Birthday Party Time!


julia-3rd-b-day-sophia.jpgToday, we celebrated Julia’s 3rd birthday with a party at the local gymnastics club.

For weeks, Julia has been talking about her party. Julia had her second birthday in Italy, so this was the first time she had a big birthday party here that she was really aware of.

At babies’ first birthday parties, they really have no clue what the fuss is about. But this year, Julia definitely knew what and who the fuss was about! She loved all the attention. And although it sure would be nice to have all her Italian family here, Julia had a ton of fun with her Canadian cousins and friends – and of course with her sister Sophia!

Happy Birthday Julia!


  1. says

    Happy Birthday Julia!

    My oldest is turning 9 in a couple weeks and we’re planning a beach party. She is asking me everyday a different question about the day.:)

    Hugs, Danette

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    Isn’t it fun when they’re aware of everything about their day? My youngest turns 1 this month and my oldest will be 17 next month! The oldest has done something different every year… there have been tea parties, sleepovers, mother/daughter party… it’s all so much fun!

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