This St. Patrick’s Day, I am going to serve Jackson green Mac n’ Cheese with broccoli – thanks to a fun tip I read over at ParentsConnect.

parentsconnectlogo.jpgThis fun idea wasn’t the only thing I learned clicking around ParentsConnect. I jumped from one topic to the next, gleaning information, tips and advice as I hopped. (It is a bit addictive!)

If you are a parent, Nickelodeon’s ParentsConnect is for you.


Designed for parents with kids of all ages, from newborns to teens, the site offers features like the GoCityKids local city guide for family activities, personalized profiles that help parents connect with each other, daily tips for all ages and stages, expert parenting advice, and guest celebrity editorials. It will also introduce features, such as a digital multi-media scrapbook and a quick and healthy meal-planner.

Featuring the motto ”We’re not perfect, we’re parents,” Nickelodeon’s ParentsConnect strives to celebrate the reality of parenthood and make parents’ lives easier. Each age-related section on the site provides users with daily content to help them through both large and small parenting challenges. The site provides parents with daily tips, recipes, activities, product recommendations and expert (but nonjudgmental!) parenting info, baby names and their meanings, and family-friendly resources in your area. ParentsConnect also wants you to share your parenting expertise by submitting your own tips, local activities, crafts, recipes, photos, and war stories on the site!

ParentsConnect wants to spread some fun – Nickelodeon style – to our 5 Minutes for Mom readers, (well, our readers’ kids actually!)

So here are the giveaway details:

We will have one Grand Prize winner who will receive a Gift Pack that includes:

  • A Spongebob Grilled Sandwich Maker
  • An Orange Nickelodeon T-Shirt
  • A Nickelodeon Hand Bag
  • A Nickelodeon Spiral Drawing Notebook

And we will have three additional winner who will each receive a Gift Pack that includes:

  • An Orange Nickelodeon T-Shirt
  • A Nickelodeon Spiral Drawing Notebook
  • A Nickelodeon Hand Bag

If you want to win a pack of these Nickelodeon goodies for your kids, just leave a comment at this post.
We will announce the winners March 29th. (Open to BOTH Canadian and US shipping addresses.)


  1. says

    Am I first? No wayyyyyy. This sounds like a lot of fun! Love the A Spongebob Grilled Sandwich Maker my daughter would get a kick out of this. Thanks for yet another great giveaway Moms!

  2. melanie says

    We love SpongeBob and a sandwich maker would be great!I can get the kids to eat anything with his face on it!!!

  3. Tracey Byram says

    If I won the Spongebob sandwich maker I would be able to get Liz to eat more sandwiches. She loves Spongebob and I could tell her Spongebob sandwiches are extra special sandwiches.

  4. Shannon says

    My 6-year old LOVES Spongebob and has been taking an interest in cooking with me so this would be perfect!

  5. pauline jones says

    i don’t who would like this more…my husband or my 3 yo son!!! the sandwich maker sounds great!

  6. Laura H. says

    Awesome giveaway!! How neat would a spongebob sandwhich maker be?!?


  7. shelly says

    Here is another way to get my children to eat. We already eat crabby patties. Now we need sponge sandwiches!!

  8. says

    whooooo lives in a pinapple under the sea…I should be rewarded for just knowing that song by memory!
    Great new site you found…thanks.
    Thanks for hte contest too.
    kelleythejewelrylady(at) yahoo(dot)com

  9. says

    Yeah, my kids would sooo think I was the coolest Mom! And I just LOVE the green Mac n Cheese idea…perfect! Thanks!

    Alyson @ 3 P’s in a Pod

  10. Kelly Smith says

    I love sites like this…great contests, tips and a chance to realize that you aren’t alone in this “motherhood” thing! :)
    Great prizes!

  11. Ann Babenco says

    Omg..I am always finding new ways to make sandwiches of interest to my child.
    I use cookie cutters to make shapes, but the spongebob maker beats all!
    Thanks for offering such a great giveaway!

