Could Charlie Sheen be a Good Dad?!?

Charlie Sheen holds one of his 23-month-old twin

Charlie Sheen holds one of his 23-month-old twins before they are removed from his Hollywood Hills home late Tuesday, March 1, 2011 in Los Angeles. (AP /

I am not a very judgmental person. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt and I try to dole out large helpings of grace, keeping in mind my own flaws and failings.

So when I was called on to discuss Charlie Sheen’s ability to parent for my first video since Susan and I signed on with Momversation, I jumped at the chance.

It is a “torn from the headlines” topic, but with a twist — delving into the complicated subject of whether someone can be a “good parent” during personal crisis.

It was an honor to have this “Momversation” with two insightful, incredible women who have both been raised by parents who had significant issues — one with addiction and one with mental illness — Shannon aka “Mr. Lady” and Catherine aka “Her Bad Mother.”

What do YOU think? Watch the video and join in the Momversation!


  1. says

    This topic is multi-layered. I think that Charlie Sheen has a mental illness that he has been self-medicating with drugs and alcohol for years. The self-awareness issue is key because if you are not in the right mind, how can you know it because your mind is not right.

    My mother is mentally ill also and she was/is not a good parent. When you have a brain disfunction, all you can feel is your own pain and that supersedes your desire to be a good parent. I think Charlie Sheen has the desire to be a good parent but not the capacity.

    • says

      You’re very right… this is complex topic with many layers. In Charlie Sheen’s case, he might have a mental illness and be self-medicating. And when you listen to some of his crazy interviews lately, he sure doesn’t sound stable and in his right mind.

      As Shannon in the Momversation video shares that often the desire to be a parent and love for the children still isn’t enough. I found it truly insightful what Shannon said about her own experience with her mother being ill-equipped to provide her with a stable childhood.

  2. says

    I will say that I’m a bit judegmental when it comes to celebs. Actually, I’m totally judegemental with them. Just seeing the title of the post irritates me. I am SO SO tired of any celebs rants and lately, yes, his.

    I’m disappointed that you would bring his name to your site. And I confess I did not watch the video – it just turns my stomach to see even more people talking about this guy who seriously needs help and keeps acting like an immature – blank – blank – I can’t even give him a description! His name and “good father” do not even belong in the same sentence or question.

    A good father does not do drugs, a good father does not have attendents half his age living with him and around his children, a good father does not go on every tv show ranting about – well, everything.

    A good father is anyone who makes behavioral choices that are for the good upbringing of children, that are for the mental & physical safety of his children. A good father is Tom Hanks, Rob Reiner, Ron Howard, John Travolta.

    These are the men we should be talking about. I would embrace any interview with them discussing how they keep their heads on straight in the world of crazy celebs. I don’t need to watch an interview with an irate celeb to answer the question of whether he could be a good father. He already has shown he cares more about himself than his kids. Yes, when it comes to celebs and parenting, I am extremely judgemental. Sorry, Janice, wrong decision to put his name on your site.

  3. Dawn says

    I do not want to pass judgment on Sheen. I think people forget that stars are scrutinized for every action they have. I know people that are like Sheen if not worse and no one says or does anything to them. I think the news brings us the parts of the story that will grab our attention but they don’t tell the complete story. Sheen could be a different person when he is out of the lime light. I think he could be a good father but I also think he could be a bad father to but to pass judgment based on what the media has presented is a shame

  4. says

    why does everyone care so much about what’s going on with this dood (other then the obvious shallow fact he’s a celebrity). He went insane. He went the way of Ozzy. Get over it! If it happened to a normal every day human being you’d NEVER hear about it and NO ONE would care. So why not do the same with this?

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