Squeaky Feet Kids Shoes

When my son was around a year old, my husband and I waited in anticipation for his first steps. And when that day finally came, we were thrilled, to say the least. But it didn’t take long for our little guy to realize that walking took effort, while crawling could get him to his destination quickly and easily. So although he could walk, our son refused to.
We would stand him up on his feet and coax him over to us, and he would just look at us with his adorable baby grin, drop to his knees and crawl.

I must admit, I did get frustrated and impatient. I wanted to see my little guy walk and run and I knew he could do it. He did finally give in. And of course now he is running around all over the place.

Last month I received a pair of Squeaky Feet Kids Shoes to try out on my son. These clever shoes come with a removable squeaker in the heel. The fun sound encourages crawlers to walk and also teaches young ones to walk the proper way, as the squeak won’t work if they are walking on their toes, instead of their heels.

My son was excited to put on his new shoes. It did take him a few minutes to realize that the squeaking he was hearing was occurring with each one of his steps. But once he did, I wish you could have seen the joy in his face, as he began walking, running and dancing all over the house. For about twenty-five minutes he just stepped, squeaked and giggled. He had such fun.

I realized then, that these shoes would have been wonderful to have had on hand back when we were trying to get him to walk. I really believe that if he had had the Squeaky Feet Kids Shoes on his feet, he would have started walking a lot sooner.

And now that he is running all over the place, the squeak comes in handy, allowing me to hear him throughout the house.

Whether you are looking for sandals, sneakers, slip-ons or Mary-Janes, the Squeaky Feet Kids shoes come in a large variety of styles. They can also be found ready to order in sizes 4-8. Sizes 9-12 can be specially ordered for you, if need be.
This August, a new line of music sneakers will be released in Spiderman, Mickey Mouse, and Minnie Mouse themes, which will be sure to get your little ones off of their knees and onto their feet.

If you would like to win a pair of Squeaky Feet Kids Shoes for your little one, please leave a comment below. We will be giving away a pair to a pair of you. We will announce the winners on August 12th.


  1. Kidzmama says

    Our 17 month old daughter would adore a pair. She loves “dancing” around the house and these shoes would keep her going. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. says

    I’ve seen these before and I love them! I’ve been thinking of getting a pair for Pufferfish. She always pulls off her shoes and I’m constantly losing them in places! Maybe if she had these, she’d WANT to keep them on!

  3. says

    This would be wonderful for my daughter. She has Down syndrome and the sound would encourage her to walk. She is almost there. This might just be what she needs.


  4. says

    Erica, my husband and I are convinced that our little guy is opting not to walk. We believe he is happy just crawling quickly and does not want to make the effort.

    These shoes look great and could definitely help to motivate my little one.

  5. Shellie says

    These are so cute! I would love a pair for my daughter…hopefully she’ll be needing them in a few months!

  6. says

    We have new baby coming around Thanksgiving time. I am sure with three big brothers to chase, this baby is not going to have trouble getting going, but the shoes are very cute none the less. And I like that the squeakers are removable. :)

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  7. Lisa says

    This sounds like just what my son Abraham needs–motivation!! He has been walking on furniture and fingers for quite a while now, but on 7/26, at his 1st birthday party, he took two steps on his own!! We were so excited and are waiting for him to step some more…but it hasn’t happened!! :-) I’d love to see him in a pair of Squeaky Feet shoes…he’d be thrilled too!! Thanks!

  8. says

    What a cool idea! My son did the same thing with walking- started and then stopped. Wish I had known about these with the first two! Maybe for #3…

  9. says

    The real reason these shoes are so great is that you can HEAR where your child is when she runs away from you. I first bought these for my daughters for crowded playgrounds.

  10. says

    These are adorable. My daughter has a really hard time with shoe feeling right on her feet. She has an extremely flat foot and nothing fits right.

  11. says

    Oh, those would make my little boy’s day!! He loves to run and dance and I can just seem him stomping around the house in them and showing them off to the grandparents. :-)

  12. says

    I’ve seen these before! They do get a bit annoying after awhile, but they’re still handy, especially for keeping track of your kids. I’d love a pair of these for my son, for someday.

  13. says

    Hee hee. We always joked about needing to put a cowbell around our sons’ necks so we could hear where they were when they were being ‘too quiet’. :o) These would have come in handy then. What a great idea!