  12. says

    I’m finally back to post this from an awesome adventure over at parentsconnect! Thanks for the 411!! What a neat place. I’ve really had a great time at the UBP, and am glad I joined in for the fun. I’m definitely planning to be back, for sure! The info here is great. Thanks. Oh! and the prize giveaways…well, that goes without saying…

    WAY, WAY, COOL! :) thx. again!!

  13. Patricia Schraier says

    The grilled sandwich maker would solve a problem and I’d wear the Sponge Bob T-shirt myself.

  14. Cindi Hoppes says

    Greetings! You find the most amazing and cutest giveaway items. It never ceases to amaze me. Please enter me in your fabulous drawing. Thanks,Cindi

  15. tk says

    my daughter loves spongebob… so much that i got my own pair of mr squarepants jammies for valentine’s day! :) she would flip over this if i won, so thanks for the chance!

  16. Lyn Johnson says

    Tartar sauce! I really would love to win this for my granddaughter – she absolutely LOVES Spongebob!

  17. Marilyn Hill says

    My 5 year old granddaughter is just the B
    IGGEST Spongebob fan. How great it would be to surprise her with this prize.

  18. Margaret Smith says

    Thank you for offering this giveaway. I don’t know who loves Spongebob more, the kids or my husband and I. Great giveaway. Thank you.

  19. Donna says

    Ohhhhh who lives in a pineaple under the sea.
    Whose face on a sandwich I’d sure like to see

  20. Denise Johnson says

    SpongeBob sandwiches would be the perfect picnic lunch to take along when we go “jellyfishing”!

  21. says

    Green macaroni and cheese with brocolli sounds much better than what I’ve planned for my Saint Patrick’s Day menu… Lucky Charms, painted toast, and shamrock shakes! Hmm, maybe I’d BETTER throw some brocolli into the mix!

  22. says

    who wouldn’t love a grilled sandwich maker? :) plus, my husband likes to make grilled peanut butter sandwiches, their pretty yummy :)

  23. Terra Heck says

    My kids are big fans of Nickelodeon and I’m sure the whole family would love these products if we won.

  24. Bonnie Capuano says

    I would be the BEST Grandma in the world if I had this!!! My grandchildren and HUSBAND LOVE SpongeBob!!!

  25. Leslie Brown says

    I’m not even sure what a SpongeBob sandwich maker is, but it sounds like fun and I know my girls would love it because they are addicted to SpongeBob.

  26. Tania Edwards says

    I love Spongebob….well mostly, I love Patrick. I think it is clear that I have too many children and spend too much time watching Nickelodeon!

  27. Diana says

    this combines my 2 daughters favorite things one daughter love to make grilled sandwiches and the other loves spongebob. Nick is both their favorite channels

  28. Vickie Couturier says

    My little grandson loves spongebob,he calls him osh bob,he would loveeeee this,count me in please!

  29. says

    I checked it out and saved to my bookmarks after signing up, so far I love it and can definitely see myself using this site very very VERY often. Thanks so much!


  30. Cathie says

    Spongebob!! My grandson’s hero!! he’d eat just about anything I put in that maker. I want to win it, please,please, please :)

  31. Jennifer Zidak says

    My daughter and husband love to watch Spongebob together. Even my 5 month old son is starting to be fascinated by him.

  32. Christine Messer says

    I am more of a SpongeBob fan than my children are, but that is just fine with me-as I will be the one cooking the sandwiches. Pretty cool prize…thank you!

  33. says

    Oh yes, please count me in! My daughter’s would be so wowed if I served them from a Spongebob sandwich make. That would just be too cool!

  34. sarah says

    My little sister would love this. She is a huge fan of spongebob. Her birthday is coming up so this would be great to give to her!

  35. Lisa Lagasse says

    SpongeBob Squarepants! We would love to eat a SpongeBob sandwich while watching SpongeBob, while wearing SpongeBob!!

  36. Lorrinda K says

    My Daughter would love to eat these great grilled cheese sandwiches–like all little ones she doesn’t eat anything unless it comes with a bit of sparkle and magic! This is a great contest! Thanks for thinking of it.

  37. Kendra says

    What a safe and fun way to let my son ‘cook’ wtih me – he will have fun, and we will still have a kitchen! =)

  38. Amy says

    if anyone could get my child to eat a grilled cheese “cabby patty” sandwich, Spongebob would be the one!!

