No Longer a Kindergartener

jacksons-cubby.jpgToday was Jackson’s last day in Kindergarten.

And as every mom will say — I can’t believe it is already over! But yet, September seems like a very long time ago.

With my belly nine months swollen with Olivia, I had handed my son over to a teacher I didn’t know and prayed that he would be okay. I was as scared as he was.

We both had some rough days and some great days. I wonder which he will remember the most…

Five years from now, when Olivia’s hand slips out of mine as she heads into school, I think it will be much easier for all of us. Especially since her big brother, full of advice and love, will be just a few classrooms away. And all of us will know that she will be okay — just like Jackson was, indeed, totally okay.

Way to go Jackson — you did a GREAT job! Congratulations!



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    I think there’s going to be a whole slew of us commiserating over sending our kids to first grade come September. I love the missing tooth smile. Noah still doesn’t even have any loose.

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    Ohhhh Congratulations! I teach kindergarten so I get to do it over and over again…it’s the best grade of all! ….and I have been out for 2 weeks now….and am looking forward to fall already!
    Happy Summer!

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    Awww…congrats Jackson! My oldest starts Kindergarten in the fall and I never expected to be one of those moms who got all teary at the prospect, but here I am.

    Last night I was watching the video I took at Bug’s last day of Jr-K and got totally choked up at their song “So long preschool it’s been fun, Kindergarten here we come!” (Heck! I’m doing it again typing it here.) I do want him to grow up, really I do! Why does it make me a sappy mess!?

    Enjoy your big boy this summer (and these sweet days with Olivia before she joins him down the hall!)

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