The SAK Giveaway

Mother's Day 2008 - Giveaway Event

It still feels fabulous, so let’s do it again!

Since I have been loving every second with my The SAK Dakota Hobo handbag, we have decided to share our love of The SAK again this Mother’s Day.

SAK Dakota ShopperThis time, we have The SAK Dakota Shopper handbags in stunning graphite foil metallic to give away to two of you.

When I sling my Dakota Hobo over my shoulder it turns up the volume on my day. The right bag can turn an ordinary day into something fantastic.

Susan was more than a bit envious of my The SAK bag. But this time, it was her turn!

Susan loves her new Dakota Shopper. Not only is the head-turning, graphite crinkle-glazed leather funky and fabulous, but the Shopper is roomy with tons of convenient pockets and a detachable shoulder strap for when her hands are full with kids. With two little ones, the Shopper is perfect for Susan to double as her purse and as a mini-diaper bag with room for diapers, etc.

And what I love about The SAK is that you get the luxury of a designer bag at a reasonable price. I can look and feel fabulous at an affordable price. Sounds just perfect to me!

So this Mother’s Day, maybe some affordable luxury from The SAK might be the perfect gift for you. (Perhaps leave The SAK open on the computer with a note of your favorite styles. Maybe your hubby will get the hint!)

Speaking of favorite styles, if you want to win a The SAK Dakota Shopper, leave a comment letting us know what bag you would love your family to treat you with this Mother’s Day.

Enter to Win:

Mother's Day 2008 - Giveaway EventIf you want to win a The SAK Dakota Shopper, all the instructions about entering the Mother’s Day 2008 Giveaways are included in the Mother’s Day 2008 Giveaway post (including the code to put our Mother’s Day Giveaway button on your site.)

But here is a quick run through:

  • Leave a comment on this post to be entered.
  • Post a link to this contest (it is always nice to let your readers have a chance to win too!) and/or link and post a button to our Mother’s Day 2008 Giveaway post. (If you post the button and link to the Mother’s Day 2008 Giveaway, you are qualified to enter in all the upcoming Mother’s Day 2008 Giveaway contests. And we have two weeks of contests to enter!) Non-bloggers are welcome too – we understand you can’t link – but feel free to pass the word on to your friends or write about it on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

(This giveaway is only open to US shipping addresses.)

Good luck!

(Have you checked out the other contests in Mother’s Day 2008 Giveaway contest? The prizes are so exciting and we have more to come!)


  1. Laura H. says

    I love the Dakota Shopper in Khaki! SO cute!!!

    Oh, I hope I win this time!!!


  2. says

    All those pockets…that bag is AWESOME! I love the graphite and the shiny silver as well…but the khaki or the brown are both nice and neutral….I would probably be very happy with any color, because of the pockets ladies, the pockets!!

  3. Anita says

    Wow! What a great bag! This mother’s day, I’d love to get any bag that isn’t a diaper bag. That purse is great – so many pockets!

  4. says

    NOW FRIGGIN’ WAY!!!!!!

    I have seen this numerous times and only DREAMED of being able to own it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Pick me!

    I’ll love you forever and always…..;) lol

  5. Krispy_Kremer says

    Need it. LOVE it. Want it. It’s totally Me!!! This would be awesome to win. Pick Me! (Pretty Please)

  6. haert2home says

    Wow. L-O-V-E the bag. So many pockets. Please enter me in this great giveaway!! Did I mention the pockets?!

  7. says

    Awwwww! I live in Canada and can’t believe I’m missing out of this fab giveaway! I have a sister living in Washington, so if my name comes up, I’ll e-mail you her address….so PLEASE, PLEASE still count me in :)

  8. says

    Personally I love the The Silverlake Leather Flap which I am giving away on my blog. This bag is gorgeous! Love the silver perfect for summer! Although The Sak has so many gorgeous handbags right now how can one choose!

  9. anne s. says

    this is the coolest color. this is definitely the bag that i would want to lug around my stuff this summer. and it is definitely the perfect size!

  10. says

    Purse? What’s a purse? I haven’t carried one since my 2 yr old was born. I wouldn’t know what kind of purse is best. What’s in style? HELP?!?!