  14. says

    What a fabulous idea! And they’re cute too! I’ve never heard of these before. I’m wondering if they could also help kids with disabilities with some extra motivation and immediate reinforcement for learning to walk….. Maybe 5MFSN should post a link too! Thanks for a great review and a wonderful giveaway!

  15. says

    My baby girl has just started pulling up. She walks around holding our hands right now. But she hasn’t been brave enough to take her own first step. I would love to put these shoes on her feet and coax her to walk on her own. I think she would squeal with delight once she figured out that the squeaks were under her control.

    Pretty please, pick me!!!

  16. says

    “My son was excited to put on his new shoes. It did take him a few minutes to realize that the squeaking he was hearing was occurring with each one of his steps. But once he did, I wish you could have seen the joy in his face, as he began walking, running and dancing all over the house. For about twenty-five minutes he just stepped, squeaked and giggled. He had such fun.”

    That is so cute. I can almost see him now — even though I haven’t a clue what he looks like. LOL

    :–) Nell

  17. says

    I’ve got a 2-month-old who is no where near walking, but I know from experience that the time will just fly by and soon enough she will be. I’d love a cute pair of shoes for her.

  18. Dee F. says

    These shoes are so cute. I wish they were around for my oldest, but they would be perfect for my youngest who is still getting the hang of the whole walking thing!

  19. says

    Perfect timing for my little boy who is crawling like a fiend and starting to cruise the furniture. Walking can’t be too far away! Yikes!

  20. says

    These are so cool. When my sister-in-law, Karin, was in China a number of years ago adopting her second daughter, Molly, she bought several of them. They were all over the place there but couldn’t be found anywhere here in the US. I’m thrilled they’re now available.

    I’d love a pair for my 3 year old daughter who is now walking in her walker. She’s not walking that much, primarily in therapy, because just a short 100 foot walk is a real workout for her, and these shoes, if they’re big enough to go over her AFO’s would be a great motivation for her.

  21. says

    Very cool gift. My youngest is only six months, but she’s already crawling. At this rate, she’ll need squeaky shoes in eight weeks. (And I’ll need an extra-large mug to hold my coffee! When does that giveaway come in?)

  22. Ruthie says

    These are adorable! I would love to win a pair! Thanks for the opportunity to win a pair.

  23. says

    Wish I could win two pairs! LOL My six month old foster daughter has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, this just might help her learn to move her feet! I’m also expecting a baby boy in November, what a great “baby shower” gift these would make!

  24. TIjana says

    I would love to win a pair for my daughter. But we live in Serbia and i don’t know how you could deliver them to us.

  25. Sheri says

    It would be fun to win those for my grandbaby! We would have a blast watching/listening to her–when she is ready to walk and then get a snicker out of her driving mommy crazy with the sound! Hee Hee!

  26. Tracey says

    Like your son, she prefers to crawl because it’s faster and easier. Even if I don’t win these shoes, I may have to purchase them anyway – maybe they’ll do the trick in getting her to walk more.

  27. says

    These would be perfect for my 20 mo, who prefers walking on his toes and therefore worries Momma. I’d love to win!

  28. Beth G says

    This is very cleaver. My oldest walked on his tippy toes …well he’s 7 and I think he still might..and we always wondered how to make it stop. This is a wonderful shoe that I would love for my new baby.

  29. says

    how neat – I love the idea of being able to hear my little fella as he roams around and explores the house on his own. I always hate it when he gets “too quiet”! Thanks

  30. Donna K. says

    Love the little squeaker!! These cute shoes would be perfect for my 11month old niece who is just starting to walk. thanks :O)

  31. Clark says

    These are cute and I can see the value in them, but I have been around a couple of little ones who had them and they can get annoying pretty quick.

  32. Anne says

    Oh, these shoes “sound” haha so adorable! Its really a great idea to make thems squeaky!

    Another great giveaway, thanks!

  33. Ann says

    I love these and would love to win a pair for my little girl. I can not believe how affordable they are!
    Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!

  34. Jessica says

    My little one would love these, she loves shoes all colors and styles, she is a true girly girl.

  35. says

    A friend of mine brought a bunch of squeaker shoes home with her after she adopted her daughter from China. I fell in love. They’re SO cute.

  36. Staci J. says

    My daughter hates to walk but loves noises. This would motivate her to walk so I can stop carrying her.

