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    This is a very 😎 picture. Surprised that Julia didn’t start crying, because Audrey was ‘in-her-face’. Thank you for sharing the beauty of children.

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    AAwwww…that’s soo cute it makes me want to cry!!! Yeah, I posted my WW up TUESDAY evening around 10 pm before I went to bed!!Ha! You were too funny on my comments!

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    I Love this picture. There is nothing like a pictures of babies or kids, except maybe animals. All the cute stuff. I love looking at these photos. Thanks for posting. This is definately a moment type of picture.

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    Thank you for sharing that precious picture. I appreciate this sight…..I”ve just recently stumbled upon it but the title says it all….5 minutes for mom…..which is all we need sometimes to refresh so we can be that much better of a mom to our children. Thank you for the motivation and the ideas that you share.


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