10 Things You Need To Know About Baby Sign Language

1 – Baby Sign Language Is Great For Baby Bonding

Baby signing is a two-way activity, encouraging communication from parent to baby and back again. Mothers who sign with their babies often report feeling much closer to them, and many early-years programs use baby signing to help moms and babies bond. Signing moms tend to notice and appreciate their baby’s efforts at communication earlier than non-signing moms, reinforcing the close relationship.

2 – Baby Sign Language Can Help With Speech Development

Baby Sign Language can actually act as a ‘stepping stone’ to full speech, supporting a young child’s efforts to express himself. Research has indicated that babies who have early exposure to baby sign language often have larger speaking vocabularies when they begin school.
3 – You Can Sign From Birth

The sooner you start to teach your baby sign language the sooner he can start to sign back. You can start at any time, even from birth. Start teaching your baby to sign with easy starter signs, such as Mommy, Daddy, Milk and Diaper.

4 – Baby Sign Language Is Easy For Parents And Babies To Learn

It really is easy to learn baby sign language – and easy for your baby to learn too. Babies often begin to communicate by using gestures, so learning signs is natural for them. All you need to do is learn some signs, remember to use them, be consistent and repeat the signs as often as possible.

5 – Signing Is Fun

So many things to do with parenting are hard work these days. Baby signing is supposed to be fun, and that’s one of the reasons why it works so well. There are plenty of ways to make baby sign language into a game you can play together. Have fun. It’s good for you.

6 – Baby Sign Language Is Great For Taming Tantrums

Baby sign language has been proven to reduce frustration in toddlers and to help children through those toddler-tantrum years. Most tantrums are caused by frustration. When your child can express what he wants he is happier and calmer – and so are you!

7 – Dads Can Teach Baby Sign Language Too

Sometimes dads can feel left out when bringing up a young baby, but baby sign language is something daddy and baby can do together, creating a special bond. You can get the whole family involved – the more people using baby sign language around your baby the faster she will learn.

8 – Baby Sign Language Can Help With The Baby Blues

Post-partum depression is a serious problem that can begin at any time, even during the second year. Baby Signing gives moms an extra way to bond with their baby, building communication and trust.

9 – Baby Sign Language Is A Form Of ASL

It is based on the widely used American Sign Language For Babies(ASL). The signs most parents use are a simplified version of adult signs. There are many books and visual guides for ASL, along with handy flash cards and wall charts for downloading.

10 – You Can Have Great Results With Baby Sign Language And Twins

Baby sign language is great for communicating with twins – and a fun way for twins to communicate with each other. There are loads of signing games you can use with twins. It’s even more fun with two!

 Mother to a 2 year old, and now pregnant with twins, Misty Weaver is the editor-in-chief for BabySignLanguage.com, a new site that has lots of helpful information on how parents can teach their kids Baby Sign Language. Baby Sign Language is a cool way for parents to communicate with their children before their children can actually speak. It has been shown to boost development as well. The site is full of free resources including free videos, free flash cards and free tutorials.

Feel free to check it out for yourself, visit Baby Sign Language and let her know what you think.


  1. Jody says

    Baby signing is a spectacular way to communicate with a child at an early age. The first time I witnessed a mother teaching her child to sign I was amazed and have believed in its use every since.

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