Capessa awards $200 in Mother’s Day contest

The winner of the $200 American Express gift card from Capessa for our Mother’s Day Tips contest is #471, Danielle. Congrats! I’m happy to award your first treat-yourself-for-Mother’s Day present.

I loved reading each and every comment–finding out which of the tips that you liked and might be using this year.

Now Capessa has teamed up with Zappos to offer a $500 gift card to (boy could I spend that with ease). All you have to do is share your defining mom moment (I hope that they have an easier time picking finalists than we did for our Mother’s Day Photo contest.  Have you checked out the 20 amazing finalists?). The contest ends May 11. You can find all the details HERE.

Mother’s Day is only a week away. Have you dropped your hints? My husband told me that he made reservations, but he left the where a secret. Now that the children are both into holidays, it’s fun to see what they will add to the celebration. My nine-year-old always makes sure that Daddy doesn’t blow it, LOL.


  1. says

    Thanks for letting us know of this. I didn’t have to think hard to come up with several defining moments. This is the one that I posted at Capessa.
    Defining mom moment – my 2 year old wakes up barely able to breath. I call the ambulance. My mom, and other daughter panic. I order them around. I order my mom to pack up the infant (i think she was 2 weeks old at the time) into the car seat. The ambulance attendants look at me sideways. There is no way in hell I’m leaving the infant without a breast. I am totally calm until toddler is breathing, doctor has okay’d her treatment. Infant is safe in car seat with me. Oldest daughter taken care of. Hubby notified. Then I cry.

  2. Deanne S. says

    I went to my sons bedroom, then 21 months old, I began to pack the diaper bag to get ready for a morning of garage sales. I heard a rattling in the living room and about 15 seconds later it dawned on me that “That is not a toy sound I know”. I went into the living room and saw my son with a mouthful of Excedrin. He had gotten it out of my purse, opened it and piled them in his mouth. I screamed as I frantickly picked them out of his mouth. I rushed him to the ER and assisted syringing liquid charcoal down his throat. I remember feeling absolutely terrible, guilt striken, a failure of a mom. The nurse told me this happens all the time and reassured me that I am a “Good Mom”. At that moment I remember feeling what a great responsibility I have in being a mom. How literally 30 seconds of leaving my child alone could bring such pain and anguish. He, fortunately has forgotten all about it. He’s 3 and a half now. If you read this, PLEASE do not trust that medication caps are “CHILD PROOF”. My son got the cap off in seconds. Keep all meds out of reach and don’t forget about the ones you keep in your purse.

  3. Vickie Couturier says

    As a Mother of 2 grown children ages 23 an 33 an step mother to 3 grown children ages 25,27,28 my husband an I thought we would just enjoy the grandchildren that came along,so far there are 3 an 2 more on the way,little did we know we were in for a big surprize,4 yrs ago,we started keeping foster kids,giving a loving an safe home to kids who dont have a safe place to go,we have 3 grown girls so preteen girls were hard to place an we took them in,we got one little one at age 12,had her for 4 months an she was given back,2 yrs later we got a phone call thatsaid we had a girl who wanted to come back”home” would we take her back,we said YES!,18 months later,last week on May 1,2008 we adopted her!shes ours! we are her forever family,this was the day I Was her MOM for real!shes safe ,loved an will never be harmed again,that was my Mothers moment,she is 16 yrs old now an has so much to give an hopefully someday she can give back what was given to her,or at least im being the role model she should have had years ago,but she has now,she watches an mimics the things I do,an im proud to be her Mom an the Mom to the rest of the crowd too!I love them all so much,biologial,step,an adopted,they are my kids!

  4. says

    I’ve been carrying around a comment in my back pocket for almost a year. My chiropractor has been after me to get rid of it. I wonder if I leave the comment here I might win this prize. Let’s try it…

  5. Teresa Hoyt says

    My defining moment came the day my fourth child was born.My daughter was born with two heart defects (that were not detected during pregnancy) and was transported immediately to a NICU in a hospital and hour a way.As soon as I was able to stand, I quickly dressed and informed the nurse that I was leaving with or without being “released”. Needless to say I was soon at my daughters side. It has been 3 years and one surgery later and she is bright eyed and bushy tailed!

  6. Linda Moore says

    The ole saying is “cmon seven,baby needs new shoes”….The heck with that!The baby momma needs new shoes!

  7. says

    I think the moment that most defines me as a mother comes each time my two-year-old comes up to me and says, “I love you, Mommy”. To me this is a simple reflection of my love for her and the fact that she KNOWS she is loved and therefore also has a heart full of love to give.

  8. Nikki Evans says

    This would be wonderful!!! Please consider me for the prize, we could really use this! Good luck to all!

  9. Rhonda Anderson says

    My defining moment as a parent came when my daughter had my first grandchild whom I would like to win this prize for. Her comment to me was – “Mom you are not quite as dumb as I thought you were”. At that moment, I realized that I had done a good job, and had accomplished raising pretty good kids.

  10. Kathy Conley says

    My defining Mom moment came when my now ex told me that he didn’t believe our son, who was in the neo-natal icu, would live. Though I had just had a c-section, I was up and moving to get down to the ice and make sure that he pulled through. He is now a happy and healthy 16 year old.

  11. Tammy Kennedy says

    Being a mother of a 33, 27, 16, 12
    and 2.5 grandsons ages 12, 07,and due in sept.
    The oldest of 7 children.
    I’m 49 but in the years of my life every thing your child does is a defining moment.
    From your childs birth to your childs first tooth coming in, to your childs first tooth coming out and their childs teeth coming and going.
    Their perfect all A’s all year award or their going to track camp 700 miles away.
    Every waking and sleeping second of your life is defining, knowing your a mother and have done the best you could to make them the best parents they could ever be.
    I would spend the winning prize money on my children and grandchildren.
    Because of them Thats who I am.

  12. Pamela White says

    I would love this prize.

    Being the best mom is helping your kids have the abilities they will use in life. I help them become timely, considerate and handle money.

  13. olene mccoy says

    My defining moment as a mom and grandmom is the first time my first grandchild who is a girl told me she loved me for the first time over the phone, i almost fell out, i can’t even describe how that feels, i always heard that you can love your grandchildren as much as or more as your own children, its true, so if your about to have a grandchild, it is an experience. omccoy

  14. kathy pease says

    the defining moment for me was when i lost my own mom to cancer..i realized how fragile life is and to make every single moment count

  15. Sylvia Porter says

    my most memorable mom moment was when my daughter graduated high school, that was so great to see!


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