Memorial Day Tribute

To many in the US, Memorial Day signifies the beginning of Summer. Pools open for the season, neighbors gather together for Memorial Day Picnics, block parties and barbecues, and it’s a welcome day off school and work.

Memorial Day

Because Memorial Day is so much more than picnics and swimming suits, I wanted to take just a few minutes today to pay tribute to those men and women who have served in the military, especially those who have given their lives to protect our rights and freedoms.

We honor them.

Memorial Day

As you enjoy the sun and picnics and some time off today, take a few minutes to remember those who have made it possible to enjoy the blessings and freedoms that we have today. We could easily include many other individuals who did not serve in the military, but made our communities better because of the way they lived their lives.

We owe them so much.

Memorial Day

How will you remember them today?


  1. says

    It is a time to honor my father and forefathers before him for serving our country and making it the amazing place we live in today. Also a time that we honor and remember all our relatives that have paved the way before us.

    Beautiful Pictures by the way.

  2. says

    Beautiful photos. My family has a long line of veterans. Both of my grandfathers served in the military (Navy & Army), my father was in Vietnam and my oldest brother in the Navy. We lost my brother, who was a Naval Chief last year. The loss was devastating and gives Memorial Day a whole new meaning.

    Thank you to all the men and women who have served and sacrificed.

  3. says

    I put up a post honoring the fallen and those in active service. The very day I put that post up, I found out a close friend of mine’s brother-in-law lost a young son in Afghanistan. He leaves behind a young wife and two-month old baby. The family is grieving. I cannot imagine.

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