Wordless Wednesday

Sorry, I am 50 minutes late! I couldn’t decide on a photo. This is a shot of Olivia from a few weeks ago. But it is already so dated — she now has seven teeth! Yes – at BlogHer she grew another tooth. So the count is: Olivia seven teeth. Sophia two. Sorry I am so short on Sophia pictures. I will try to get some of her up soon.

Thanks to Uisce for creating Wordless Wednesday.

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    She is so sweet, her smile is contagious! It always saddens me when they start getting in the baby teeth and the sweet gummy smile starts to disappear. :-)

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    OMG her smile… she could brighten anyone’s day! She is beautiful. I can’t believe all her teeth too. My girls were late teethers.

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    She cut a tooth at BlogHer? You mean that you sisters brought the kids including nursing babies, a video team, and everything else and you also had a baby that was CUTTING A TOOTH? From one mom to another, “Yikes!”

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    Just saw the post about Evan . . . . my Wordless Wednesday post is a tribute to him in “Where Little Boys Play.” We’ll be praying for Evan’s family. Nina

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    She is SO sweet! I cannot believe she already has seven teeth!

    My baby girl is going to be one in 15 days and still NO teeth. I feel like she’s been teething for months getting nothing accomplished!

    That’s why I made the shirt I’ve got her in on my WW post today!


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    Aww! So cute! My Kicker just turned 6 months, and already has 6 teeth, and he’s currently cutting two more (his canines)! I guess our kids just want steak! :)

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    Look at all those teeth! I just had a dream that my little guy had teeth. In a way it was scary because I know that once that first one sprouts, I’ll have to kiss those cute little gums goodbye!

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    She’s just precious. No wonder you had such a hard time choosing a pic. Then again, I did too. I still can’t find the one I was looking for.

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    I guess I am a little late with my comments and link on Mr. Linkys. 300 links! WOW! Guess I win the prize for the 300th link! lol. I love it when babies get new teeth. Conan has five teeth now and he is working on his sixth. He’s been keeping us up at night with this whole teething process. Fun! Happy WW!


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