The Lucky Mustang Pedal Car Winner

Red 65 Mustang Pedal Car

I wish we had a Mustang Pedal Car to give each one of your children… but if your name is not Bombaygirl from The Little Tortoise, you can go still head over to our little pedal car shop and pick one up yourself.

These heirloom toys are so precious that I suspect parents enjoy them almost as much as their preschoolers. (Actually we have lots of pedal car customers who don’t even have children — they purchase the cars as collector’s items.)

And they are surprisingly affordable… Our Pedal Cars and Retro Collectibles shop offers a lowest price guarantee and free shipping. The look on your tot’s face when you present this car will be well worth it.

But the winner of this Mustang is…
Comment #241 Bombaygirl from The Little Tortoise.

Congratulations! Enjoy the ride…



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