5 Minutes for Books — Mrs. Perfect

How is it that I came to like, respect, and understand a super-rich woman who still has a flat stomach and prominent hip bones after having three children? Why did I feel that I could identify with a woman whose biggest dilemma is whether to attend Pilates or Yoga class at the gym? That I might actually befriend this woman who considers buying only one designer outfit for each daughter on their shopping trip to Nordstrom’s cutting back?

Taylor Young is Mrs. Perfect. She’s the kind of woman who we all love to hate. She’s beautiful, thin, rich, and talented. She runs the school and has good kids and a handsome husband. Of course things aren’t as good as they appear. When financial disaster hits, does she have what it takes to hold together her family and her marriage?

So back to my question–How did I come to like her? The answer is reading a good novel by a master craftsperfect_276.jpgman. Jane Porter’s characters are real–imperfect and sometimes a bit over-the-top, but completely relatable. The reader quickly becomes invested in Taylor’s life and more interested in her family and friends which will keep her turning page after page following Taylor’s life as she struggles and changes and adapts.

I enjoyed this book. It was mostly a light read, but it made me think about myself, my friends, and my hang-ups. I’d give it a very mild PG rating, so those of you who are careful about the authors you read would probably enjoy it too. You can read an excerpt on the author’s site. Take some time to explore janeporter.com–there’s info about one of her books that is currently filming as a movie starring Heather Locklear, her blog, as well as some interesting biographical info.

We are giving away a copy of Mrs. Perfect (as well as another one of Jane Porter’s books) as a part of a huge bundle of books in the Mother’s Day Giveaway, so stay tuned (Please note, your comment here does not enter you, you will need to leave a comment on the Bundle of Books post).

The winners of last week’s book, The Mother Factor, are
#62 Belinda Abel,
#48 Jean,
#58 Bree.


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    I would love LOVE to know where you find time to read books!! I have to download them to my iPod and listen to them on the way to work and at lunch. (And sometimes when I’m cleaning.) If I didn’t “do audiobooks,” I’d never get any personal culture in my life!

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    Most of the moms I know who are “perfect” (rich, thin, talented, etc.) are also extremely nice – and actually quite “normal” once you get to know them. After all, nobody’s perfect. :)

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    I don’t know where I saw it, but somewhere around here was a recommendation for Odd Mom Out – also by Jane Porter.
    While I enjoyed the book it definitely took me by surprise with some of it’s content. I guess I’m used to reading all the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance books (and Christian fiction in general) because I was not expecting ALL the language and the sex scenes.
    I hope Mrs. Perfect is a bit better (I think maybe it’s the sequel to Odd Mom Out since I recognize the character) because I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who wasn’t married. I think it would be quite the “stumbling block”.


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