Cuddoozle Nursing Pillow Giveaway

Mother's Day 2008 - Giveaway Event

This Mother’s Day we can’t forget all those nursing mothers out there!

So, to celebrate those snuggly, wonderful nursing moments of motherhood, we are giving away a Cuddoozle Nursing Pillow, plus a small Body Hugger Pillow to one lucky mom.

Nursing a newborn can be a bit tricky – especially for a first time mom. I remember my first attempts at nursing Jackson. I propped pillows and tried my best to get us both as comfy as possible. At the time, the nursing pillow I had fell short of my needs. More often, I ended up using a few pillows to nurse instead.

cudoozle.jpgMargaret Norcott had a similar experience. The limitations of her nursing pillow inspired her to design and develop the Cuddoozle Nursing Pillow.

Made with memory foam and a permanent wipe away breathable inner cover, the patent-pending Cuddoozle Nursing Pillow is a new kind of nursing pillow.

With her experience as a nursing mom, Margaret has thoughtfully designed the Cuddoozle’s many features:

  • Wipe-away breathable inner cover – patent pending permanent wipe away breathable inner cover, which is Anti mite, Anti dust, Anti Microbial, Hypoallergenic and Waterproof
  • Three-layer patent pending pressure sensitive memory foam – offers support and comfort for both baby and mother
  • Reversible – no matter which way you wrap around your waist it’s always the right side up to feed due to the flip flop design
  • Additional multi-purpose pillow – use to elevate baby to breast feeding height, to incline for reflux babies, or as an additional arm rest or even behind the mother’s back or head
  • Extra large flat sides of the nursing pillow – provides arm and/or elbow rests to alleviate shoulder stress while feeding
  • Large flat surface area – accommodates any size baby while the memory foam stabilizes the lying baby as it conforms to the shape of the babies body to stop the baby from rolling
  • Removable and machine washable outer cover and inner permanent protective cover – keeps the nursing pillow clean and hypoallergenic
  • Carry Straps –makes picking up the pillow easy while holding baby
  • Convenient Pockets – allows for easy storing of small accessories, no matter which side of the pillow is being used.

If you or a mom you know is nursing, check out Cuddoozle. And if you want to win both the Cuddoozle Nursing Pillow AND a small Body Hugger Pillow enter with your comment on this post.

(Cuddoozle is offering free shipping to the continental 48 states for all orders made via their website. So if you head over to their site from here, you will receive free shipping on your order!)

Enter to Win:

Mother's Day 2008 - Giveaway EventIf you would like to win both the Cuddoozle Nursing Pillow and a small Body Hugger Pillow, all the instructions about entering the Mother’s Day 2008 Giveaways are included in the Mother’s Day 2008 Giveaway post (including the code to put our Mother’s Day Giveaway button on your site.)

But here is a quick run through:

  • Leave a comment on this post to be entered.
  • Post a link to this contest (it is always nice to let your readers have a chance to win too!) and/or link and post a button to our Mother’s Day 2008 Giveaway post. (If you post the button and link to the Mother’s Day 2008 Giveaway, you are qualified to enter in all the upcoming Mother’s Day 2008 Giveaway contests. And we have two weeks of contests to enter!) Non-bloggers are welcome too – we understand you can’t link – but feel free to pass the word on to your friends or write about it on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

(This giveaway is only open to US shipping addresses.)

Good luck!

(Have you checked out the other contests in Mother’s Day 2008 Giveaway contest?)


  1. says

    I like this idea. Most of the time with the nursing pillow I’m using now, I have to bunch it and fold it to get the proper support. This looks like a much sturdier design! Thanks.

  2. Alana Hall says

    Ok. I would like to win this also. Baby #2 due in August and I did not have a good time nursing my first daughter. So all the extra help is needed. I hope now that I am a second time mommy I wont have all the extra nerves running through me. Thank you.

  3. Sandra says

    I would love to win this. It would make a terrific gift and seems to be an improvement over the one that I used.

    owatz (AT) telus (DOT) net

  4. Jenn Johnson says

    Ooh! Count me in! I’m due in 3 months and had a rough time getting comfy with my first nursing! This would be great!

  5. Deanne S. says

    Would be perfect for my nest friend. She’ll be nursing her 4th and her Boppy has seen better days. This would make the perfect replacement, it looks very comfy and practical.

  6. Margaret Smith says

    Great giveaway. Thank you for offering this. This nursing pillow looks wonderful. Thanks.

  7. says

    I’ll be nursing again in a matter of weeks and this would be awesome! I had a hard time finding a system that would work with my first but this looks awesome

  8. says

    Cool! What a great twist on the traditional nursing pillow. :) Please enter my name on this one, thanks for the links…I may buy one myself if I don’t win. :)

    -Laura Harr

  9. Sandy - Em's mommy says

    looks like a great product! I am still nursing my first and we are hoping to have a couple more kiddos… this would be great! sign me up :)

  10. Casey H says

    Please enter me, this would come in so handy this summer when baby #2 makes his appearance!!

  11. says

    This seems like a great tool to have. I will be nursing again in the fall with the arrival of my new little girl. I used a nursing pillow before but it didn’t really work out. I think would be much better. Thanks for the offer

  12. Dawn Langis says

    A new grandchild is one the way. With 3 other siblings, this one will need some new items

  13. Patty Smith says

    Happy Mother’s Day, indeed :) My daughter expecting her first child any day now and I know from my own experience BOTH of these pillows will be used a lot!

