Why Comment?

Bloggers know that bloggers live for comments.

But what’s in it for you? Why should you invest a few keystrokes and leave a comment?

Of course, there’s the warm fuzzy you earn by making a blogger’s day. And of course, there’s the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve added your two bright shining pennies to the blogosphere.

But, if that’s not enough, if you’d like an extra incentive, consider this…

When readers finish a post and are ready to read more, one of the most common places to find new reading material is in the comments. If you want more readers, leave more comments.

And your comments may be more powerful than you think…

When Janice and I needed to select a managing editor for our new sister site, 5 Minutes for Parenting, my immediate response was “Adventures in Babywearing“.

Why? Because “Adventures in Babywearing” has been subliminally tattooed all over my brain. For as long as I can remember “Adventures in Babywearing” has been one of the first comments on almost every post at 5 Minutes for Mom. It’s almost creepy how fast she can get her comment up. I imagine her sitting at her computer, watching her RSS reader, fingers poised to press “Submit Comment” and secure that top spot.

Face it. It’s an ad.

Right there at the bottom of every post. I close my eyes and I see it. “Adventures in Babywearing”. “Adventures in Babywearing”. “Adventures in Babywearing”. I can’t stop seeing it.

Luckily, Janice and I happen to adore Stephanie (aka “Adventures in Babywearing”) and we love reading her comments. We became friends through those comments.

So when we had to choose a blogging friend to manage our new sister site, we just smiled and said “Adventures in Babywearing”.

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    Oh you are too sweet. I love commenting on posts because I feel it is not only friendly but it creates that social community dynamic that makes a successful blogger- whether you just want to write and don’t care about traffic or not, it is validating and welcome. I try to visit every person’s blog that has commented on my site. They were kind to stop by and say hello and I love to return the favor!


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    I get a similar thing by participating in twitter. Commenting and tweeting help build our neighborhood and just like a real community the more you participate the more people will come to recognize you and the potential for a relationship and friendship.

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    I love comments and it helps me get to know the mom bloggers more and more. Plus I try to add meaningful comments that come from my heart to let them know how much I do appreciate their post.

    The mom blogging community is huge and it just warms my heart seeing all these moms come together and blog about being a mom. I have been blogging for 3 years now and love every minute of it.

    I know I get way more visitors each day than I do comments per my stats… so I do wish people would correspond with me more, but I do have my ones that do everyday and like you said it brings a big ole smile to your face when you see their names.

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    I just wanted to congratulate Snap and Arianne for beating Steph by one and two minutes. That must have been some fast typing. 😉

    Problogger.net has lots of good advice on building community. I know you twins read him; I learn a lot at his site and I’m no blogging pro.

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    Ha ha… that’s funny that Arianne and Jennifer both beat Steph on this one. LOL

    I am so amazed by Steph’s ability to send out all that comment love!

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    I love getting comments on my blog so I try to drop them on the blogs I read as well.

    I am guilty of sometimes thinking that my comments don’t matter to the “popular” bloggers who get lots of comments on every post anyway and will sometimes simply read and go on.

    Thanks for the reminder that commenting is well worth the effort!

    Oh and I agree – one of the best toys for a baby is a rocking toy – I can’t wait until my little one gets her Betty Butterfly for her 1st birthday in September!

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    Sometimes I think I comment too much! If I visit someone’s blog, I always leave a comment. And if someone leaves me a comment, I always visit their blog. I enjoy the comments, and the friends I make through them, so I do the same for others. It’s a great way to encourage each other.

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    Great point! I’d never thought of it as an advertisement before. But you’re right.

    And Jenn (above) it is impossible to comment too much! Seriously.

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    You’re so right. I became lax with commenting when I went back to work. It was just enough to get a post typed up, but I’ve been getting back in the game lately and I realize how much I really miss that interaction.

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    I’ve only been blogging for a couple of months, I didn’t realize how many mom bloggers were out there. It’s a really vast community. I don’t get many comments, but I definitely get excited when I do. It’s nice to know that whatever comments I leave for others are well received and serve a purpose also.

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    You’re right. And when people comment over and over you really get to know them.

    I adore the comments and not simply to see people commented. It is great to get to know fellow bloggers in such a personal way and then follow them to their blogs.

    And I happen to love Steph also…who doesn’t 😉


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    I love comments giving & getting!!! Sometimes I zip around so much I forget where I am and forget to leave one before closing a page… Kids are SO distracting!!!

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    By the way, I clicked your sponsor link (I believe it’s your store) and the “Rocking Chair Pony” is about one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. You have some really great stuff there!

    :–) Nell

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    Shhhh….I know I’m new to blogging (I’ve only been online since May), but you’re giving away one of my only secrets! Being on the west coast, it’s way hard to be at the top of the list on most blogs. If you tell everyone, it’ll be even harder!

    (Do RSS readers come with alert tones? Maybe if I put the laptop next to the bed, and turn the audio waaaay up…..)

  15. says

    Perfect reason for my lurkers to comment. I just might have to sticker my blog. You never know what can happen when you comment, just do it!!!!

  16. says

    You are so right, when you see certain names time and time again they definitely stick with you. There’s nothing like a little comment luv :)

  17. says

    Yes, comments certainly make blogging rewarding.

    You two were amazing at Blogher. You were everywhere!
    And now I see why. You have a fabulous blog with so much great content.
    I am looking forward to using this wonderful resource moving forward.

    Great meeting you both!

  18. says

    I love comments. I receive many comments on my posts because I often comment at other bloggers’ posts. And I have made many great friends, it just comes naturally.

    I’m from Singapore and it is so cool to have friends from all over the world!

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    I agree with you comments are very important. I don’t get very many comments on my blog. I love the exciting feeling I get whenever I log on to my blog and see that I have a comment. I try to comment on as many blogs as I can because I know that not only will I be contributing to that post for that blogs readers but that could potentially lead to another visit to my blog. Thank you for stressing the importance of comments!

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    Astute observation, being on the west coast has its disadvantages; if only my son would sleep in a little longer I could get more accomplished in the morning.

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    That is too funny. Steph is definitely the best at commenting. She is so good to reply to practically every comment made on her blog as well. How she has time for all those comments is beyond me.
    One thing that my fellow bloggers and I have been pondering is commenting etiquette. How should you reply to a comment? Email, a comment on your blog, a comment on their blog? It would be great if you could provide some thoughts on this topic. Thanks.

  22. says

    I wanted to pipe in here in response to Abbyjess- I personally like to email responses to comments if they’ve left a comment because I feel like they will actually see it. If they don’t leave an email address, then I’ll usually go to their blog and comment about it. I’m afraid if I only answer in my own comments section that they won’t be back to check (I don’t often go back to a blog’s comments once I’ve commented.) If that makes sense!


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    I just started a blog since the ASD site at BellaOnline is not set up for comments and I visit many blogs. I chose Autism Family Adventures and I am known as autismfamily all over the internet for the last eight years. Nice names for your sites.

  24. says

    This is so true! I find most of my new blogs these days via direct links from my favorite bloggers or comments on my favorite blogs.

  25. says

    It’s so true; at least for me, comments are the currency of blogging! I love hearing other people’s thoughts on what I have written, and I especially love finding new bloggers to read. :)


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