  11. Sandra says

    I have bought several bags over the last few years that just haven’t met my needs. I need room for kid stuff, snacks, drinks, wallets, wipes, cell phone, keys, office stuff, day planner…all in a package that doesn’t break my back and leaves my hands free. I don’t even really care what it looks like anymore…although if it looked great that would be an added bonus. I would love to be entered.

    owatz (AT) telus (DOT) net

  12. Valerie says

    Ooh, I have been wanting a big metallic bag — this one would definitely fit the bill! Thanks for such a cool giveaway!

  13. says

    While there is absolutely no way I could afford one of these bags (or even dream of one for Mother’s Day) this bag would be simply PERFECT!

    I could actually fit in all the stuff I need to lug around these days compliments of my sweet little guy. :)

    I’ve got the button up and linked on Parker’s blog!

    Soooo keeping my fingers crossed on this one!

  14. Cindi says

    Hi, I don’t own any really classy or nice bags. This Sak Company has some wonderful purses. The one in your drawing is lovely! Then, when I went to the site I looked two of them very much. The “Dakota Hobo Bag” and the “Ashbury Linen Shopper!” Please enter me in your drawing. Many thanks,Cindi

  15. says

    I love it!! Makes you feel a little bit better about yourself even though you have spit up and some of baby’s lunch on your shirt!! haha Thanks!

  16. Melanie says

    Awesome bag! I’ve never been brave enough to go metallic but with this I think I could go with the silver. Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. April W. says

    I love the Reyes Batik bag in Burnt Orange. The Sak has some great bags, including the one your are giving away!

  18. beverly isaacs says

    that bag in metallic would be a great bag. i love a big roomy bag to carry everything i have. this would make the greatest birthday present ever for me. please pick me.

  19. says

    I LOVE SAK handbags, and this one is so awesome and just my style! I’ll be crossing my fingers for this prize. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  20. Carolyn says

    Love the HOBO!!! šŸ˜‰ Great color and I do not have one so hope to win. Thanks. It is funky and fabulous.

  21. Carol Harrity says

    This prize is another of those great “go green” items we all need. Thanks for offering it.

  22. Deanne S. says

    I love the SAK Dakota shopper “Khaki crinkled bag”. This purse looks to be the perfect size. Big enough to carry baby stuff and ditch the diaper bag!

  23. says

    I checked out every bag on their site and my favorite by far is actually the one you’re giving away, The SAK Dakota Shopper. My favorite color is the Khaki Crinkle Glazed, gorgeous!

    Thanks for the giveaway The SAK!

  24. says

    Wow! I love purses and I love this bag!!!!!! I love how big it is. My problem now is trying to tote around everything I need plus a diaper bag.

  25. Tracey Byram says

    Ashbury Linen Small Shopper is my favorite. I LOVE it! Too cool looking. Love all the graphics on it. Thanks for the contest because now I know exactly what to tell the kiddies I want for Mother’s Day.

  26. Margaret Smith says

    Wow. What a wonderful giveaway. What a pretty bag. I love roomy bags. Thanks for offering this.

  27. Rossana V says

    I looked at all the bags but the Dakota Shopper in luggage is the one that looks so stylish and at the same time functional!

  28. says

    That bag is so cute! I would love to win it!

    (My blog has been locked at the moment…they think it’s a spam blog *roll eyes* and I’m not getting any response from tech, but if it unlocks before this giveaway is over I will be putting your banner up.)

  29. says

    Love the metallic! I have a gold bag; this would be a great addition to my (small) bag choices! I also love the green Auberry Crochet Large Hobo bag!!

  30. says

    Oh yes! Please enter me in this contest too! I’ve added your button on my homeschooling blog’s left sidebar and will be publishing one post about all these great giveaways from that blog on Friday!

  31. Susan Marie says

    That bag looks fantastic. I have a backpack I use for a bag now, this looks better. I don’t have a blog.
    Susan Marie

  32. Sandra says

    I need that bag!!!….Just had a baby and I’m tired of carrying baby bags around!!!….Luv it!!!

  33. says

    I LUUUUUVE the Dakota Shopper and Satchel in GRAPHITE…oooooohhh, baby….it’s a beauty and one that I could never afford!! :) Thanks girls!

