You Will LOVE Method’s Crowdsourced Music Video

Remember a few weeks back when we told you that Method Laundry was creating a crowdsourced music video about LAUNDRY?

Did you think we (or they) were a little crazy? How could a video about laundry be cool?

Well, take a look…

Method Crowdsourced Music Video

See? (Ahem… Told you so.)

Very cool, right?

If you submitted a video, there is a good chance you’re in the final cut. There are a ton of different people in the video… tell us if you’re in it.

Here’s one screen shot… can you find me?

Method Laundry Music Video

(I’m in the bottom, right corner.)

And hey, when you watch the video, you get a $2 coupon so that you can succumb to your sudden urge to do Laundry with Method Laundry detergent.

Please Note: We are working with Method to spread the news about Laundry Room Love. But, as usual, we only post our own opinions.

Written by mom blogger, Janice Croze, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom.
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