We have a Fabulous Christmas Gift for EACH and EVERY One of You!!!

I am jumping up and down with excitement — LITERALLY!

I always wish I could give EVERY SINGLE ONE of you a fabulous gift. When we have to draw winners for an incredible giveaway, I almost feel sad, because everyone can’t win.

free-canvas-print-canvas-peopleBut this time I get to be Oprah! THIS TIME every single one of you gets the free stuff!

So let me fill you in on the back story…

Just days before Olivia was born, we repainted the walls in our house. When they were finished I refused to put back any of our paintings. No, I was finally going to cover my walls with what I REALLY wanted to see every day — I was going to put up some of the countless photos I have of my children.

You see, all the fabulous shots I take of my children are hidden away in my harddrive. I NEVER take the time to print and frame them.

This weekend I had had enough of my procrastination! I went online and began researching canvas photo prints. I wanted to turn my photos into my own canvas art prints for my walls!

But when I found out a single stretched canvas print would cost over $200 from my pro lab where I develop my photos, (back when I got around to that before I blogged!) I was so disappointed. I couldn’t afford it.

I found some options to order canvas prints online but they were still quite expensive and I was concerned because I didn’t know if I could trust them or if they would be good quality.

Then I remembered seeing an email in my inbox from an online canvas print company called Canvas People.

Long story short — I had a fantastic talk with them about their company, their history, their product and why their canvas print prices are so affordable. (They keep their prices low specifically so families like mine CAN afford to decorate our homes with our family photos.)

Canvas People offered me an incredible promotion to give EACH one of you a FREE CANVAS PRINT — stretched and gallery wrapped!

This is no trick — I REALLY get to give one to EACH of you!!!

I am NOT kidding — this is real! Canvas People will give each one of our readers a $55 Gift Certificate for a stretched gallery wrapped canvas print. All you have to do is pay the shipping and handling.

You can use the $55 Gift Certificate towards an 8×10 canvas print and get it totally free! OR you can use it toward a larger size and just pay the difference.

I decided to go bigger — really bigger! LOL

canvas photo prints canvas photo prints
canvas photo prints canvas photo prints

I used my discount and ordered a 16×16 canvas print. (Actually, I couldn’t resist and I ordered FOUR 16x16s for a collage I am doing on my wall. No worries, I will post the results as soon as I receive them. I cannot wait!!!)

Hurry — Santa is loading his sleigh!!!

I didn’t want to wait until I got my prints delivered before I posted because if you order BEFORE FRIDAY — December 10th is the cut off for Christmas delivery — you can get yours before Christmas.

SO SERIOUSLY LADIES — this is our Christmas gift to YOU. Grab your favorite photo and head over to Canvas People.

It is SO fast — you will have your canvas print ordered and on its way in MINUTES!

I am so excited — and addicted. I know I will be covering ALL my walls with these affordable canvas prints!

Okay — now GO!!! And then come back and tell me what size you ordered… I am SOOOO excited! (Let’s all post ours for Tackle it Tuesday when we get them! LOL)

P.S. If you are Canadian — the shipping and handling will probably be more than you want to pay. SO sorry! I know as a Canadian we miss out on a lot of online shopping fun. I am fortunate because I live at the border and can go across to pick up my American purchases. I ship my US online purchases to a Mailboxes Etc. and then drive across and bring them back. So if you live near the border you can try that or send one to a family member or friend in the states. They can keep it as a Christmas gift, or you can get it from them. Again, I am so sorry.

Written by Janice Croze, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom.
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  1. says

    I’ve gotten an 8X10 canvas from them before, and it is lovely! Once I got it I immediately wished I’d gotten a bigger one so this is a great opportunity!

  2. says

    I got one of these $55 certificates from another blog a couple of months ago. I ordered the 8 x 10 to give my mom for Christmas and was seriously considering keeping it because I love it so much. Now I don’t have to, I can get my own!! Thank you!

  3. says

    Is there a code we need to use? I’ve heard of the Canvas People before, but have never had the oppoortunity to use them!Thank you SO much!

  4. Holly says

    I went through the order process only to discover it would cost me $14.95 USD for shipping and handling PLUS $27.95 for Int’l shipping charges (on top of s & h??). Not such a hot deal for Canadians :(

    • says

      Yes – as a Canadian, I ship my US stuff to a US post office box and then drive across to pick them up. Thanks for the feedback – I will add that into the post. I didn’t know how much the shipping was for Canadians.

      It is so hard to be Canadians when it comes to online shopping. Even our OWN stores we don’t ship to Canada. It is too expensive and then customers can refuse them when they get the stuff and we get left with the bill.

