Wordless Wednesday


Jackson loves to be the goaltender in lacrosse. On Sunday he was in goal – and after the game we got Olivia in on the fun.

Thanks to Uisce for creating Wordless Wednesday.

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    Oh, man…I’m so tired, I forgot my name/blog in the Mr. Linky, lol.

    But that shot of Jackson and Miss Olivia? He looks so doggone proud. You probably had the same look on YOUR face ;).


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    How fun! I was a goalie for lacrosse (women’s of course) for years. We love lacrosse in my house! Although…living in California people look at you like you are crazy when you mention it…they have never heard of it! Happy WW!

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    I just love Olivia’s look, that she gets to have fun with the big kids too. They both look happy together.

    My WW is a brother and sister shot too.

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    Because I don’t participate every week I don’t get to see pictures all the time but I just have to say WOWSERS she is getting so big! Cute picture! Have a great day!


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