  34. Demetra says

    All the women in the family love to share bags, this would definitely get a lot of requests to “be borrowed” – Super Cute!!!!

  35. jeanne says

    I really like the Dakota Shopper and also the Dakota Hobo Style 102767 in Khaki Crinkle Glazed for the days I don’t need a large bag

  36. Albert says

    My wife carries everything but the kitchen sink in her bag. This one looks like she’d have all the pockets to organize all her stuff!

  37. Lacy says


  38. Meredith Peters says

    I like the Dakota shopper in white and I also like the Batik woven tote over at the Sac!

  39. Jessica T says

    I love this bag! As much as I always go for the “practical” black – I’d love something a little different!

  40. says

    I’ve always wanted to own a SAK. :o)
    My fave on the website is the Ashbury Linen Shopper, I mean, how cool is THAT?! But of course I would certainly be happy with the Dakota. ;o)

  41. Tanya Moyer says

    I LOVE all the different San Diego Crochet bags they have – and the color choices are awesome! What a great giveaway!

  42. silentbliss says

    Gorgeous! I buy one bag a year and haven’t done it yet. That’s a little too ‘spensive for my budget but to win it!!!!! very cool.

    throw my name in the pot, please.

  43. Emily Dawley says

    I love bags that are super roomy and I can lose all of my goodies inside. I always say that it’s not a good bag unless it takes me a long time to find what I need out of it!

  44. Valerie C. says

    I could really use a new bag. I don’t even want to say how long I’ve been carrying my current everyday one :o)

  45. Sharla T. says

    I love this bag! I’m forever trying to stuff everything into the one I have now, so thanks for the chance to win something so roomy and stylish!

  46. Theresa Jenkins says

    I wish I could take everyones comments and roll them into one,very nice giveaway,thanks

  47. Melissa V says

    i would love to be treated to the DAKOTA HOBO and The SAK Dakota Shopper is just as lovely! thanks for the contest!

  48. Joan says

    The new direction that The SAK is taking is really great. The bags are so sophisticated and polished.

  49. Kimberly B. says

    I’d like the Silverlake Leather convertible clutch. Clutches are so cute, but without a strap I worry about losing them. This would solve that problem!

  50. says

    This bag is fabulous!!! Is looks very roomy (perfect for looking hip while storing everything for my toddlers!
    THANKS for the giveaway!

  51. Catherine copeland says

    I love the Dakota Shopper in Khaki! It can fit just about everything I need to carry

  52. Ann says

    Lots of people would really like to win this one and I’m certainly 1 of them. Thanks for the great giveaway. Good luck to all!

  53. says

    Stunning bag! Thanks for the contest!! Oh and I saw you guys mentioned in the April issue of Scholastic Parent and Child Magazine and one of the recommended “mom” sites. Congrats!!

  54. Marsha (at JustMe1947) says

    I’m linked but wanted to say thank you for another opportunity at a terrific prize!

  55. Sharon Jones says

    I would LOVE to get SILVERLAKE LEATHER FLAP for Mother’s Day (please tell my hubby and kids…lol) THANKS :)

  56. Sarah C. says

    Oooh – could I get this lucky?? I love the hobo in luggage too, but my first choice would be this very bag! I would love to carry this glam handbag – and metallics are so in this season. I’ll still look fabulous, even with the inevitable stale fish-shaped crackers falling out of it!

    I’m not a blogger yet – but I’ve told lots of friends (and they know they owe me big-time if any one of them wins it instead of me!) beezerly (at) yahoo (dot) com

  57. Lachelle says

    I’ve been looking to transition away from my diaper bag – winning this would be the best way to do just that!

  58. Cori Westphal says

    Awesome looking bag. I’ve never had the guts to go metallic but I bet if I won, it would sway me to use it! Thanks for the great contest!

  59. Donna Ashley says

    Since it was 20 years ago when I purchased my last handbag — I would really enjoy this beautiful handbag! Thank you for the opportunity to win it!

  60. Kirsten says

    That is one amazing bag! Looks great but check out how roomy it is and has enough pockets even for me!