  37. says

    My baby’s getting close to that walking stage – he’s holding onto furniture. He would love these shoes – he likes noise.

  38. Christy Dixon says

    My grandson just started walking. I couldn’t wait for his first steps but now the problem is keeping up with him! These shoes would be a tremendous help and they are so adorable. He hates to keep shoes on but I think he would LOVE these!!

  39. Margaret Smith says

    This is such a great and adorable idea! I’d love to win this for my son. Thanks for this giveaway.

  40. Rozie H. says

    Oh, how appropriate to find this giveaway today! I just heard from my sister-in-law that my little niece walked alone for the first time today so these would be great for her. What better encouragement for walking than to be able to make noises? Thanks for a great giveaway!

  41. says

    Oh a little girl at church had these on the other day! I thought it would be such a great way to keep track of my little runner. Those Mary Jane shoes are so cute!! Please enter us! sweetpeacakesetc (at) yahoo (dot) com

  42. Christy Hickman says

    These are just to cute. I would love to get these for our little boy. Thanks for the chance to win.

  43. says

    This is such a wonderful idea. My little girl is doing the same thing, crawling so more efficient. I would love a pair of these. Can’t wait til she is running and dancing!

  44. Diana says

    I would love a pair of these for my nephew who will be starting preschool in the fall. these would be great first day of school shoes.

  45. says

    my parents love to buy us “noisy” toys and books. how fun would that be to send her for the weekend in squeaky shoes! hmmm … i need to win those!

  46. Linda Johnston says

    These would look so wonderful on my little grandson and he would be wearing them all the time.

  47. says

    My daughter just turned 1 in July, and we have been trying so hard to get her to walk! I just saw a cousin that had bought her daughter a few of these, and she is walking everywhere! They are so stinking cute and I wish we had the money to order some. I would LOVE to be entered into the to get the chance to help my daughter start working.

    Check out my URL above to see my daughters Story.

  48. Amy says

    I have a son turning one in August and he wont walk unless he has both our hands, I think this is a GREAT invention! He is a very busy boy and loves music, maybe this would be just the thing to get him going! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  49. Kristi Blackstone says

    Went to the site, and fell in love with it! I’d love to buy some! Cute cute!I hope I win for my son on the way!

  50. says

    While I will probably cry when my third and final baby takes off walking, I know he will be much happier when he does. No more looking out the window while big brother and sister run around and play with the pups outside. These are ingenious.

  51. Aura says

    What a cute idea- they’re adorable and you always know where your kids are in your house even when they are ignoring you.

  52. beth shepherd says

    Just Adorable! I love the White vinyl flowers in a Size 8 for my Daughter. Thank you so much for having this!

  53. says

    So cute!! My baby’s pulling herself up on everything and I know it’s just a matter of time before she’s exploring on two legs!

  54. Lauren says

    Our son is a toe-walker and at 24 months old, we’d like to break the habit sooner than later…these shoes look like they might help…and they’re cute too! I’d love love love to win a pair! :)

  55. Becky says

    My son will be 1 next week. He has been cruising around the coffee table for 3 months, but has refused to let go. Maybe these would give him the motivation he needs!

  56. Deanne S says

    These are remarkably affordable and look very well made and cute styles! My 9 month old is just starting to walk and these would be great!

  57. Justine F. says

    we could really use these for my daughter who is on the verge of walking. thanks!

  58. says

    These are adorable. I remember a little girl who was adopted from China and her parents bought her a similar shoe while visiting there. However, they weren’t as cute as these. I would love to win them for my nephews new little girl who he left back home to serve in Afghanistan. These would be a great addition to the care package I am sending to his wife. Thanks!


  59. says

    These are too cute. my little boy would love them. What a great bday gift too…mines on the 12th 😛
    Enter me please… Thanks for the chance

  60. says

    I’d love to win these for my neighbor’s new baby girl. The Mary Janes are adorable and my girl is way to big! Thanks!

  61. Katie says

    They are so cute. When I was at the mall over the weekend,a little girl was wearing a pair of the squeaky shoes…she looked so happy wearing them, hearing the sound of her shoes squeak as she walked (toddled) around. I think her mom liked them too ‘coz she can hear where her child is going.

  62. Melissa Vaught says

    Aren’t they precious!! My 1 year old daughter loves to “prance” around just being silly and this would make her sooo happy!