  39. Debbie Criss says

    My husband has a friend. Who still loves spongebob. He was in an explosion accident a year and a half ago. Won’t go in any details of his loss, but I know he would love this. Everytime I see or hear Sponge Bob I think of him. thank you

  40. Tammy says

    For my kids you gotta be kidding me? This is all mine baby. I have Spongebob oven mitts, tea towels, trivets, you name it I’ve got it, that sandwich griller has my name all over it! Thanks for the chance.

  41. Vicki Wurgler says

    Spongebob Grilled Sandwich Maker-I would love to win that. my grandchildren love spongebob and so do I

  42. Nikki Evans says

    Spongebob rocks! I would love to win this and be the hero in this house, at least for 5 minutes! LOL! GLTA

  43. BlapherMJ says

    ParentsConnect is great! (My kids love Nick). Personally, I find SpongeBob and his friends hilarious! Glad I’m entered — Thanks!

  44. John F Enright says

    My Kids love a Spongebob Sandwich Grilled cheese Maker. 4 kids 4 Grilled Cheese Thanks to Spongebob LOL

  45. Cathy Cook says

    My son is the biggest Spongebob fan, and boy would he love that sandwich maker for his birthday…thank you for a really fun contest !!

  46. Kristi Brashear says

    My kids love Nickelodeon and are HUGE fans of Spongebob. I can’t believe they actually make a Spongebob grilled sandwich maker my kids would go nuts if we won.

  47. STACEY says

    Oh boy, I can not tell you how much my little boy loves Sponge Bob!! I have to admit the little sponge is pretty funny, both of my kids would love Sponge Bob sandwich’s!! Please enter me.

  48. Christie Sallee says

    This would go great while we are watching Spongebob nonstop at our house. I would love to win this for my kids.

  49. Erin says

    Wow!! My 4 kiddos would love to have these things. SPONGEBOB is the bomb around here! Nickelodeon is my kids favorite channel, and SPONGEBOB is their favorite cartoon…..What a great contest!

  50. naomi bailey says

    My little man can`t get enough of Spongebob. He would love this and it would only take a day for everyone in his school to know that mommy won it.

  51. Tamra Gerdom says

    A great prize, only thing berre would be a patrick sandwich maker. Yes, I spend too much time watching with kids.

  52. Raquel Ballard says

    Oh, my son would love this. He is almost 4 and loves spongebob, his favorite song is the goofy goober one, and I think he would think I am the coolest mom if I won this to share with him.

  53. Becky Grayson says

    I would love to win this one for the grandbabies. They would all think I am the coolest grandma. Oh well they already think that but this would be the icing on the cake!

    Thanks for the contest.

  54. CAndie L. says

    I am so glad that there is a web site that combines all of the questions we have in one easy to navigate place.

  55. pamela says

    I didn’t even know there was a Spongebob snadwich maker and both of my kids love Spongebob the 5 yr old and the 2 yr old…

  56. Beverly says

    My 8 year old nephew loves Spongebob. He can be in the worst mood ever and will cheer right up as soon as he gets home and turns on Spongebob How cool would it be to open you lunch and find Spongebob smiling back at you.

  57. Sheila Wanner says

    My two year old toddler is a spongebob loving nut ! He constantly runs around the house saying “bungebob !! bungebob !!”. He even wanted to be spongebob for halloween this year and when he turns 3 in May, we are having a spongebob birthday party for him.

  58. Lori says

    My son loves all things Nickelodeon and SpongeBob is a daily ritual in our house. This would make a great gift!

  59. susan says

    been watching Nick for the last 10 years at least, boys loved rugrats, now my girls love spongebob among many other nick shows. They would love it.

  60. Tamara Bennington says

    Sponge Bob is the MAN around this house, he rules! Please, enter me and thank-you for the contest!

  61. Donna Arsenault says


  62. Lisbeth L. McCarty says

    Spongebob lives in a Pineapple under the sea. How cool is that? Well, to answer — almost as cool as this contest.

