We Are Looking For A Virtual Assistant…

Janice and I have to finally break down and hire a virtual assistant.

Life is crazy here at 5 Minutes for Mom and we are drowning in email.

We are looking for an experienced virtual assistant to help us manage the chaos.

If you are a VA or you know someone who is, please contact us with your experience and rate information. We’re hoping to find a great match for a long term position. Please write “VIRTUAL ASSISTANT” in the subject line.

If you’d like to help us with our search, please post a note on your own blog letting your readers know to help spread the word. To thank you, we’ll draw a random comment number to award a special feature interview to one lucky blogger or store owner.

This Virtual Assistant job will be a great fit for a smart, skilled work-at-home mom. Help the right mom find the job by getting the news all over the blogosphere.

If you post a link on your blog, leave a comment here and let us know. On Friday, April 25th, we’ll draw a random winner for a special feature interview.

Wow! What a huge response. We had hundreds of fantastic women apply for this position. Working at home is such a fabulous opportunity for a mom and we wish we could offer a job to all the moms who replied.

We had hoped to reply to each email individually, but we’re afraid we simply can’t get back to everyone. We hope you understand and we’ll be keeping all of your emails on file for when future positions open.

It was really tough to decide… but we are delighted to welcome Amy from Mums the Word and The Ladybug and her Blogging Mama to our team.

Thank you all so very much for spreading the word and helping us fill this position. As we promised, we drew a random winner for a spotlight interview. The winner is comment #1 Kellyn from The Fritz Facts. Watch for an upcoming spotlight interview here on 5 Minutes for Mom with Kellyn.


  1. says

    I’d like to know how you become a virtual assistant? Does the position REQUIRE experience…because I’m a quicker learner and have plenty of “assistant” this was my prior life, before becoming a SAHM. Which is the best, BTW! I type about 80 wpm- maybe more it’s been awhile! In any case, I have posted about this on my site as well as the Two Weeks for Toys giveaway! Thank you!!! : )

  2. Ava White says

    Hi, what are the job duties and what type of person are you looking for? Sounds like an interesting position!

    Ava White

  3. says

    I almost wish I could apply just so I could work with the two of you! :) I always love your posts and I think it would be so awesome to get to know you better!

    I posted this announcement on my Tuesday Tours column. I hope you find the perfect person!

  4. says

    Your button is now posted on my blog. This site has a great look.
    What requirements do you have on the VA position? If I don’t qualify, I’d be happy to pass on the info for someone who might.

  5. Laurice says

    Hi there, I am a recently unemployed mom and am attending college through unemployment in order to obtain my Office Administration Certificate. I already have an associates degree and have worked as a receptionist, secretary, assistant manager and manager. I am looking to get into a work from home career so that I can be here for my 2 children, but not sure how to go about it. Too many scams out there. I am very computer literate and am learing many computer programs right now in school like Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, and Quark. I know Microsft Word and will begin learning Excel and Powerpoint this summer and will have the advanced class in the fall. I am also taking a Web Design course in the fall and have just about completed the Spring Semester with all A’s in Computer Graphics, Desktop Publishing, Into to Management and Human Resource Management.

    I would really like some information on the at home careers and/or would be interested in your position that is available. Could you please furnish me with additional information? I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks so much,

  6. Susan says

    Thank you all so very much for replying. We sincerely appreciate all of you and we wish we could personally email each woman who applied, but we’re too swamped… (hence the need for the VA).

    Thank you all for understanding.

    Susan and Janice

  7. says

    It’s a bit too late but I hope you found the right VA. Tons of e-mails is a good thing. It only means that your efforts in promoting your product, site, or blog has been successful. But sometimes, too much of one thing is a handful. And that’s where VAs come in. Hope you had a good time with your VA.


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