Wordless Wednesday — The #UBP11 is FLYING


As I said yesterday, the Ultimate Blog Party 2011 is flying! Have you jumped in yet???

There is still time to Link Up, to Visit Blogs, to Party Live with us Thursday night on our live MomTV web cast, (you can chat with us via text or Twitter,) and win prizes in our Ultimate Blog Party 2011 Prize Pool! So hurry — the party ends Friday, April 8th!

Mom Bloggers (and Dad Bloggers too!) post a photo on your site, link up and find others… Wordless Wednesday is tons of fun. (And I know it says “wordless” but I just can’t bear to not write anything! If I had created it, I probably would have named it something different! LOL)

Leave the URL to your photo (clearly mine are never truly “wordless”) and then visit others!

Here is a fun thumbnail linky:

And here is a basic linky if you prefer your linkies the good old fashioned way!

Thanks to Uisce for creating Wordless Wednesday.

Written by Janice, co-founder of this Mom Blog 5 Minutes for Mom

Preschoolers can learn to ride two-wheelers without training wheels. The secret is a balance bike (often called a running bike)!


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      Thanks Genny! They jumped so high there wasn’t much light on their faces. But oh well — it isn’t about being perfect! — right?!? (LOL says the perfectionist who cringes at how imperfect I am!)

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    I am in love with the “jumping” photos of your adorable little ones. It seems like yesterday that Olivia and Sophia were babies!
    I jumped into the UBP for the 3rd year. I joined late but….I’m in the party mood!
    Happy WW!

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    Adorable flying children! It has been lots of fun to be involved with #UBP11 – I have already “met” some great bloggers I would not have met otherwise!!

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    Love those pics, adorable!

    I haven’t linked up yet as I kind of feel like it’s too late and I’m a total slacker. I didn’t even know what it was til I read about it on Twitter the night before it went live. And then I was on overwhelmed and overloaded mode!

    Anyway – just wanted to say Happy WW!

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      oh girl – it is NOT too late!!!! The Linkies live forever too… you don’t have to be finished visiting. I visit them for months!

      JUMP IN for SURE!!! :)

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    That looks like so much fun! And I am definitely partying hard with the UBP11… though with staying up so late blog hopping I’d say I’m more crawling rather than jumping or flying. lol

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    This party sure is flying! Really fast! One thing, though… I’ve been missed on the @5minutesformom following. Could you follow me? @canyongirl789
    Thank you!

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      Yes – I add it at 9pm on Tuesday too so that it is up for the east coast. :) So it always makes me feel mixed up on what day it is. LOL

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    Oh I love action shots. Look at their faces, they look like they were having a blast doing it too. :) The girls look as if they are just floating down lol. Happy WW! I’ve been having a blast at the party as always.

  7. says

    Beautiful photos! I’m sure your kids enjoyed all that jumping. I’m having a wonderful time at the party! Thanks so much for all your hard work!


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