  63. John Deal says

    My daughter’s husband would love eating Spongebob sandwiches. Oh, their 3 year-old daughter would love them, too.

  64. Deborah L says

    The only way I would ever get a sandwich maker is to win one. This is something my hubby would say is a waste of money…Would it be, though?. . . Absolutely not! He said the same thing when I bought a Belguim Waffle Iron. We use that at least once a month and even more in the winter. And he LOVES it when I make them. The Spongebobiness is just a bonus! And any and all of my 3 kids would love anything Spongebob.

    Cute contest! Thanks.

  65. Wendy says

    Who doesn’t love Spongebob ? Did you see the episode where he used a blowdryer to blow up his pants so he could fly with the jellyfish ?

  66. Margarita I. Vazquez says

    My grandaughter lovesd seeing SpongeBob cartoons and if I win she would love the stuff! Thank you!

  67. Karen Goodman says

    I love Spongebob as much as my four kids. Maybe not as much as my husband who has been caught watching it by himself!

  68. Alana says

    I agree with Karen G. My husband and I will watch spongebob with or with out the child. I will not watch barney or the wiggles with out them though.
    Would love a sponge bob sandwich maker. Thanks

  69. tabatha says

    Spongebob is like a drug, very addictive! My son is hooked on him. It would be great to win this, I think we have spent enough money on Spongebob for now! Thanks!

  70. Angelia McDonald says

    Cool giveaway!! My husband and I watch Spongebob every afternoon with our daughter. Please count me in.

  71. Sage WIlson says

    My son LOVES spongebob! …. And by my son, i mean my sons mother loves spongebob! I always have, ever since highschool :)~

  72. Bonnie Capuano says

    My Grandchildren LOVE SpongeBob….boy would this be a great surprise when they come to visit!! Hope I win!!!!!!!!

  73. Mary says

    Spongebob Sandwiches…. Bright Orange Tshirt…. My daughter will think she has another birthday present coming. I can’t wait to see if we win

  74. Hazel says

    Spongebob is so cool!! He will probably be the one who my kids remember clear into adulthood. Please include me!

  75. Tammi says

    This would be a wonderful gift for my kiddos!! They absolutely loooovvvveeeee sponge bob!!! *crosses fingers*

  76. Christine Wilson says

    The sandwich maker sounds so adorable. My little guy pretty much refuses to each sandwiches – he goes to school with a baggie of lunchmeat and a slice of cheese. I’m thankful that he eats what he does, but to get a serving of whole grains in there too would be the bomb! Plus, he’d be thinkin’ he was JOE COOL when he whipped out his sandwich at the lunchtable! Thanks for the opportunity, ladies!

  77. Amanda Dickerson says

    Spongebob is my children’s favorite character and I love the way he makes them smile and giggle!

  78. says

    wonderful prize. hope I am the one to win it. you guys pick out the best prizes ever. only thing to make it better is for me to win. you have great stuff on your site.

  79. Rebecca Buffington says

    Wow !! What cool prizes ! My 6 year old daughter and I would have a blast ! She loves Spongebob ( and just about every Nick show !)

  80. Wendy Ballog says

    Just an awesome prize…. my son’s would love to win this prize! Spongebob is always on at my house. Thanks!

  81. Brenda Park says

    My son has loved Nickelodeon and Spongebob since he was a baby. He’s worn the Spongebob Tee we bought him into tatters…he’d love it if I won this for him! Thanks

  82. Tina Harris says

    My son is just starting to show a interest in cooking so I am sure he would love the sandwich maker.. plus he loves spongebob too!

  83. Marie Noguerole says

    A SpongeBob grilled sandwich maker…what a novel idea. So wish you had a picture on the site for those of us who will not win so we know what to look for once the kids hear about it.

  84. Allegra Ashley says

    My daughter and I are both obsessed with Nickelodeon because they have shows that are cute enough for a kid to watch, but cool enough for an adult to watch with their kid.
    Not only do we love Spongebob, but I’m hooked on iCarly. I love Carly’s loft apartment and her sarcastic friend Sam.
    I think Nickelodeon makes shows that all age groups can enjoy and they bring families together.