Who’s Who?


Our “twin cousins,” (as Jackson calls them,) couldn’t be more different. Everything from the shapes of their faces, to the amount of hair they have, to their sleeping and nursing habits, to their size, is opposite to one another.

Since Susan and I are identical twins, our children are genetically half-siblings. But they don’t look like they are from the same family at all!

I love this picture because it so clearly shows the difference in the shapes of their faces.

Do you know which baby is Sophia and which baby is Olivia?


  1. says

    Olivia gets more pictures and I’m remembering off the top of my head that she doesn’t have much hair. So I’m saying she’s on the right, Sophia on the left!

  2. says

    Oh they are both so cute!
    As the mum of identical twins (who are VERY identical looking – but they are only four) I often wonder if they will marry similar looking men and how alike their children might be (if they marry and have children that is)…. but after having my baby boy who is just nothing like his sisters I thjink our genes have a LOT of room for variety!

  3. says

    Oh they are both absolutely gorgeous and both suit either names. I didn’t realise your children would be genetically half siblings. Fasinating!

  4. says

    I’m thinking she’s on the right. :)

    They’re both so cute and darling! They do look different, but they do also look related. Different but similar features. I never thought about them being genetically half-sisters. That’s cool!

  5. Janice says

    You all are so sweet! AND smart :) Yes, Olivia is on the right and Sophia on the left. I know I am biased – but I agree that they both are so cute! I could eat them up! :)

  6. Nell - Mama of 2 Boys says

    I actually do see the simularities. They aren’t twins or anything, but they obviously look like they are from the same family to me.

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