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When Jaime Compton submitted the post below she included a fun and unusual introduction that I would like to share with all of you! “Occupation: Mom. Blogging is my new therapy and release from a hectic day as a stay-at-home-mom and crafter/artist. I have a two-year old son, a 38 year old husband, and a 3 year old Chihuahua. Life is busy as most women’s lives are and oh so fun. I am a private tutor for several private school students a few nights a week, stock my Etsy shop, paint shirts and onesies for local buyers as well, and every once in a while I freelance as a Lancome makeup artist.” Whew! You can find Jaime and her variety of adventures and projects at her blog, Always Inspired.


Let’s face it, if you’re a mom, you are a multitasker. If Universities handed out degrees in the art of Multitasking, mothers would hold doctorates. I am currently working my way towards a master’s.

Multitasking for me, as for all women and mothers, is an innate ability that we seem to be born with. We can cradle a phone to our ear to catch up with a girlfriend all while we pull weeds, change a dirty diaper, and clean up dog poo from the living room rug. Our days are long and filled with chores and tasks necessary to keep our houses functioning. Not to mention there are additional responsibilities like play dates, getting in an exercise workout, and finding time to scrapbook two vacations ago.

Just the other day I discovered a valuable life lesson in multitasking. If one has the choice between answering the phone or putting on socks and shoes for a sitting and patient two year old, one should opt for the socks and shoes. If it is important, the person calling will call back. If they don’t call back, oh well, I didn’t have time anyway. A two year old, however, will probably never again sit waiting to put on their socks and lace up shoes (lace up is what the foot doctor insisted on; Velcro would just be too easy).

Ever since I became a mom I’ve discovered that I have this intense yearning to do lots of things well. I want flowers blooming in my garden, a clean organized home, Christmas pictures arranged into one album… not two decades of pictures crammed inside a few shoe boxes (sorry mom), heart shaped sandwiches at Valentine’s Day, perfectly wrapped presents for birthdays, and a somewhat healthy dinner prepared nightly. Healthy for me is at least one microwaveable vegetable. I do this because I want my son to have the most wonderfully memorable childhood.

Do I still have 5 lb. dust bunnies underneath my furniture? You bet. Is there still half eaten Cheetos in my couch cushions? Sure! Does my linen closet even remotely resemble a picture from Martha Stewart Living? No way near.

I know that for me, I often get caught up in the many tasks at hand and begin to get stressed. At the end of a long day, to keep myself focused and grounded, I concentrate solely on one thing… God has blessed me and entrusted me with a beautiful son, a loving and somewhat patient husband, and an obnoxious Chihuahua. Once they are all tucked in my home safe and reasonably sound that is all that matters.

Oops, did anyone feed the dog today?

~ Written by Jaime Compton of Always Inspired.

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    My favorite moment of the day is after I have, yelled at the youngins, scooped the poop, picked up the puke, served the slop, cleaned the crib, licked the laundry, hugged the hubby, kissed the kids………..& finally lie down to say thankyou God for another day in paradise!

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    Wow, I know what you mean. I’m interestedin all those crafty things that I never had a yearning to do before. My new thing is I want to crochet a baby blanket for our next baby. I think I’m somewhere in my 2nd year of my bachelor’s degree on the multitasking 😀 I’m most amazed at the amount of patience God gave me when I had Audrey.

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    Whenever I hear the word “multitasking”, I remember nursing twins while talking on the phone and digging through the dryer to find my 2-year-old a new outfit because she had wet her pants. And then cleaning up the bathroom floor. It makes me tired thinking about it! Thank goodness I don’t have a dog. 😉

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    What an amazing post! I feel the same way–about the multi-tasking. Woman are born being able to do it. My husband can only do one thing at a time. He can never do anything while holding a kid either. Just hold them.
    And you are so right that the most important thing is our family. It is hard during the course of the day to just stop and appreciate our loved ones.
    After reading this I’m going to go on over and read your blog too!

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    We can become pregnant. We can carry those babies inside of us for 9 months. We can produce food for our babies. And by golly we can change diapers, while talking on the phone, while answering a toddlers questions and do it well…well, most of the time. LOL

    :–) Nell

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    It’s times like the ones you’ve described that I feel very happy that our God takes us where we are to work on us and doesn’t wait until we get to where He wants us. (If that would be the case – He’d have a long wait where I’m concerned!)

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    It is so much fun to read all of your comments and reactions to my post. I love knowing there are other women out there that feel the same way I do. I’ve realized what powerful creatures we really are and what we can accomplish!

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    I love your article,Jaime. You really hit the nail on the head in saying that we are so Blessed at the end of the day. Our children are Gifts from God and at the end of the day,I believe that’s why we are here on earth. When you said “God (has blessed and) entrusted me with a beautiful son”: it,s so powerful and true. I mean, it is an Honor to be a mother in a sense.
    Speaking of multi-tasking,with the full life that you have,you may have taken on another task with this great article.
    Write more of them! You have a gift with words also!

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