    • says

      I just thought of this Holly — Do u have family or friends you want to send a gift to in the states? Or they could keep it for you until you see them next or even mail it to you? I know it is sad. I wish Canada shipping wasn’t SO nuts! We lose lots of business for our stores not being able to ship to Canada!

  5. says

    That’s great – yet better for those in the states.
    The international fees are a bit much, I went to order and even with a free 8X10,
    my total was still $50 with tax and shipping….
    I’m hesitating since I paid just over $50 once for an 11X14 canvas print….

    But – like I said, those in the States – go for it!

    • says

      Yes – as I just wrote to Holly — as a Canadian, I ship my US stuff to a US post office box and then drive across to pick them up. I will add the Canadian info into the post.

      It is so hard to be Canadians when it comes to online shopping. Even our OWN stores we don’t ship to Canada. It is too expensive and then customers can refuse them when they get the stuff and we get left with the bill.

      • says

        You are so lucky to have that choice, Janice!
        I wish I was that close to the border for that reason.

        I really despise Canada’s shipping – it’s getting just ridiculous.
        I mailed a small bubble envelope with an small figuring ornament today, and it was $18 to ship to the US…..just insane!!

        When I find an online shop that is awesome for Canadians to shop at {with shipping included} – I’m all over it! But, yes, hard to come by…..

        • says

          YES! It is really frustrating how crazy the shipping is! We lose tons of business because shipping to Canada is just unrealistic! BUT the Canadian sites are often more expensive. :(
          When I DO find a good Canadian site, I am indeed all over it!
          You could search for a Canadian canvas site. I think I saw one that had Canadian shipping prices and shipping within Canada… canvaspop. It is made in Canada. I just checked.

          Also I just thought of this — do u have family or friends you want/need to send a gift to in the states? Or they could keep it for you until you see them next or even mail it to you?

          • says

            Again – I wish!
            I have no family in the states….
            Unless you wanna be my shipping buddy?!!? *giggle*
            You know I love you, and not for your PO Box…

    • says

      No code – if you click my links it will take you to the special offer page.

      I need to get an expiry date – but it will definitely still be going until Christmas. :)

  6. says

    I have the PERFECT picture for this, but unfortunately it’s off center and when I crop it even a bit it gets worse. :( I’m so bummed that it won’t look good on canvas. I may come up with another one though because this is too good of a deal to pass up!

    • says

      Krista – they added a border to one of mine cause there was no room for the gallery wrap. That might be an option. Do u want to email it to me to see if I have any ideas?

      • says

        Ooo, that might work… I tried adding a border on just that one side and it just looked lame. I didn’t think to add a border all the way around… could you just ask them what size border I should add if I’m going to get the 8×10 size?

  7. says

    This is so awesome!!! I am going to surpriser my kids Godmother who lives in Chattanooga and we live all the way in Cape Town!!! I think this is just awesome!!!

  8. se7en says

    I meant to say a great big thank-you!!! I hope my excitement portrayed that!!! The links through to their site are not working for me I will come back and look later… I really have to get going with the day and this will be something to look forward too later!!!

  9. says

    Thank you so much for the opportunity, I ordered up and got the 11×14 and I used a picture that my husband had taken on his recent business trip to Montana, he mentioned that it was an emotional trip as he was horseback riding in the winter and it was something his dad had always talked about doing but he passed before he got the opportunity. It will have good meaning for my husband and our family.

    I can’t thank you enough :) Happy Holidays!!!!

  10. says

    Love, Love, Love this!

    I went home this past year for my brothers wedding and got a photo of my siblings, and a ton of cool ones of my folks. I just put this all on a canvas in a collage and sent it off to them.

    They will get it for the holidays! I am thrilled to be able to get this for them. Thanks a ton for getting this for us! Much love!!

  11. Tonya says

    So happy I happened upon this today! I’ve been letting the deals pass up because we didn’t have our family photo yet. I’m glad I did let them pass because this is the best one yet! I’ve ordered from them the last 3 years and this year did the 11×11 to be different :) Can’t wait to get it. Thanks!

  12. Melanie Woolard says

    ordered the 11X14 of the ONLY picture I have of all four kids sitting still looking at me w/ a somewhat normal face at the sametime….hopefully Daddy likes it for Christmas :)

  13. Jen C says

    I ordered an 8×10. Yay! Thank you, we just got a cute santa in the park picture that was a quick and easy choice for this. I’m torn between keeping it and giving it to Grammy, we’ll see.

  14. says

    WoooHooo I placed my order — a precious picture of my new grand daughter :) So excited! 14.95 for shipping — but soo worth it for me. Yes, after reading the comments above, I am fortunate in this instance to be here in the States.

  15. Christine Roeske says

    This is awesome! I’ll wait till my husband’s home from his business trip and maybe we’ll order two of our boys. Thank you!

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