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Today we have Shannon Hutton guest posting for us. Shannon is a creative mom who writes the Seasonal Kids Activities blog at

I’m always looking for fun and simple seasonal activities to do with my kids. Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, these days we’ve been doing a lot with hearts! So here are three quick and easy Valentine’s Day ideas all within the heart theme.

Valentine Heart Wreath:

Valentine Heart Wreath

To make this Valentine’s Day decoration, you need:

  • Red, pink and purple construction paper
  • White paper plate (The cheap thin kind work great!)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Steak knife (Huh? I’ll explain!)

Begin by cutting the center out of the paper plate to create the framework for the wreath. (I find it’s easier to use a steak knife to make a small slit in the plate before using scissors.) Then cut a total of twelve hearts about 2” wide from the red, pink and purple construction paper. Finally, glue the hearts around the front of the paper plate so they slightly overlap.

Valentine Heart Sandwiches:

Valentine Heart Sandwiches

These are as simple as they sound! All you need is a heart-shaped cookie cutter and your kid’s favorite sandwich. If you’re looking to stay with a red, pink and white Valentine’s Day theme, you can make these heart sandwiches with strawberry jam and/or strawberry cream cheese and white bread. If your kids are allergic to strawberries, red food coloring added to regular cream cheese works well too!

Heart Flower Valentines:

Heart Flower Valentines

All you need to make these heart flower valentines are pink, purple and green construction paper, flat lollipops, glue and markers. Begin by cutting out hearts, slightly wider than the lollipops, from the pink and purple paper. Then write the valentine messages on the hearts before gluing the lollipops to them. Next, fold a piece of green construction paper and cut out leaves along the fold so each pair of leaves is connected in the middle. Finally, put glue on the leaves and press the two parts of each leaf together around the lollipop sticks.

For more fun and easy Valentine’s Day crafts, treats and handmade valentines, check out the Seasonal Kids Activities blog at!

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