  61. says

    My purse is *way* too small. I’ve been searching for *the* perfect purse and just can’t seem to find one that I really and truly like. Maybe this one is it? hehe :) It’s gorgeous. Thanks so much for offering a contest like this. I’d love to have something stylish to carry (because I’m getting tired of my diaper bag that LOOKS like a diaper bag, haha!).

  62. Carolyn Clifton says

    Oh, I’ve wanted one of these since I first saw them in a magazine! Pick me please!

  63. says

    The Dakota is my favorite bag by The Sak’s current collection. All colors are lovely, but the silver and the khaki are my favorites! I don’t own a bag by The Sak yet but I hope soon I will!

  64. Beth says

    This is a great bag! I would love to win this! With 6 (soon to be 7) children I always need lots of space to store our loot.

  65. Joanna Smith says

    The Sak has truly taken their handbags to a whole new level with this one! It is chic, and Oh so Cool Looking! What I love most about THE SAK handbags is that they are stylish and functional at the same time and can withstand the test of time! Thank you for offering such a great giveaway!

  66. Tammy Kennedy says

    wow, would love to win this for my daughter in law who is expecting their first child, its a boy.
    She loves bags and totes this would be so awesome to give to her for mothers day.
    Thank you so much for another chance to win some great stuff from one of your contest.

  67. Kristen Hendricks says

    I would love my family to surprise me with the SAN DIEGO SHOPPER bag. It is absolutely beautiful and totally my style. I could carry so much in it. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win since the Dakota Shopper is also so beautiful. Thanks.

  68. Pauline M says

    I’d love to win this. It would definately be hard to lose at home. I always seem to be misplacing my bag lately.

  69. Corrie C says

    I would love to win this because im a freak about hand bags. I cant get enough of them. big or small doesnt matter.

  70. Melissa Reeder says

    The Dakota Shopper in Khaki would be a awesome Mother’s Day present for me. I wanna win! Thanks!

  71. Melissa D says

    This is the EXACT bag I wish my family would surprise me with this Mother’s Day!
    My fingers are crossed.

    P.S. Thanks for sponsoring such wonderful contests!

  72. Sierra Rendon says

    My mom and I would be fighting over this bag! :) Count me in! Thanks for the opportunity!

  73. Barbara Baker says

    I am so in the need of a new purse/bag. I got my current one about 4 years ago on my 30th birthday and let me tell you…I need a replacement bag soon. I so afraid of loosing things through the bottom of the bag now.

    Great bag, it would be nice to win.

  74. Mikala Merxbauer says

    I would love this purse to give to my mom for Mother’s day! i know she would love it!

  75. Sandra says


  76. says

    wow, my mom would go just crazy for this
    SLEEK perfect HANDBAG is
    “just to marvelous for words”!!!
    LOVE it & happy mothers days to all MOMS!!!

  77. CINDY says


  78. Paula Harmon says

    this bag is SO pretty. Beats the plastic shopping bags I haul around by a mile (and then some)!!!

  79. says

    I ADORE the cute nautical feel of the AUBERRY CROCHET SMALL HOBO. It’s just so fun! I LOVE most everything from The SAK, and would love to win!

  80. Jennifer Breinholt says

    My 12-year old daughter has just informed me that I need a new purse because she doesn’t like the one that I am carrying ANY more. Maybe she’ll get her wish! Thanks! :)

  81. Ruth Fichter says

    Boy, what a long way we have come since a sack was an old bag. Well, this old bag wants that SAK.

  82. Teri Meairs says

    Every woman should own a SAK. My daughter ended up with mine,sob, so I need another! Count me in, please!

  83. Beth says

    What a HOT bag! This would be a great bag for the summer and beyond! It looks nice and big too to hold all my “mommy things”!

    Thank you for the chance to win!! :)

  84. Michelle Martinez says

    I’ve got to win this! All I ever buy is black or brown bags because I am too practical to buy the really pretty bags, even though I would love to own them!

  85. Marilyn R. says

    love this purse. i think it might be my last purse. j/k
    please enter me in this fantastic drawing.

  86. Alicia says

    My mom used to collect nice handbags, but when our house burned she lost all of them, this would be a great start over. :)