    This is such a wonderful idea.. If I win, I will send it to the grand baby.. the nice part is she won’t be the only one with the gift.. the photos I get of her under this nice prize will be a gift to me and a memory I will always cherish

  33. Diana Corlett says

    Aren’t these ponchos cute!? I know several little ones that could use one of these.


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