  63. Sandy F. says

    awe these shoe’s are absolutely adorable!! my daughter is about to walk and i really think she would do well with these. please count us in…thanks!!!

  64. Sarah says

    I would love to win a pair of squeaky shoes for my daughter! These shoes are super cute!

  65. says

    OH, I’ve been wanting a pair of these for my daughter for a while! She loves to wear shoes…and loves to prance around the house in dresses. These would encourage her cute stepping! Thanks!

  66. Lori says

    My son will soon be walking and these would be great. I love that they have a removable heel!

  67. Ashley says

    They have some very cute designs. I know my dogs would be lured by the squeaking chase my son around everywhere in these shoes thereby making him walk even more!

  68. Valerie C says

    Oh, my son would LOVE these! He loves anything that makes lots of noise, so the squeaker would be so exciting.

  69. Ekaterina says

    I think that parents of my godson will be surprised by the sound (after small railway)!!!

  70. Andrea Barrett says

    My daughter will be ! in November what a nice shoe to have her first steps in!!!!

  71. Crystal F says

    My daughter would love these. They’ve got some really cute styles too. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  72. Shannon says

    My son has outgrown the shoes we currently have for him. This would be great to win.

  73. Brenda says

    Not only are these shoes really cute, they would probably keep my kids entertained for a while!

  74. Melissa Brown says

    These are adorable. My granddaughter walks on her toes all the time. This would be the perfect thing to get her walking properly.

  75. Sunny mama says

    My little son is running under the table. He is happy. This is a wonderful shoe that I would love for my baby.

  76. Haka says

    I am writing from Mongolia,
    I want to give those shoes to church poor family’s children. They will love it…

  77. Kristyn Martin says

    Oh my goodness! These would be perfect for my son! We are currently going through the same thing that you did with your son. He would rather crawl than practice walking. I think these shoes would help us tremendously! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  78. Elaine says

    These would be great for my nephew – he is pulling himself up now and standing, but he’ll be trying out his walking legs soon.

    My daughter is already walking and has a pair of squeaky shoes – she LOVES them. You can’t stop getting her to run, stomp and jump in them.
    Plus, if you’re out somewhere, you can always tell where she is. Thanks!.

  79. Tammy Kennedy says

    Canvas camoflage since I just bought my grandson a camoflage outfit to match his dads. he would be so cool having the matching shoes.
    Thank you for all your hard work providing us with these neat prizes.


  80. Paula Harmon says

    I had a pair of these and the only thing I didn’t like was the squeakers came out and I never found them. If I got them again I would super glue the squeakers in because I just loved them. I LOVED them. You can tell where your kid is without looking up if you are busy. They are fantastic.

  81. Tiffanie W. says

    I love these! Our fist baby is due in September (a girl!) and these would be cute to have around Christmas time!

  82. Samantha says

    I’d love to win a pair. I think my son would really enjoy wearing them. Thanks for the opportunity!

  83. Susan White says

    I would love to win a pair of these shoes.
    They are all so adorable!
    Thanks so much!

  84. Jill Lakes says

    My husand just left me & my daughter, her birthday is on the 27th & I would love to be able to give a pair to her.

  85. Carolyn Ireland says

    I would love to send a pair of these to my best friend who is due to give birth any day! Her little one will look cute in these!

  86. Chantel says

    I would really LOVE to have a pair of these for my little girl! I think it’s great that these shoes squeak – I’ve searched all over for a pair like this, without any success.

  87. Brooke says

    I have a sneaky little walker so I could really use a pair of these. Please randomly pick me!

  88. Cindy Beckman says

    We would love to win this for our little one since she is all over the place just about ready to walk. Thanks for a fab giveaway!

  89. Xenia says

    Adorable! I’d love to see my daughter’s face trying these out, plus it would be great to be able to hear her slipping away from me in public. Thanks for the giveaway!

  90. Jennifer C says

    What a novel idea. My kids are learning to walk right now, so this would be just great!

  91. Suzie G says

    These are really cute! My son will be 6 months next week. I can’t wait till he starts walking.

  92. lisa sherman says

    These shoes are a great safety tool. My son just turned 1 year last week and he will be walking any day now and I know once he starts he is gonna be gone and these shoes would be a great way to keep track of him.

    Thanks for this contest it is a great prize!

  93. Diana Corlett says

    A great idea! What fun! Would love to win a pair for my grandson who is just at THAT age.