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Merry Christmas!

Our Kids - Sophia, Olivia, Julia, and Jackson

Our Kids - Sophia, Olivia, Julia, and Jackson

It was a dash to the finish line, as usual. Last week, as we rushed to get all our work done — and shop, wrap, and attend all the kids’ Christmas concerts — my hard drive crashed on my laptop.

I think for us online moms, having your hard drive crash is like having the Norwalk virus ravage your family — it completely derails your life!

So, while my computer spends the holiday at the computer “hospital” waiting for employees to return to their posts next week and restore it to health, I am attempting to go through my holiday photos on an old, slow laptop without my beloved Lightroom. (This one has Photoshop Elements on it, thank goodness. But I still desperately miss my Lightroom.)

Olivia - 3 years old

Jackson - 8 years old (almost nine!)

Sophia - 3 years old

Sophia - 3 years old

Julia - 5 years old

Julia - 5 years old

I often say, I can’t imagine how I survived before Lightroom — but I never wanted to actually find out. To have Lightroom and then suddenly be without is like losing indoor plumbing. The bathroom right out back is not very convenient — nor comfy.

So, I don’t have all my photos edited and sorted. I don’t have the white balance corrected as I like it. And doing the small amount of work I did do took far too long.

Lesson to share: Get Lightroom. Life is better with it.

You might think it is a strange thing to worry about at Christmas time. But for me, my photos are a huge part of how I process, savor and enjoy the holidays. After everyone goes to sleep, I open up my laptop and go through my images. A great photo is one of my favorite highs in life.

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P.S. In case you are confused — Olivia and Jackson are my kids, and Sophia and Julia are Susan’s.

P.P.S. If you love your holiday shots — there is still time to get a Free Canvas or a $55 gift certificate for a larger canvas from The Canvas People. I am obsessed and eventually all of my walls will be covered! LOL

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    I got my canvas print for Christmas and I lLOVE it, totally thinking about getting more, especially since I got a coupon for another free one with my print. So awesome! Thanks for telling us about this crazy, wonderful deal! I’m addicted too :-)

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    Janice, even if the photos took you a while to edit, you did a marvelous job, they look gorgeous. I love how they like to take photos together – it will bring such great memories when they get older!
    Thank you for sharing your Christmas with us, wishing you all a very happy new year.
    BTW, my grandson LOVED the call from Santa, thank you SO much again!

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    I am just stopping by to wish you and your family a fabulous Christmas. My goodness, I had no idea what a light room is, so that is my homework, to find out. I used to be the same way with my daughters’ photos, after I took some, I go through them and stare at them endlessly. Great photos.

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