Crocs Change the Tone Giveaway

I can’t get enough toning!

Do you know what I wear around my house all day long instead of slippers?


And now I’m so excited that Crocs has launched crocs tone™ so I can sneak in some extra toning as I run around my house chasing after my little munchkins.

(They have four different styles… which do you like best? I think the flats are the cutest and will look great with skinny jeans, and I think I may also get the clog style for wearing all day long around my house.)

Their Clever App on Facebook

For some fun in spreading the news about their new crocs tone™ line, the folks at Crocs created a fun “Change the Tone” Crocs Facebook application. The app takes negative news headlines and put a positive spin on them.

I love seeing companies try out unique promotional ideas on social media sites like Facebook. Bravo Crocs!

See Them In Action

Check out this video, it shows the styles and explains how they work…

Win A Pair

Now, I bet ya’ want a chance to win a pair, right?

Okay, so check out the Crocs Facebook app and see how Crocs has changed the tone of negative news headlines to positive headlines.

To Enter To Win A Pair

  1. Roll over the headlines and see how Crocs changed the tone.
  2. Get creative and take one of those headlines, and spin it your own way.
  3. Tweet out your version of the headline and add the hashtag #changethetone
  4. Leave a comment here telling us your new headline too.

But be quick!

I think they’re taking the Facebook app down on Thursday March 10, so we’ll be announcing the winner on Friday.

Disclosure: This giveaway post is sponsored by Crocs.

Written by 5 Minutes for Mom co-founder Susan.
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  1. says

    Old headline: Burglar stuck in store air shaft
    New headline: New security is a breath of fresh air

    Tweeted by me: amberscrazylife

  2. says

    Old headline: smugglers with medieval catapult nabbed at border
    New headline: catapults: the newer, cheaper way to fly

  3. Marianne says

    Well, when I clicked through your link that part of the Croc FB page was blank, even after I “like”d it. Darn it all. But here’s my take on the headline “Town Cancels Winter Carnival due to too much snow” that was mentioned in an earlier comment here… “Town Boasts Highest Snowflake Attendance Ever at Winter Carnival” :)

  4. Debby says

    I don’t wear anything but crocks and these are so cute. I would love to win a pair of them. They would certainly be worn everyday!

  5. Jonna says

    Crocodile gulps phone, starts ringing. – old
    Can you hear me now!?! Good. Get me out of here!!! – new

  6. Debby says

    I would love to have a new pair of crocks. It is all that I can wear, and mine look very worn. Love you ladies!

  7. 1955nurse says

    German police pick-up drunken owl… but it’s ok becasue he has his designated driver Mr. Fox w/him!!!

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