Mommy – you need to keep up!

At the rate my Olivia grows teeth, it is hard to keep up with her “look at my new teeth” shots. I was going to post this one last week for Wordless Wednesday, but I couldn’t resist posting this shot instead of Olivia in Jackson’s lacrosse goalie stick. So Olivia’s new tooth got bumped.

But I can’t wait till Wednesday for this shot of Olivia charming me with her five teeth smile, cause today I noticed her sixth tooth is breaking through!

So – how about this – today I will post this shot of Olivia with five teeth, and you pretend that I didn’t just tell you she that she already has six teeth? And then when I proudly show off her new sixth tooth, we can oh and ah over that great new accomplishment too (continuing to pretend of course that you had no idea she already has sixth teeth.) Good plan? Great…

So here is my nine month old Olivia with her FIVE teeth smile. :)



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    Susan here…

    It’s so funny how fast Janice’s babies grow. Jackson was the same. Mine are the opposite — Julia took her time reaching her little milestones like growing teeth, and Sophia seems the same. She only has 2 teeth and she just got those not long ago. Both Julia and Sophia are tiny – 5th percentile – girls.

    It’s funny that we’re identical twins and our kids are so opposite.

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    I thought for sure my baby was cutting teeth at 3 months. But here we are, at 8 months, and still no teeth. Your little girl is adorable!

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    Isn’t it funny how at different ages babies get their teeth. No worries though – they will get them eventually! Let me tell you – there are definite drawbacks to this many teeth when I am breastfeeding!!! Ouch.

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    :) So sweet! Oh I just realized our babies have the same five teeth… how cute. I may try to capture her five-tooth smile too! Thanks for sharing!

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