  14. says

    Oh I’d love to test this baby out!!! I was very dissatisfied with my nursing pillow with my daughter and have been eyeing this one! Thank you! :)

  15. says

    My nursing pillow bit the dust with our last babe and we’re expecting another in August. This would be very helpful! Thank you.

  16. Tammy Kennedy says

    I would love to win this for my daughter in law.
    Their having their first child and its a boy.
    This would make a nice gift for the parents since they need everything.
    I’m trying to win them some unique gifts.
    They would be so happy with anything that I give them I just want something you can’t find in everyday stores.
    Thank you for such nice prizes.

  17. says

    I love all the great features… nurse-ling(she is a and i would really get a ton of use out of the Cuddoozle Nursing Pillow :O) Thanks!!!

  18. Susan says

    This nursing pillow looks great. I am expecting number 3 and it was a surprise so I had already given away my nursing pillow from before.

  19. Donna Hunt says

    What a wonderful idea! I would love to win this for my stepdaughter. She’s waited so long to have a baby and this would be perfect for her. Thank you for the contest!

  20. Susan Chester says

    My daughter has a new baby, and has been saying how uncomfortable she is when nursing. These pillows look great for her.

  21. Claire says

    Wow-I gave my nursing pillow to a friend and never got it back, so I would love another one! These look better than the one I had, anyway. :)

  22. D Collett says

    I have a niece that would love this. How come they didn’t have these for me when I had my child.


    New baby due soon this would be awesome way to get breast feeding off on the right start. Thanks

  24. says

    You don’t know how badly I could use this pillow with my five week old son who eats all the time. I also added your button to my blog. Thanks!

  25. Barbara says

    Awesome product to make it easier and reduce the stress for the first time mom. Thanks for the chance to win one of these :)

  26. Vickie Couturier says

    Ive got two children that are expecting ,so please count me in,both will be nursing,thanks so much

  27. Lachelle says

    I would love to use this for my next baby – especially if he/she has reflux like my first daughter

  28. Kimberly says

    I would love this gift! I’m nursing my 11 month old and have another baby on the way. It would definitely get used! Thanks!

  29. Tabitha says

    My sister in law is due with her firstat the end of June and she plans on breastfeeding. This would be just perfect for her.

  30. says

    I’d love both of these! By the way, I put the link on my blog but it wasn’t working today so I’m going to try it again. Thanks!

  31. Michelle says

    I’d never heard of this one, but I would love to be able to use it! Thanks for another fun contest.

  32. Pamela White says

    I can think of many uses for the nursing pillow. Breastfeeding, belly support and travel pillow.

  33. Beth says

    This looks wonderful! I’m expecting my 7th in July and my current nursing pillow has certainly seen some better days! I would love to replace it with an upgrade. Please enter me in your contest. Thanks!

  34. Kristi P says

    I have 2 nieces both due in less than 30 days so this would make a great gift for one of them. I guess if I won I could have them draw straws to see which one would get the prize. ~smile~ Thank you!

  35. Melissa Reeder says

    My 2 month old baby girl and I would love these. Please pick me as the winner! Thanks.

  36. Beth Barnes says

    Thanks for offering such great products! This package would be so great. I’m due in 3 months!

  37. Heather Turner says

    I am seven months pregnant and would really enjoy these! Thanks! I’m crossing my fingers!

  38. Erica G says

    As I get closer and closer to delivery I have come to realize that nursing isn’t as easy as it looks. I could use all the help I can get.

  39. Crystal says

    I am a nursing mother of a 15 month old she is kinda big for this, but my cousin is about to have a little one and she is thinking about nursing maybe this will make it more comfortable.

  40. Sierra Rendon says

    My best friend’s daughter is having her first baby this summer. This would make a beautiful gift. :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  41. says

    Since my baby boy is six months, we have the nursing bit down. But, my best friend is due any day and I would love to be able to give this to her!

  42. Terri B says

    I’d love to try this for our second baby, I really didn’t like the brand I tried with our son.

  43. Teri Meairs says

    We have been looking for the perfect Nursing Pillow, and by Cuddoozle, we may just have found it!

  44. NOOCHIE says


  45. Beth says

    With baby #2 almost here the Cuddoozle Nursing Pillow and the Body Hugger Pillow would be a great help with brestfeeding and comfort!!!

    Thank you for the chance to win!!!! :)

  46. Kathy Davis says

    My sister is having a baby in July after the loss of two babis. i pray for the baby daily… WOULD LOVE TO GIVE HER THIS FOR THE BABY

  47. says

    Please enter me! I’m so proud to have nursed all my 2 kids – and definitely plan to do the same to my 3rd baby ( due on Sept. ’08). These would be great!

  48. Brooke says

    I totally want to win both! My friend is having her first baby (finally) and this would be an amazing gift for her!

  49. Rachael B. says

    I would love this pillow – my current nursing pillow doesn’t have the “wipe away” feature so I have to wash it frequently and it takes forever to dry.

  50. Judy Johnston says

    Where were these back when I nursed my babies? If I win this giveaway, I will give it away to a mom who needs this!

  51. Amy says

    This will be perfect for our upcoming baby! The doctor is expecting her to be a bit early due to issues with my uterus after having our 6 other children, so this will definitely be something that could help when the time comes.


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